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  1. Yeah it looks real bad, however, images and slowmo always looks worse. The severity depends on how long the pressure from the other player's body rests on his ankle. I remember seeing him trying to play on for a couple of minutes before leaving the field on both his feet. Always encouraging not to see stretcher/ambulance. I'm hoping for a sprain/minor tear at most.
  2. I like him. Certainly exciting to watch, but needs to improve his G+A numbers, somewhat like a less effective Neymar, but he is not a finished product, so that could change in the future. Plays quite regularly for River Plate, so could get a small rating increase, +2 I'll say.
  3. Chances of: Leon Goretzka to 94 Kingsley Coman to 93 Florian Neuhaus to 91 Pavard to 92? Thanks
  4. Noticed Stuart Dallas is not on this list, perhaps because of his age? Anyway, would like to know your prediction on him @Soccahappy Cheers
  5. I can see him rising to 87/86. Before Rennes slipping, I would say 87 is definite. But still I think he deserves 86 minimally because of his minutes played. If his value drops, it will be by a mere 200k for now. I would keep at least until after his rise to consider to sell him.
  6. Ilaix Moriba edited. Small rise on the horizon?
  7. Will 'Concerned about the lack of first team opportunities (not to be confused with 'lack of games)' be alleviated by loaning the player out?
  8. Paulo Otavio of Wolfsburg worth buying? Has taken over from Roussillon as the starting LB for Wolfsburg. Wolfsburg doing very well too at 3rd. +3 minimally/+4 if Wolfsburg carries on their form?
  9. Seeing as RB Salzburg is reviewed, can we see Daka -> 86/87 tomorrow?
  10. Can anyone see Zlatan hitting 94 or 93 at least? Simply amazing to see Ronaldo and Zlatan at or even near the top of the scorers' list. Zlatan's scoring/appearance rate is especially insane considering he was out injured for a while.
  11. Have to chance to sign Pope 89, Bono 89, or Emiliano Martinez 88. Which of them should I sign? Who has the highest potential ceiling?
  12. Good rise for Grealish. Kyle Walker Peters for a measley +2 85 is just inconsistent and unreasonable when SM have been so generous for other leagues 🤔
  13. Definitely a +2 but good chance of Bamford +3 87? Thinking of signing him?
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