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    Gizb got a reaction from Jamie3184 in UEFA Champions League Discussion thread   
    Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread
    Very happy with the win! Wasn't expecting the difference of two goals, but with the away goal, 2-0 is enough to Bayern what is accessible.
    Without Alex Sandro and Danilo and with no good alternatives to them we will surely struggle. I just don't understand how he gave yellow to Danilo and don't gave yellow to Boateng and also the 2nd yellow to Bernat.
    Expect Porto to do what Mourinho's Inter did in Barcelona..
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    Gizb got a reaction from TomOwen in 2015 ACON - Discussion Thread   
    Re: 2015 ACON - Discussion Thread
    Congrats Tom!
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    Re: 87+
    Below is my rambling Season preview for the upcoming season. As always its just a bit of fun and not to be taken too seriously Its not up to Stato's (Tranmere) quality of previews as I think his factual analysis is more interesting but its better than nothing. It took me ages so I hope you all enjoy it
    Rayo Vallecano
    Strength: Star players Sanson, Boetius and Jonny as well as strong support to make up an eleven. The Current and two times defending Champions will fancy their chances of making it 3 on the spin to set a new GW record. Confidence will be high and their guiding light manager chR Ristos is still at the helm so big things will be expected agin from them.
    Weakness: No team has ever managed to take the title 3 times in a row and with 1 or 2 recent player losses they might also find it a step to far. Beyond the starting 11 their strength starts to diminish and could do with some higher rated reinforcements soon to face a long season ahead.
    Strength: An embarrassment of riches with no less than 5 players rated 86 and with so many 85's in their ranks too its unlikely they will ever put a weak side out in both league and cup. The best squad depth in the GW with nearly 200 players. In Tranmere they have the manager who has assembled such a formidable force and one who knows how to win the title too. Favourites for the league and possibly the cup.
    Weakness: Despite such strength they struggled last season and only made a late push which granted them survival in the league. Is the manager losing his touch? They will want to get wins under their belt quickly as numerous players could be on there way out of the club. Player wise not a lot as they recently had the best ever team the GW has known!
    Barcelona B
    Strength: No star players and a weak squad overall. They one big hope is the manager. Somehow against all the odds Gozzy not only didn't finish bottom of division 2 last season but somehow got them promoted.
    Weakness: They are without doubt the weakest team in the GW at the moment and how they are in Div 1 is either witchcraft or divine intervention. Poor previous management by several past managers had left the club with a lot to do and some of their best players were sold last season to help the rebuild. Little has come through yet to boost the club and a very tough season lies ahead for them. Strengthening in every department will be a priority and fans will continue to fear more of their best players might make way before things start to get better. Staying up would be some achievement.
    FC Nordsjaelland
    Strength: Star players Dybala and Kane. New manager KJ KJ has recently been appointed and fans will hope that he is active in the transfer market as they have one of the smallest squads. They have gone close to winning the past two seasons and will be hoping they can go that extra step this season.
    Weakness: They have lost their previous manager who was able to extract performances from them that few would have believed. The squad is generally weak and they will be hoping for some players to develop fast if they are to keep the good times going at the club. Despite recent past heights scaled they are one of the favourites to get relegated and avoiding that again should be seen as success.
    Zalaergeszegi TE
    Strength: Star man Casco and some OK support. They survived relegation last season and will be looking to build on that this time around. Manager Phil Cook has been at the club a long time now so knows the challenge ahead and knows he is capable of keeping them up again.
    Weakness: One of the weaker squads in the division and with an 80 rated GK between the sticks they look likely to ship plenty of goals. A GK on loan should be a big priority for them. Its a big ask for Tallo to fire in enough goals to keep them up this season and he will need others chipping in too. They may have 90 players in the squad but thats still not a huge squad in this GW and should look to strengthen for the future sooner rather than later. A few risers could save them this season but a good start will be vital.
    Jahn Regensburg
    Strength: Star player Santos and a few good players in support including a good GK. Manager Jim Garvock has a full season under his belt now and a successful one at that. Promotion was achieved last term and this season survival will be the main goal as they look to try to establish themselves as a regular Division 1 club. A relatively small squad but recent strides have been made to strengthen the squad for the future which will give their fans hope of more success to come.
    Weakness: Coming up via the playoffs is never going to be easy the next season and they could fall victim like many before them who end up going straight back down. They have a team capable of scrapping in the top flight but goals or lack of them could become a concern. Schahin looks their best bet to fire them to safety but worryingly only managed 4 goals last season. If any player is going to keep them up it will be their GK Vagner. Further strengthening to the squad should remain a priority.
    Liverpool De Montevideo
    Strength: Star players Cartabia, Jefferson and Guzman and a strong supporting cast. A squad depth that is only second to Wrexhams. They won the cup for a record third time last season and were in the title race again so know how to compete on both fronts. A quality GK in Guzman means they are always in with a chance.
    Weakness: The manager? Despite a quality side he has never managed to land a division title in either division. Has their chance gone? They were one of the top teams about but others have not only closed the gap but arguably overtaken them. Cartabia won't hang around for much longer and Buyuk the clubs best striker is clearly inept at scoring with 19 goals in 69 appearances. Wages are a constant thorn in the clubs side with them being 40m in debt last term. It has been cleared but fans know this won't last for long and more good players will have to leave. Could get dragged into the relegation fight before long.
    AC Siena
    Strength: No less than 6 star players in their ranks and some quality support too. They won Division 2 last season and will fancy there chances at having a real crack at winning Div 1 this time round. The omens are good for clubs winning Division 2 then Division 1 the next season with several teams achieving it so expectations will be rightly high. Under their previous manager they had lost their way a little and were drifting downwards but since Noisy's return they have come of age and look ready to take Division 1 by storm as they look to land their first top tier title. Experienced manager Noisy has won the title before when he deserted Siena and led Crewe to the title.
    Weakness: What they would give to have a good GK? They are up there with Wrexham as favourites to win the league but could fall just short due to not having a quality GK. They will be playing Kevin Keegan style football of trying to win the game 5-4 but surely it can't always work out well? Despite recent success fan unrest is growing as they start to demand why the club is being stingy with the purse strings when it is thought that they have 50m stashed away. Fan distrust remains among the diehards of the club with the memory of Noisy abandoning them for his own personal glory still etched in their minds. It will take more than winning the division 2 title to win over the doubters!
    Strength: Star players Berahino, Ramalho and Stones along with good support. They avoided relegation last season and might finally being losing the YOYO tag! They have the depth to compete on both fronts and are ones to look out for in the cup. Challenging for the title is not out of the question and worrying about relegation should be someone else's problem this season.
    Weakness: For all the talent on the pitch they too lack a quality GK. This won't help their title aspirations and should they find themselves in the bottom 4 come the end of the season we know which player will be getting a kicking from the rest.
    Strength: For star players and good support for them also. After hitting rock bottom in Division 2 they have picked themselves up and found there way back up to the top flight. Two time Division 1 manager Rilo believes he still has the team capable of winning the title again with many of the championship winning sides still there. With a well rounded team they have the potential to make it 3 title wins and will be expected to be there abouts come the end of the season.
    Weakness: Have the sleeping giants finally woken up or are they sleep walking there way back to division 2? They lack quality in depth so will struggle to make much impression in the cup and will be hoping for few absentees. Doping allegations still surround the club and there was even a rumour that they could be stripped of their titles because of it!
    Willem II
    Strength: Star Player Jose Gimenez and decent support. Where there is a good GK there is hope and they have a good GK. They also have a strong defensive unit and from that manager footie will be hoping to create a stable platform to launch them back to the big time. Promotion is definitely a possibility and something they should be aiming for.
    Weakness: Whilst they look solid at the back its going forward they have concerns over. Do they have the fire power to sustain a promotion push? It looks dicey. Strengthening of the squad is needed especially in attack but that will take time and time isn't looking to friendly right now.
    Strength: Star players Locadia and Casteels along with a few decent players. They have a top class GK in Casteels keeping the goals out one end and a top class striker the other end in Locadia to bang them in. In the players in between pull their weight they can look forward to a successful season ahead and will be dissappointed if they don't secure promotion come the end of the campaign.
    Weakness: They look light in numbers having one of the smallest squads in the GW and badly need to invest in the future before their stars move on. They started life as one of the powerhouse's of the GW and went on to win the div 1 title some seasons ago. They even have only been relegated once in the GW's history but that fact betrays the truth that they have fallen far from grace and have been stuck playing lower tier football for some time now. Last season a new manager brought new hope and optimism around the club but the fans patience will only last so long. Manager Xavier Fernandez is expected to deliver this season!
    FC Lugano
    Strength: Star player Derley and the odd good player. In Derley they have a player capable of banging in the goals need to get them back to where they want to be, but their biggest asset is 3 times Division 1 Champion's manager Soccahappy. He knows more than anyone what is needed to win at the highest level and will be eager to show his mad skills off once more.
    Weakness: They fell through the trap door again last season and head first at that. The former giant of the GW has been cut down to size in recent seasons and if they don't turn things around soon their won't be any body alive able to remember their glory days! Always rumoured to have a sizeable war chest the fans will be demanding the manager throws his cheque book at the problem. Losing star player Adrian in goal last season was a huge blow and one that could take them seasons to recover from. It will take a huge effort for them to get promoted with a playoff spot their best hope.
    Muangthong United
    Strength: Star players, Mitrovic and Gomez and a couple of other good players. New manager Gizb took over towards the end of last season after their only ever manager D B walked out of his managers office and was never seen again. Muathong are quietly confident they have made the right appointment and see his tenure as a long term project rather than a quick fix. The cheque book has been opened already and fans wait in anticipation of more new faces arriving in the coming weeks. Should be aiming for a playoff place.
    Weakness: A club that has found life hard over the seasons and has rarely ventured into top flight football and when they did a swift return ensued. Its unlikely there will be a quick fix to turn their fortunes around so strengthening of the squad should be their priority with a quality GK at the top of the list followed by their defensive unit. Playoffs are probably the best they can hope for but even that will be a tough ask.
    Stade Brestois
    Strength: Star players Vilhena and Vogt with decent support. In Ian Donegan they have a manager who is very experienced and knows what he must to move the club forward. Fans are excited by the raft of new players that have come through the doors in recent weeks and have high hopes for the future. With this forward planning success can only be just around the corner. Should be looking for an automatic promotion place and will be dissappointed with anything less. A crack at the div 2 title is not out of the question.
    Weakness: They are a work in progress rather than the finished article and with weakness' like Darlow in goal it will be a bumpy road to get to where their heading. Like many continued strengthening is a must for the future but who will score them their goals today?
    Strength: They have an impressive six players rated 86 and strong depth with a host of 85's. Manager Muallan will be in charge for his third campaign this season and will be looking to make a real statement to the rest of the GW let alone his division. They have one of the best teams in the GW and look a dead cert for the Division 2 title.
    Weakness: Much of what they have got was there last season, If they couldn't pull it together last time around who's to say everything will click this time. Despite having such a wealth of talent at the club their a chilies heal is their GK. Balgradean is by no means a stinker in goal but tests on his last seasons GK gloves suggest they were 78% teflon and 12% tears.
    UD Logrones
    Strength: 4 star players and decent support. Experienced manager Huddo has 4 star players to call upon and this gives them a great chance at aiming high this season. The have to be considered a title threat and promotion with this many star players has to be seen as a minimum. A small squad should mean there is money in the bank to invest.
    Weakness: Like many in the second division they too have a suspect GK. He's not ready for action but he's all they've got. To have 4 star players is incredible considering they only have 48 players in total and a recruitment drive looks pressing. A few rises and they could be a force to be reckoned with but a few enforced sales and they would be left with a seriously understrength side even for division 2. Likely to flirt with failure as much as success.
    NK Varazdin
    Strength: Two star players in Mario and Mbemba and a decent squad. bill pol has built a great squad with huge depth and potential that includes many youth internationals and this can only bode well for the future. They have been somewhat starved of success so far with only 1 cup win to show for a large outlay but on closer inspection they look like they are a club who will start to make more of a noise very soon. A title push may be to much of an ask but automatic promotion is a real possibility. They have a good side at the moment but the real strength of the club is how they are set up for the future.
    Weakness: They have been threatening to break through as a real force for a while now but but still the fans wait. Patience from the fans will be wearing thin as they start to demand the good work off of the pitch is matched by results on it!
    Strength: Three star players and strong support also leaves them looking as a contender for the title with promotion a minimum objective. They should make a cup run also with decent strength in depth to call upon.
    Weakness: They currently have no manager though negotiations are believed to be taking place with a candidate. They will not want to start the season rudderless or it could have a huge impact on their end of season standing. Numerous players are unhappy at the club and again this is something a manager is vital to have to sort out.
    Doncaster Rovers
    Strength: An impressive five star players to call upon with some good support too. A new manager (Tino) has been appointed for this season so fans should be optimistic that past failings will not be repeated. They not only have the talent to get promoted they should be pushing all the way in the title race. This looks the perfect opportunity for manager Tino to look good as they can't do much worse
    Weakness: Probably the GW's biggest under achievers. It doesn't so much as rain it pours. They have been stuck in a never ending winter of footballing discontent that some locals now refer to as the Doncaster Ice age. When you look at the strength of their side and in seasons gone past you have to wonder how they are not doing a lot better than what they are. On paper they look easily good enough to play at the highest level but in reality they tend to find themselves trying to not finishing last in division 2. Surely another season of failure can't unfold before them?
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    Gizb reacted to muallan in 2015 ACON - Discussion Thread   
    Re: 2015 ACON - Discussion Thread
    Apologizes for the delay again.

    Recent Results
    Cape Verde 0-0 Zambia (ESB)
    DR Congo 1-1 Tunisia
    South Africa 1-2 Ghana
    Senegal 0-2 Algeria
    Cameroon 0-1 Ivory Coast (FGS - Gradel)
    Guinea 1-1 Mali (ESB)
    Qualified Teams
    A: Congo, Equatorial Guinea
    B: Tunisia, DR Congo
    C: Ghana, Algeria
    D: Ivory Coast, Guinea/Mali*
    *because Guinea and Mali had no differences in relevant statistics, a drawing of lots will be conducted to see who qualifies for the Quarters - luckily I don't have any extra work to do because none of the predictors thought any of the duo would make it
    Current Leaderboards after Group Stage

    Predicting Results Leaderboard
    T1. Gizb - 22 (25% of possible points)
    T1. Reverie - 22
    3. ZlookVulk - 17 (19% of possible points)
    T4. TomOwen - 14 (16% of possible points)
    T4. Maxpayne - 14
    6. VaterniUnited - 13 (15% of possible points)
    T7. Vendetta - 11 (12.5% of possible points)
    T7. muallan - 11
    9. Phil (GT) - 10 (11.5% of possible points)
    Quarterfinalists Predict Leaderboard
    T1. TomOwen - 14 (70% of possible points)
    T1. ZlookVulk - 14
    3. Reverie - 12 (60% of possible points)
    T4. Gizb - 11 (55% of possible points)
    T4. Phil (GT) - 11
    T4. Maxpayne - 11
    T7. VaterniUnited - 9 (45% of possible points)
    T7. muallan - 9
    T7. Vendetta - 9
    Overall Leaderboard
    1. Reverie - 34 (31.5% of possible points)
    2. Gizb - 33 (30.5% of possible points)
    3. ZlookVulk - 31 (29% of possible points)
    4. TomOwen - 28 (26% of possible points)
    5. Maxpayne - 25 (23% of possible points)
    6. VaterniUnited - 22 (20.5% of possible points)
    7. Phil (GT) - 21 (19.5% of possible points)
    T8. Vendetta - 20 (18.5% of possible points)
    T8. muallan - 20
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    Gizb reacted to Cam Lucas in English Premiership Rating Predictions   
    Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions
    Im here lads
    Lindegaard Could drop' date=' but as someone mentioned being at united and being heavily linked with a move to Molde might save his bacon. Dont be surprised if he does get a -1, and sell him if you dont need him ASAP.
    No, Hasnt done enough for me, I love him though top player.
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    Gizb reacted to Ben C in English Premiership Rating Predictions   
    Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions
    Valdes is joining United and Lindegaard is potentially on his way to Molde.
    Considering he's done nothing this season I'd say he deserves to drop but just being at United might save him.
    He's not worth picking up either way.
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    Gizb reacted to swanseajack in English Premiership Rating Predictions   
    Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions
    Song should get a drop to 90' date=' he's been playing well but it's hard to justify a West Ham player being at a 91 with the current rating system.
    I'd expect him to rise to stay, but he looks set to join PSG for big money this January and should he do so then he'll be looking at hitting 90.
    At the moment I'd say he'll stay.
    Should Valdes join United, you'd have to expect Lindegaard to leave.
    I'm not sure who's interested and obviously his future rating will depend on who he joins.
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    Gizb reacted to Tranmere in 35+   
    Re: 35+
    Season 2 preview
    Division 1
    Defence Force
    Strengths: Champions last year, having won 12 games out of 18, more than anyone in the game world and scoring the most goals in division 1 (36). Star players Tymoschuk and Dainelli with decent support. 15 players make up the their first team squad so there is room to rotate and deal with the odd injury or suspension, especially in midfield. Can they win back to back titles ?
    Weakness: Could do with better options upfront. Under new managment there is lots of pressure to meet last seasons good performances. Confidence took a hit by losing the Charity Shield final!
    Tarxien Rainbows
    Strengths: De Sanctis is their star player in goal, replacing Cordoba. Last years runners up have also got another 9 players rated 85 and above meaning they have one of the best starting XI out there and will be looking to go one step further this time around!
    Weakness: They lost the title last year having gone into the final game leading the rest of the bunch, the dissapointment must be huge. Can they overcome it and turn it into more motivation only time will tell...
    Army United FC
    Strengths:They have gone for quantity this year and alongside star gk Hildebrand find themselves with 16 other players rated 80 and over. Lost the fewest games in division 1 last year (5) and missed out on the title only by 3 points.
    Weakness: Could do with more quality as they might regret selling Henry and Lucio if they start to struggle.
    Tractor Club
    Strengths: Star player and general superstar of the GW (alongside Pirlo), Buffon as well as Pizarro and 8 more players rated 81 or above. Lost only 5 games last year, a joint top flight record and conceded the fewest goals (21) which shows that the italian goalkeeper was a wise investment.
    Weakness: Not a lot of quality spread throughout the squad as they have decided to rely on a very small bunch of players rather than have more options available to them.
    Viking FK
    Strengths: 3 big stars in Drogba, Cesar and Conti and another 9 players rated 80 and over complete their first team! They have the best fans around giving them generous attendances in each home game, meaning more money in the bank!
    Weakness: Probably the most inpredictable team in the league last season winning 9 games and losing 9 games, if they managed to turn half of those defeats into draws they could have had a title challenge on their hands, Their second team consists of 75 rated players, a risk if injuries occur.
    Golden Arrows
    Strengths: An impresive all rated 85 starting line up that could beat anyone on their day.
    Weakness: No squad depth at all will leave them in a dangerous position should their star players become unavailable, Only stayed up by 3 points last season.
    Village United
    Strengths: Won the division 2 title easily last season, conceding a gameworld record 19 goals and losing only 3 games all year. Star player Di Natale should bring plenty of goals whilst being complemented by no less than 12 other players rated 80 or above.
    Weakness: Looking to make their mark on the top division this season, but could do with a few more quality players to support Di Natale.
    Rochester Rhinos
    Strengths: Star players Ceni and Milito and decent players all above 83 to help make up their first team. Runners up of division 2 last year, scoring the most goals out of anyone in the game world (39)!
    Weakness:Looks like they could do with another winger, plus any second team options they have are all 75 rated players, small squad consisting of 30 players.
    Police United
    Strengths: Managed to gain automatic promotion in the last game of the season and look a big threat. They have the best squad depth consisting of 22 players rated 80 and above Forland, Raul and Josue are the star men. Should be considered as the favourites for the Cup but also capable of making their mark in the league.
    Weakness:Their team has changed everything and it will be a issue when the new players can gel together. Will they miss the quality of Lampard, Pizarro, Yepes and Pinto for the strategy of quantity this year ?
    Dolphins FC
    Strengths: They can boast no less than 6 star players rated 87 and above amongst their ranks including Howard in goal. Coming from a great season winning the Cup, division 2 play off and Charity Shield. Having the highest rated top 18 players and the highest total valued squad they should be challenging the top ends of the table.
    Weakness: Haven't started the season very well, managing 1 point after 2 games, can they adjust to life in division 1 before its too late ?
    Division 2
    Moroka Swallows
    Strengths: Didn't avoid the drop in the end although the had the beast named Emile Heskey who won the golden boot last season No real stars as such but a decent first team squad of players rated 80 or above. A good second team that could go far in the cup.
    Weakness: Their highest rated player is Nivet (85) which means they are short of quality, no star men could prove costly for them.
    Warri Wolves
    Strengths: Much will be depending on the shoulders of star man Marquez and Dida in goal. Did well in the cup last year getting as far as the final.
    Weakness: Had the worst defence of division 1 last season. Looks like they will struggle this season too, with little chances of getting promoted, 5 first team players will be rated 72 and under...
    The Strongest
    Strengths: Going to be mean here but nothing to be cheerful about for the fans of the strongest this season... Maybe no expectations is the only good thing ?
    Weakness: Well this season looks like an upcoming disaster. Not even 1 player rated 80 or above, their season if surely over before its even began! Favourites for last place!
    Sunshine Stars
    Strengths: Star players Helton and Abriel but not much support. Looks like 3 players rated 80 and above are set to join them in the next few hours.
    Weakness: Strikers missfired last season managing only 21 goals. Another dissapointing season is on the cards as they failed to assemble the 30 man squad and currently only have 7 players rated 80 and above. With transfers about to come in can they turn their fortunes around ?
    Naxxar Lions
    Strengths: Was challenging until the last day of the season, but lost the play off final and their promotion dreams must wait for another year. 2 star players in Klose and Friedel. Look solid in defence.
    Weakness: A weakish second team. They need reinforcements in midfield and especially in the wide areas and could do with someone to support Klose upfront.
    Air Force AVIA
    Strength:They pulled of the biggest transfer so far bringing in Pirlo! They will be hoping he will guide them into Division 1, a similar story to Police last season. He isn't alone though as he can rely on Abbiati, Ignashevich, Ayovi and Weligton.
    Weakness: No squad depth available to them so they will need to avoid suspensions and injuries or they will struggle, won't make an impact on the cup with the quantity of players they have.
    Ottawa Fury
    Strengths: Star players Aranzubia, McCauley, Soriano and Simmons form their foundation. Good squad depth should mean they will be one of the favourites for the cup and could prove vital in the league.
    Weakness: Not much quality in their squad. Need strengthening in the wide areas (defence and midfield).
    United FC
    Strengths: Olivera is their main man and with 15 players rated 80 or above in total gives them a chance of a good cup run.
    Weakness: No real star players. Need to solve their scoring problem as they only managed 19 goals last season, the worst attacking record in division 2.
    Deportivo Wanka
    Strengths: Italian stars Storari and Sardo are waiting for the arrivals of Hilton and Noveski creating one of the best back lines in the league.
    Weakness: Could do with quality wingers and another striker to complete a strong defence.
    Strengths: Star player Francesco Totti to bang in the goals and Richard Dunne to help keep them out at the other end. All their outfield players are 80 and above.
    Weakness: Their goalkeeper is the weakest link in their team and needs replacing if we look at last seasons stats. Finished last in division 2 conceding a shocking 39 goals! Not a lot of squad depth to call upon either.
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    Gizb reacted to Vendetta in SM Predict Season 10 - Week 16   
    Re: SM Predict Season 10 - Week 16
    Saturday, 29th November
    West Brom - Arsenal
    Manchester United - Hull City (ESB)
    Liverpool - Stoke
    PSG - Nice
    Sunday, 30th November
    Wolfsburg - B.Mönchengladbach
    PSV - Feyenoord
    AS Roma - Inter (FGS - )
    Valencia - Barcelona
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    Gizb got a reaction from liridoncenaj in SM Predict Season 10 Discussion Thread   
    Re: SM Predict Season 10 Discussion Thread
    Searched for Italian Serie A games and didn't found it, wen't for Serie B. Went for La Liga games and didn't found any this weekend and so chose one for their 2nd league. The same for Portugal, Scotland, Croatia, etc.. found a game from Brazilian Serie A and he is there to predict. All the games are 1X2 games as both team are close on the table and I believe is hard to predict the outcome.
    In the last week in "known leagues", you managed 2 pts.. you should be angry with your predicting skills and don't with the games chosen.
    Soccerway doesn't say the game was cancelled, but if was I apologize..
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    Gizb reacted to Machines in Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread   
    Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread
    Aduriz no, Vidal will. Cheers mate.
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    Gizb got a reaction from VatreniUnited in SM Superleague - Season 10   
    Re: SM Superleague - Season 10
    Table after week 12

    muallan - 62
    Ben-SCFC - 60
    liridoncenaj - 58
    VatreniUnited - 58
    Vendetta - 57
    Gizb - 56
    nitemarre - 49
    Pip - 49
    Maxpayne - 46
    Dudu_9 - 43
    Reverie - 43
    Fez17_1888 - 37
    steauaseka - 28
    PWND - 26
    david bax - 12
    Gozzy - 8
    BarcaKes1 - 5
    Matt121 - 2

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    Gizb got a reaction from Maxpayne in SM Predict Season 10 Discussion Thread   
    Re: SM Predict Season 10 Discussion Thread
    Hope things are correct.. if anyone finds an error, let me know..
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    Gizb got a reaction from SM Tony in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    Benzema and Griezmann or Suarez? I have the duo..
    Lamela, Lavezzi, Sturridge, Mandzukic, Rooney, Higuain, Schurrle, Mkhitaryan, Willian and Blasczykowski are the players I have for their positions..
    P.S.- Forgot to mention.. it's a GC..
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    Gizb reacted to sirmarkhughes in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Gizb reacted to HelloJose in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions
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    Gizb got a reaction from ohsomething in SM Hall of Greatest Shame!   
    Re: SM Hall of Greatest Shame!
    Not a big mistake but.. Jefferson Lerma from Atletico Huila had his rating overlooked despite having 4174 minutes.. currently, his rating is 75..
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    Gizb reacted to Hayden19 in UEFA Champions League Discussion thread   
    Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread
    Crazy prediction eh? I'll go all out for Maribor now to get to the last 16
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    Gizb got a reaction from ashtini in [UKFSC] world cup prediction   
    Re: [uKFSC] world cup prediction
    Was an epic win At some point was in the 13th with 16pts behind and managed to turn it around in the last sniff.. 3 yellow caps in row made me turn around. Congrats to everyone
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    Re: 2014 FIFA World Cup Predict - Discussion Thread
    I'll working on it mate, most late will up on Thursday if I can't spare a time today or tomorrow
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    Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread
    Ronaldo did nothing tonight.
    Look at first goal to what he did. If you understand a little bit of football you will see what I am talking about.
    In the 2nd was he that recovered the ball to start the Real's attack.
    In the 3rd put the ball in Marcelo to do his run to score.
    And scored the 4th.
    And yes, he wasn't 100% fully fit .
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    Gizb got a reaction from KYQS in UEFA Champions League Discussion thread   
    Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread
    He increased his record to 17 goals in a Champions league season, if I am not mistaken he is the 2nd player ever to score in 2 CL finals and won his 2nd trophy.. if this aren't reasons to be happy(specially the first), you must be sad people.
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    Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis
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