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  1. Re: a list of suggestions Not sure why it should not be allowed to cancel a loan on a match day. good idea just save a bit of time. Don't think there should be a wage budget but i think they should have a cap on how much you can offer a player if they bring the option of letting you choose to offer wages. Good idea. Great Idea Great idea. Not sure if these is need. I like the ideaof having chairman expections maybe instead of getting sacked you could have a scale where you get plus points for achiving it and - points for not achiving it this coud then effect what the ch
  2. Re: a list of suggestions This is a great idea for more than one reason like you said the managers can see when and how many rating changes the player has had so they know if they have had a rating change recenty or ages ago also they know what the rating changes have been. Good Idea. Not sure about this idea as the rating is supposed to be an overall rating but i see what you mean as you would be able to see if a player is better playing for example up frount or on the wing. Don't think the games should be make 2-legged unless they are in real life but the ones that are not should no
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