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  1. Re: Gameiro for Dzsudzsak Go for DZSUDZSAK!he is the best left midfield
  2. Re: WINGERS help. Thank you, so Griezzman is the biggest talent and the other? Piatti-ADam Johnson?
  3. I need a good, young wingers(2),these are the players who I can sign: Elia eljero Piatti pablo GRIEZMANN antonie REUS marco PEROTTI diego ADAM johnson REYES antonio CANI ruben. So can you help me, which 2 players are the best?
  4. Hello!How many money will i receive after the season with my 3rd place int the Spain division 1?20-30 million or more?help me pls.
  5. cAn you tell me any winger talent?
  6. Bartra San José Musacchio Amat Munoz Fontas P.Jones Varane. Which is the best 6 CB players?(in succession)
  7. My player Milito but,i want Llorente.who is the better?
  8. Re: G.johnson or sagna? Thank you, guys.
  9. what do you think glen johnson or sagna?and banega or hamsík?
  10. Re: Counter formations okey 4-5-1 against 3-4-1-2,and the pre-match instructions?
  11. Re: Counterformations Hello!please help me!my opponent play 3-4-1-2 with hard tackling, mixed passes,mixed attacking stlye, with counter attack-playmaker-targetman. First time I play 3-4-3 and loss 4-2.He's team is very succesfull he scored 100 goals in 29 matches ind Division2. What should i do?which formation is a good option?
  12. Hello, my teaM starting 11 is this: valdes zabaleta------godín----adriano y.touré Arshavin---------muniain-------b.valero.--------keita dinatale--------chamakh Subs:maggio,gustavo,guiza,bojan,senna,squlacci, What do you think this is good formation for my team or not.? Pls write me a strong tactics: my opponent play 3-4-1-2 hard stlye,attacking stlye, mixed passes and own half pressure along counter attack-playmaker-targetman.pls help me.
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