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  1. Respuesta: Counter formations Hi, my next match is one of the most important in this season. I need to counter this: 4-2-3-1 Tackling Style: Normal Mentality: Attacking Passing Style: Mixed Attacking Style: Mixed Tempo: Normal Pressing: Own Half Play Style: Men Behind Ball / Tight Marking / Use Play Maker My team: Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Respuesta: Top up and coming young players to own Iñigo Martínez, Asier Illarramendi and Rubén Pardo from Real Sociedad.
  3. First of all, sorry for my english... Let's see if someone can answer this question: When two teams make an offer to sign the same player, which is in a foreign club, which of the two offers are accepted? Let's say: Nasri, the City, for example 20M worth TeamA offers 15M + player = 25M TeamB offers 35M What bid is accepted by the club? the city in our case and remember that is external club. Being an external club, the two bids are accepted, then the player who decides? and if the player decides ... Why choose a club and not the other? The player chooses the club more money that paid for it? Thank you!
  4. Respuesta: Belluschi or Boussoufa? I finally made ​​an offer for Tino Costa... Thanks!
  5. Respuesta: Belluschi or Boussoufa? thanks, I did not remember Tino Costa! As Belluschi, he usually is in the starting 11 in Porto, last season was the 5th player who played more minutes. Boussoufa was signed recently by Anzhi, and therefore plays in the Russian league, in a growing team that only has 2 seasons in the premier league... agggh I don't know what to do!! xD
  6. Respuesta: Re: Which one should i buy? +++++++++1
  7. Hi, I need a replacement for Riquelme -> AM/CM -> 33 years -> 88 In my game's world, these are the two players I can sign: Mbark Boussoufa, 26 years and 89 Fernando Belluschi, 27 years and 89 which one can rise to 90? or neither? any other player? Thanks!
  8. Respuesta: Which one should i buy? About a possible sale of Griezmann ... RealSociedad right now has no intention of selling Antoinne. The RS is one of few clubs without debt in Spain. When down to 2nd division RealSociedad spent 3 seasons in which he paid nothing for signings, this made the club's debt now is 0 €. For all this, if any club wants a player of Real Sociedad they must pay the minimum fee release... or a big amount! jeje
  9. Respuesta: The Future Of Football wings! Antoinne Griezmann (Wing/Fwd) 20 years, left foot. Iker Munian (Wing/AM) 18 years, Right foot.
  10. Mbark Boussoufa, 26 years and 89 Fernando Belluschi, 27 years and 89 which one can rise to 90? or neither? Thanks!
  11. Respuesta: Re: Which one should i buy? Sorry, but I must correct your comment about Griezmann. He has played all season in la Liga BBVA, the 1st Spanish division, and has scored 7 goals in his debut in the category.
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