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  1. Re: Ronaldo Over-rated He is over-rated,he actually sucks as football player,have you watched Dinamo vs Real Madrid?? He always complained how hurt he is,he is like barbie and Dinamo was doing pressure on Real Madrid,they played very bad.
  2. Re: Magic27 Signatures Hi,Mr.Magic27,can you make me signature Filippo Inzaghi picture and something else.You got talent so can you use your imagination and make me that signature with Inzaghi? Thanks in advance.
  3. Re: Gold Championship 63 Official Match Reports And Transfer News Thread. Chicago Fire sign new players Today manager Lucic bought 13 new players.Lucic said that these players are extremely good,and that they will help Chicago Fire to win champion title next season.Lucic also sacked 5 players,since they are not needed in Chicago Fire.
  4. Re: Gold Championship 63 Official Match Reports And Transfer News Thread. Chicago Fire Yesterday manger named Dodo Lucic signed his 4 years contract with Chicago Fire.He told to media that he is going to buy lot's of players.He also said that current players in Chicago Fire will be sold or sacked,and he will buy new and younger players,which will make club lot's stronger. Chicago Fire Chairman said that he is happy that Lucic singed contract as he know's that Lucic was managing Dinamo from Croatia and made unbelievable perfomance.Chairman also said to Lucic that he exepect's to win
  5. Re: Any talented players? I forgot to say,I need a talent player that isn't WORLD-WIDE KNOWN.
  6. Re: Any talented players? I need talented player too,please anyone knows any talented player rating minimum: 90 max:99 .Any position,just post it here if you found one. If you found one please tell it here.
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