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  1. It's up and running now Edit: It's down again 🙄
  2. With Liverpool's CL win, Milner any chance of 92? IMO its now or never. Possible?
  3. Hello! What sort of rise is tonali expected to have this coming review? Much appreciated
  4. Eray Comert not receiving a rise and being added to the SM database as a 82 rated player? Joke.
  5. What are the chances of Chiellini or Godin dropping?
  6. Any rises for Lucas Torreira and Thomas Delaney? Any opinions are much appreciated!
  7. Likelihood of torreira hitting 91? Also, what is his projected peak rating, a player of his calibre? Thanks
  8. Genoa's Radu or Mainz's Florian Muller? Or are there any other better rising goalkeepers for 83 and below? Thanks
  9. Any chance of Marco Reus getting back his 94? What must he do if he isn't quite there yet?
  10. Soccerwiki is already updated. They just have not transferred the changes over to the SM database. On a brief look, Salah 94 Firmino 93 Mane 93 Van Dijk 91 Robertson 89 Trent AA 87 Christensen 90 Kane 94 Eriksen 93 Alli 92 Son 92 Sanchez 90 Both Manchesters not updated yet
  11. I agree. Tousart's play/position doesn't score goals/assist, whereas Lo Celso does. Reviewer seems to blinded by stats. Tousart has been the most used player in his team whereas Lo Celso scores/assists a few and starts half the games🤨 Would keep all personally.
  12. Relax. Schalke haven't been reviewed yet. At least give it 2-3 days before you bash them. Possible. 50/50 to rise. Been poor first half of season. A whole different story second half of season. Top scorer in a goal shy Newcastle team, considering they are mid table.
  13. Anyone know what league they will likely review after germany? France?
  14. Andy Robertson or Philipp Max? Same position, same price, same rating. Both great season. Robertson has UCL finals. Max has superior stats, crazy assists count. Who one should I go for?
  15. Will Buffon survive this round of changes after announcing his departure? I feel that that is dependent on his next club but I have a sneaky feeling that SM will drop him anyway. Will he drop? Why and why not?
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