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  1. i have just just won promotion to div1, i was in the red to the tune of -5.9mill and since winning promotion i on got about 3mill so im still in the red by 2.9mill. will i get any extra money to spend? i have minimum amount off players in my squad so i cant sell anyone to make money. SOME PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Re: No Money...... HEEELLLPPP thanks for the advice guys, think im just gonna stick with it till the end off the season. there is a 3 way battle for the championship so i should win promotion and hopefully get loads ah spondies for it.
  3. Re: No Money...... HEEELLLPPP lol, thanks. the thing is i have just won promotion as champions with a diffrent club and didnt get any extra money.
  4. during my excitment off starting SM with a few friends i spent all my money and exchanged all my poo players for good ones (most of the time it ment me giving away 2 players and recieving 1) to make sure i had a much more superior team than them. and know we are 20 games into the season and im -3.7milllion which gets worse after every game, i cant sign any free transfers or exchange anyone due to me not having the players signing on fee, and my squad is down the 21 players so i cant sell to generate any money. is there anything i can do to stop my club lossing money, or anyway i can get money into my club? or am i just screwed? any help would be much appreciated.
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