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  1. What an awful day for risers. What are SM doing? That’s Scotland done now? Belgium and Portugal were also completed in 1-2 days. Shocking stuff really. Shambles
  2. Hi guys, i have been absent for some time due to moving country but I am working on a few talents which I will post here in the future! also what’s up with these reviews, simply awful from SM. They need to get rid of soccerwiki and go back to the rating schedule they used to use. Too many players are getting missed for risers and decreases
  3. No worries, i made a post about a talent so im hoping there is a fix. It says waiting for the post to be approved by the moderator. Annoying as i have spent a while on this one.
  4. Loïc Badé Age: 20 Rating: 73 Position: D(C) SM Value: 300k - TM Value: 3M Club: RC Lens https://www.transfermarkt.com/loic-bade/profil/spieler/730581 If you havent heard of Loïc Badé yet, then I'm sure you will in a few years. At only 20, he looks as if he has been playing at this level for years. Having signed for Lens this year from Le Harve, Badé has featured 6 times (540 minutes) for Lens in Ligue 1 this season. When I look at Badé, he reminds me of the one and only Raphaël Varane, who famously signed for Real Madrid from Lens, its a massive comparison bu
  5. +7 for Mads Frøkjær-Jensen. Hope you all picked him up before! Spot on with the rating prediction
  6. Hi team. Have created a new game world. Random small clubs from across the world No purchases over the rating of 76 No purchases of players over 25 Each club starts with 20M Come in and give it a go, one for the scouters of SM, gets boring with the same old empty squads and 300M. Build from the bottom and rise to the top GW ID: 429003 Current access is open to all
  7. Good to see some plans being announced. For far to long I have watched my beloved soccermanager be neglected, with trolls and cheats taking control. First and foremost the ratings need to be fixed. The current system is incredibly random. It worked fine back in 2012 or whenever. A rating schedule should be brought back - update the players on what regions are next to be looked at. Stop creating new gameworlds. SM went through a period of churning out new GWs which only resulted in more absolutely empty GWs. To create that "desire" factor again, id like to see admin make it not so e
  8. Definitely. This is more realistic of real life. If admin can implement something to keep the player movement fresh, we can spread life into these game worlds where 5-10 clubs each hold 200+ players.
  9. Logan Chalmers Age: 20 Rating: 63 Position: AM(RL), F(RLC) SM Value: 100K - TM Value: 50k (Updated 21 July) Club: Dundee United (Scottish Premiership - First Tier) https://www.transfermarkt.com/logan-chalmers/profil/spieler/396548 Hi team, I'm back again with another budget pick up, which wont break the bank. Today, we have Logan Chalmers who's a center-forward for Scottish Premiership newcomers, Dundee United, but he regularly is shifted around the wings and behind the strikers. This has been a breakout campaign for Chalmers, who has gone on to feature 11 t
  10. Thanks I will from now on. I prefer to focus on lower rated/cheaper players who will rise. I’ll post now and then but probably a bit more due to the nice forum update! P.S what is happening with Sardella in Belgium? He can’t get a game
  11. Mads Frøkjær-Jensen Age: 21 Rating: 68 Position: M,AM(RLC) SM Value: 200k - TM Value: 500K Club: Odense BK https://www.transfermarkt.com/mads-frokjaer/profil/spieler/533632 Jensen has played 6 games totaling 502 minutes in the Danish Superligaen so far, registering 3 assists along the way. He played loads last season and will look to carry that on this season, he's a talented young player and I'm sure he will get a rise to mid 70s (I'm not sure on an exact number, maybe 75-76?) Probably a good pick up if your a small club in a competitive setup. G
  12. Good to see you back JMH, a true legend of the SM forums...
  13. WOW hahaha, well that explains that...13 years on SM and this is a first....just wow! thanks!
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