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  1. Hopefully a Messi drop to 96 but SM admin are all Barca supporters so probably not. Wishful thinking 😃
  2. Scotland doing Scotland things with this lineup….23 years we have waited for a this moment and we get this 🙈
  3. Impressed with Zabarnyi tonight in the loss. Positioning awareness is very good, made some great progressive passes and good interceptions. Looks like he has cemented his spot in the side now. SM caught with their pants down only giving him a +4 when it was obvious a +6/7 was deserved.
  4. Agree that one surprised me. Maybe tomorrow a rise as he did play well in the final games of the season. Interesting to see how Jose plays the youth at Roma
  5. Wrong, De Paul simply put is one of the best players in Italy hands down. He’s done brilliantly considering the players around him and the quality they face.
  6. Winner: Italy 2nd place: Spain Dark horse: Ukraine Top scorer: immobile Best player: Kante Best U-21 player: Ilya Zabarnyi Not very well known player to surprise: Berardi
  7. Guys, how do we feel Ebrima Darboe will go next season for Roma under Jose? I am half expecting a rise in the review coming but won’t be surprised if he doesn’t change. Looks a good talent but I do get nervous wondering how much game time he will see under Jose. Part of Roma’s blueprint is to give youth a pathway to the first team, but Jose in recent times hasn’t give youth much of a look in. Definitely an interesting scenario in Rome for next season
  8. I must have missed the offical announcement of Dollarumma to PSG?
  9. Facundo Torres has been called up to the Uruguayan national side for the first team. An important step in his career, lots of teams are interested in young Torres.
  10. Wooh looks awesome, my football friends in France are very excited about him, Lens is the perfect place to develop and he has the potential to start next season as Bade is off!
  11. Check out this crazy stats….Robbie Brady is a beast for this side…80 assists in a season something a little different but bring on the German reviews, good luck friends
  12. Federico Navarro is being closely monitored by Anderlecht. Reports in Argentina are reporting a sum of 4.2 million for the Argentine midfielder who has been impressive for Talleres this season. Unlucky to not be named in the Argentina U23 side but has been recovering from an injury.
  13. I imagine the Lech Poznań edit is for Tymoteusz Puchacz’s move to Union Berlin At 1.6 million, might be a nice investment before he gets a rise in the German reviews
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