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  1. Re: The Only Way Is Liverpool - EC10437 Just joined this GW with Sunderland! Love seeing an active GW that has many teams open still.
  2. Are there any risers (preferably really cheap ones around 10-40k) in Brazil Division 1? I need some good risers from Brazil Div 1 coz there next to be reviewed, who should i get? 'cause I'm low on money and I need to make them rise then sell them for more once the transfer ban is over.
  3. Re: Who Should I Sell/where should i tighten up Okay, Jim, thanks for the reply! Two things: 1. Secondary Positions are just as good as Primary. 2. I put the diamond formation like that coz I have it set to that formation if im losing at halftime, and I was losing 2-0 at halftime and then in the second half i tied it up 2-2; i think the diamond is best, but I'll look into getting a DM and AM anyways. Thanks~!
  4. I'm doing a Div 5 challenge with Stockport County and I need help. Who should i sell for who and where should i tighten up?
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