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  1. Little update on this lad seeing as its been some years since! Koray Gunter currently plays for Genoa, having joined them from Galatasaray. Very limited playing time. 14 appearances totaling in just 828 minutes all up. He is only 24 and has been around for a while. Expect him to get a few more minutes next season, or don't be surprised if Genoa move him on Ill be back in a couple more years to keep you updated with his progress *this forum used to be so good, its utter trash now. SM sold out for all that money....* real shame
  2. Alright. So i have played this game for 7-8 years. Over that period of time i have really enjoyed what you guys have been giving us. I paid to become a gold manager too. But as time went on you (SMFA) started changing website design every so often it seemed. Rather that focus on the actual issues the game has itself such as player concerns etc.. you went for rather pointless face-lifts. I'm not a fan of this new design at all. Here's my reasons: Everything is so god damn huge. I'm not a 5 year old i can see. There is no reason for it to be this big The dark background is pointless, what does it serve? it just seems really crowded and a far reach from a simple layout. The layout is really really bad and confusing. The dark colours make me feel like i have to search for everything, why not white? The different tabs for different actions seems wasteful and would make it difficult for newbies who aren't sure where everything is. Why not have it all on one thing to make it easy and simple to use? that's what soccermanager used to be. Club messages are not clear anymore. These are the main cause of conern for all managers yet we have to click on club to see them. Back to my other point again, but there is no need for the club messages to be so huge. The tactics update has screwed alot of managers, not alot we can do there but i could only assume the orange around my player means they are out of position? and green means fine? The star around the rating is cool but it dosnt stand out, i find myself looking at the photo of the player first, should look to make the ratings the first thing to stand out as this is what this game is all about, ratings There is a real sense of being alone. There is hardly any communication between managers.You took away the newspaper which was a great way to chat and have banter with other managers. You should look to make that a high priority or else you will lose heaps of players which you already are. My last point, like 97% of these comments are negative. LISTEN TO THE FANS AND PLAYERS OF THIS GAME We don't want this new clunky ugly slow update. instead of this relaunch nonsense you could have changed the way you do the ratings, like in regions as it used to be. Anyway thats what i think. I have loved this game for so long. Just saddens me to see these kinds of changes aimed at attracting new people to the game. Instead you should listen to what we want and keep it simple. Be interesting to see if SMFA take notice and make the changes.
  3. Re: Soccer Manager: The app is currently unreachable This is rubbish. Cant log in for 4 hours and counting. Ready to quit this
  4. I get this message like everytime i try to go in on Soccermanager. The site dosn't load and i have tried it on other computers, browsers but still nothing works This has been happening for a while now. Really starting to annoy me. I live in New Zealand and i log on about 2.30-6pm most days and i cant connect. This is just rubbish Im a paying gold member and i expect answers as in the past the "sm" employees show a total lack of customer service. I have quit all my clubs apart from 1 as soccermanager has just become so poor now days. The amount of gameworlds being created is ridiculous. I remember when gold gameworlds were "elite" but they are just empty. Pick up your game sm
  5. Re: ***Koray Günter - Dortmunds next big star!*** Has made his debut for Dortmund in the Bundesliga coming on as a sub and playing 2 minutes
  6. Re: Licensed to Spend Well looks like im out of the draft I saw Adnan Januzaj had been added and made a bid as i did on all my set ups and forgot about the 11 youth teamers rule -__- Someone can have him on loan if they want or else he wont play at all this season as iv broken the rules Sorrry:(
  7. Re: Licensed to Spend Yes can we place our bids?
  8. Re: .:10000 bc:. Hulk leads the way with 2 in 2 games Glad to have my first win!
  9. Re: Gold Championship 188 Thread My Boca looking to dominate Argentina again and again. Got some pretty good youths!
  10. Re: Licensed to Spend Hey buddy, Had a read of the rules and so on Im interested and if space id love to be a part of it I dont mind which club i get Username: dgormand add me or message me ty!
  11. Re: .:10000 bc:. BREAKING NEWS: Schalke can confirm they have completed a deal with Zenit Football Club regarding the transfer of Hulk. Schalke mad Hulk a priority signing and pulled out all the stops to land a player known for sheer speed,power and goals. Manager Daniel Gorman had this to say to ESPN: Words from Hulk who is in Russia had this to say:
  12. Re: .:10000 bc:. Jakub "Kuba" Błaszczykowski in talks with Schalke? The German media seem to think so! The also went on to stat that Schalke are in dire need of a right sided midfielder Ah Rumours!
  13. Re: .:10000 bc:. Djamal Abdoulaye Mahamat Bindi waves goodbye to Schalke! Djamal played 4 games for Schalke but has been moved on by the new manager.
  14. Re: .:10000 bc:. Pelle had some words to the clubs official tv channel
  15. Re: .:10000 bc:. A bit disappointed at all the concern over me spending 14 million on Leon Goretzka. I'm a real German fan, and Leon Goretzka is pure talent. I could not afford to miss out on this lad and made a decision to spend big. It could backfire if he doesn't take the next steps in his career but i hope he can. The future looks bright for him. Looking at my squad they are aging. This is because of the gameworld rules. No worries. I now have a top young prospect who can pick up games along the way. I have played SM for a while so i am experienced so to all you worrying that ill quit don't. I have no intention off quitting even if i lose 100 games in a row. Im all set for a long term project. I have my eyes set on some more targets. Just signed Marvin Compper. Reliable defender and young. Leon Goretzka spoke to the official website following his move.. "Im very happy about joining my boyhood club. Its true other clubs made offers but my heart was set on joining Schalke. Hopefully we can do great things together and write our names in the history books. Im very excited and i cannot wait to get started"
  16. Re: .:10000 bc:. Tough loss to Madrid! My side played attacking football but couldn't find the back of the net after taking many shots. Several players are in advanced talks about joining my side
  17. Re: .:10000 bc:. A battle for Gotze or Neymar could be interesting. Alot of clubs have their eyes on them!
  18. Re: .:10000 bc:. I like this idea, reminds me of the NBA draft. Awesome sources are saying that FC Schalke 04 have already got a number one transfer target and are prepared to bid as much as it takes to get this young prodigy!
  19. Re: .:10000 bc:. I have been reading the forum, could you kindly remind me?
  20. Re: .:10000 bc:. As per my last post, i have applied to the board of FC Schalke 04. Im hoping for a good outcome
  21. Re: .:10000 bc:. Im interested in joining this gameworld. I love a challenge! My username is dgormand I feel i have a proven track record and love investing in youth. Anything more you need to know, ask away
  22. Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues) He was off by 2 ratings not a biggie
  23. Re: Tin Jedvaj,new supertalent from Dinamo Zagreb http://www.football-italia.net/36340/roma-confirm-jedvaj-capture link to the italian football website confirming his arrival. good signing from roma
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