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  1. Re: International Setup in Standard Setup I was thinking of the International teams that they are going to bring in (England,Spain etc). I was thinking there could be a smaller version in the standard setups.
  2. What about having a smaller version of the International Setup in the Standard Setup. Not sure what you would have and not sure what you would not have but just an idea.
  3. Re: The Best Of The Setup Any other comments.
  4. Re: List Of Suggestions (Please Comment) I wondered if anyone else had any comments on these ideas.
  5. Re: Improvement In Players Profile I think this is a good idea and makes the profiles better does anyone else agree i have updated this post so it can get more votes as i think this should be added.
  6. Re: Loan Rules I wondered if there were any more views on this?
  7. Declan Rudd is a 17 year old goalkeeper for Norwich City. Not yet on the database but one to look out for. Stats Name: Declan Rudd Age: 17 Nationality: England Club: Norwich City Postion: Goalkeeper Appearances For Norwich: 0 Norwich City He joined Norwich City at the age of 9. At the moment he plays mainly for the Norwich City Under 18's and has also played for the Norwich Reserves. He has not yet played a game for Norwich. He signed a professional contract on the 10th May 2008. He also sat on the bench for Norwich City but did not come on in the last game of the season on the
  8. Re: Nikolas Tsattalios I thought i would do a quick update on this player as it is not long until the Australia ratings not updates but information that was left out of the last posts. Nikolas Tsattalios Sydney FC He made his A-League debut on 12 October 2007 against Perth Glory as a second-half substitute. International career In 2006 he joined the NSW Institute of Sport football program leading to being named as a stand-by player the AFC U-17 Championship 2006
  9. At the moment we can loan 3 players and all 3 can play in the any game. I think we should be able to loan up to 5 or 6 players and so the managers that loan 5 or 6 have to buy more players and not only a few players and 5 loans there could be a rule that says: You can loan 5 players for your team but only 3 can play in any 1 game. Like in real life where they are allowed only a certain number of players on loan in one game.
  10. Re: Joe Lewis A young goalkeeper with great potential used to be at Norwich City but never played.
  11. Re: Replacing Injured Player I have updated this because I have an idea to improve it what about if the players you put in the space that says who replaces the players in your team are only the ones that are on the bench so if a defender gets injured in a game the defender on the bench comes on to replace him.
  12. I posted something like this before but i have imporved the idea. A text box like the one for the pms added to the bottom of every player, club and competition. You can add information about the player's stats and transfers etc and click submit and it goes onto a history page which is called the SM History. What goes on in different setups would be different so what is typed in would be different for every setup. SM History is for every player, club and compertition in every setup based on what happens to the players in different setups so if player A goes to Birmingham from Norwich on loan
  13. Re: Nikolas Tsattalios I thought I would give an update on how this players as progressed. He has now became a professional player in 2007 Nikolas Tsattalios is now 18 and still rated 67. He has now played 5 games for Sydney FC From wikipedia
  14. Re: Saving 2 Formations...... This is an idea i like and think should be in Soccer Manager as i also play different players in the cup so i would like a default team that i can go back to and only have to change a few as there is a few players that get most matches.
  15. Re: Transfer and Loan Deals All ideas listed are very good and would be great if they were added in the game.
  16. Re: Ratings Graph Good idea it would be good to see what players are on the rise or the drop.
  17. Not sure how hard it would be to put this into the game. Interactive Club Overview Being able to select what you see on your Club Overview and being able to change it whenever you want. You could have a tick list where the ones you tick are the ones showed. You could choose from: Club information Last 5 messages Players you have injured (With comeback date) Players you have suspended (How many games) Last Match Next Match Next 5 players to run out of contract I am sure there are other things that could be added to the list of things you may want on your overview.
  18. In real life everyone who is a football fan has conversations about the best players and teams in the past so i came up with a new suggestion that could be added to the Setup History page. There could be a section on the Setup history where you have: 1 Goalscorers Of The League Like the season top scorers this would have the top 10/20 goalscorers of every league for example: Division 1 1 Henry = 20 2 Beckham = 18 3 Owen = 15 this would have the top goalscorers for all leagues separate like the seasons one. When a players leaves a club for example Henry plays for Arsenal and scores 40
  19. Re: Setup History 20 Ideas That I Would Like To See Not sure how easy they would be to do but 20 ideas to think about: 1 Past winners of the League 2 Past winners of all the Cups 3 Top 10 goalscorers over the seasons 4 Top goalscorers for seprate seasons 5 Top assits over the seasons 6 Top assits for seprate seasons 7 Most expensive transfers though the seasons 8 Best Manager in Setup 9 Top Avarge ratings over the seasons 10 Most League titles 11 Most consecutive wins 12 Most draws in a season 13 Most losses in a season 14 Most points in a season 15 Fewest points in a season
  20. I have some idea of ways to improve the shortlist what do you think: 1 Being able to search your shortlist: You could have a search feature on the side of the page where you can search the shortlist like you search for players to buy. 2 Narrowing down your shortlist: Another idea is you could have feature where you have something like this Postion: Goalkeeper (4) Defender (10) Midfielder (2) Striker (1) Each postion is clickable and shows you the players in your shortlist but only for the postion you choose the number in the brackets is the number of players in that postion in your s
  21. Re: Player Left, Right Or Both Footed. It is a good idea but it would take a while to find it out for every player.
  22. Re: Idea! Good idea it is a worth seeing what GK let i the most goals not just for who to play but also who to buy.
  23. Re: Morale increase on a player if removed from transfer list! I like the idea.
  24. Re: McClaren sacked as England manager. I agree playing one up frount was not the right way. I am not blaming it all on the manager as the players are the ones out there as i said in my of my posts earlier but i agree one up frount was not right. 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 would of been better.
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