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  1. With Italy’s review probably up next, what’s your thoughts on Rodrigo De Paul going +1 to 90 and Rodrigo Becao +2 to 87? Though Becao is heavily linked with a return to Russia cheers
  2. Palmeiras has played 11 games in 2020 📊 Minutes: Gabriel Menino: 528 Gabriel Veron: 370 Patrick de Paula: 252 Wesley: 80 all are young players and cheap with the exception of Veron. Should get nice rises especially Menino
  3. Where’s that guy soccahappy dude with the best Brazilian risers? Brazil review looks to be well underway
  4. Thank you my friend, ill be keeping tabs on this thread, really like it! keep it up
  5. Hey mate lovely thread here. Any Belgian players or players in Belgium that are attacking mid/forwards under 350k that would be getting a rise in ratings ? Appreciate your support
  6. Little update on this lad seeing as its been some years since! Koray Gunter currently plays for Genoa, having joined them from Galatasaray. Very limited playing time. 14 appearances totaling in just 828 minutes all up. He is only 24 and has been around for a while. Expect him to get a few more minutes next season, or don't be surprised if Genoa move him on Ill be back in a couple more years to keep you updated with his progress *this forum used to be so good, its utter trash now. SM sold out for all that money....* real shame
  7. Alright. So i have played this game for 7-8 years. Over that period of time i have really enjoyed what you guys have been giving us. I paid to become a gold manager too. But as time went on you (SMFA) started changing website design every so often it seemed. Rather that focus on the actual issues the game has itself such as player concerns etc.. you went for rather pointless face-lifts. I'm not a fan of this new design at all. Here's my reasons: Everything is so god damn huge. I'm not a 5 year old i can see. There is no reason for it to be this big The dark background is pointless, wha
  8. Re: Soccer Manager: The app is currently unreachable This is rubbish. Cant log in for 4 hours and counting. Ready to quit this
  9. I get this message like everytime i try to go in on Soccermanager. The site dosn't load and i have tried it on other computers, browsers but still nothing works This has been happening for a while now. Really starting to annoy me. I live in New Zealand and i log on about 2.30-6pm most days and i cant connect. This is just rubbish Im a paying gold member and i expect answers as in the past the "sm" employees show a total lack of customer service. I have quit all my clubs apart from 1 as soccermanager has just become so poor now days. The amount of gameworlds being created is ridiculous. I re
  10. Re: ***Koray Günter - Dortmunds next big star!*** Has made his debut for Dortmund in the Bundesliga coming on as a sub and playing 2 minutes
  11. Re: Licensed to Spend Well looks like im out of the draft I saw Adnan Januzaj had been added and made a bid as i did on all my set ups and forgot about the 11 youth teamers rule -__- Someone can have him on loan if they want or else he wont play at all this season as iv broken the rules Sorrry:(
  12. Re: Licensed to Spend Yes can we place our bids?
  13. Re: .:10000 bc:. Hulk leads the way with 2 in 2 games Glad to have my first win!
  14. Re: Gold Championship 188 Thread My Boca looking to dominate Argentina again and again. Got some pretty good youths!
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