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    footballmad reacted to dazzamcc in Young Chelsea Talents   
    Some might have been talked about before but most have not:
    Rohan Ince (England) - Chelsea
    Look at Rohan from a distance and you could mistake him for a younger John Obi Mikel. His tall, gangly stature and his head of spiky black hair brings about the comparison, and although he’s a centre-back by trade, his laid-back and composed style is very much in the mould of the Nigerian international.
    Ince has most often played in the heart of the Under 16s defence alongside Danny Mills, especially in 2007/08. Previously he could also have been found in defensive midfield when Jack Saville was a regular in the Under 16s team, and whilst he can do a job there as a holding player, he’s much better in the middle of defence. Much taller and stronger than most opponents his age, he can bring the ball out in the style of the much sought after footballing centre-back.
    Not eligible for a scholarship until the 2009/10 season, he’s making astounding progress for a player who first played for the Under 16s at the age of 13. There’s nothing to stop him making the odd Under 18 appearance in 2008/09 as a 15 year-old in the same way Jeffrey Bruma has in 07/08 and whilst he doesn’t have Bruma’s remarkable talent or potential, the style and similarity is there.
    Milan Lalkovic (Slovakia) - Chelsea
    Milan is another signing for Chelsea’s academy that received more than its fair share of mainstream press, something not so common for youth signings. After the relative success experienced by compatriot Miroslav Stoch, a scholar a year earlier, Chelsea went back to Slovakia to find the diminutive but super slick Lalkovic, who is if anything a greater prospect than Stoch.
    After a number of successful trials with the Blues (including a four goal game), the 14 year-old signed a multi-year deal with the club to include a standard youth scholarship when he turns 16. His first real action for Chelsea came in the Northern Ireland Milk Cup tournament, where Chelsea sent a younger team than in previous years. He stunned the watching crowds by earning rave reviews in the Irish press as the standout star performer in Chelsea’s team, finding the net to boot. His 2007/08 domestic season can best be described as a bit stop-start - with a large Under 16s squad, injuries and international duty he’s not always played, but has impressed when he has.
    He can play on either wing or as an attacking midfielder but is probably and surprisingly best as a lead striker. He’s not big enough to be used as a targetman in the 4-3-3 but he has great pace and trickery, and can fool a defender easily. His dribbling is his best asset and is a potential threat off either foot. Will have another Under 16 season with perhaps the odd Under 18 appearance before a scholarship in 2009/10* (TBC).
    Aliu Djalo (Guinea) - Chelsea
    Aliu Djalo has been the focus of more than a little bit of attention from Chelsea fans. Thanks to a number of freestyling YouTube skills videos and a reported total fee of £5,000,000 should he make the Chelsea first team (a fee which is more than likely inaccurate), Kaby (his given nickname) was first linked with the Blues in the last days of Jose Mourinho’s reign. The then Boavista prodigy was rumoured to have been on trial at Chelsea with a view to the Guinea-Bissau born but Portugal-raised (by Guinea-Bissau and Boavista legend Mamadu Bobo Djalo) signing permanently.
    The rumours were correct, but most media sources incorrectly cited his age as 17. He actually signed as a 15 year-old and eventually showed up in Chelsea’s Under 16 team midway through the 2007/08 season. As videos will attest to, his individual skill level is quite brilliant, but he’s one of the shortest players of his age and can struggle to force himself on a game. His physical appearance likens him to a shorter and younger Gael Kakuta, which is essentially what he is, right down to the left footed brilliance, but his actual playing time in 07/08 has been minimal.
    Rumours of him training with the Chelsea Reserves may be wide of the mark but there have been good feelings coming from his team-mates about his ability and 08/09 promises to be a big season in his career, and if rumours are true a potential big payday for Boavista.
    Danny Mills (Ghana) - Chelsea
    Danny Mills, or Daniel Mills Pappoe to give him his full name, is an extremely tall and strong centre-back of Ghanaian origin, and a regular captain of Chelsea’s Under 16 team. He stands somewhere in the region of 6′4″ and with the physical strength to back up that height, he bullies opponents at his level.
    In his defensive capacities, it’s quite hard to judge him at times, because he is so much bigger than 90% of Under 16 opponents he can get away with more, but in general he’s a clean and tidy defender who doesn’t make mistakes and (as you’d expect) dominates in the air. When he gets to go forward for set-pieces though, he absolutely dominates. In the 2007 Marveld Toernooi youth competition in Holland, his 5 goals won him the Top Goalscorer Award despite being a defender.
    Set for a youth scholarship at the end of the 2007/08 season, he’ll have some competition for a place at centre-back, but it should be healthy competition for a young man who has the physical tools to make a really strong impression at higher levels earlier than lesser-develped boys, and competition he should thrive upon.
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    footballmad got a reaction from AFCTU Jacko in Interactive Club Overview   
    Not sure how hard it would be to put this into the game.
    Interactive Club Overview
    Being able to select what you see on your Club Overview and being able to change it whenever you want. You could have a tick list where the ones you tick are the ones showed.
    You could choose from:
    Club information
    Last 5 messages
    Players you have injured (With comeback date)
    Players you have suspended (How many games)
    Last Match
    Next Match
    Next 5 players to run out of contract
    I am sure there are other things that could be added to the list of things you may want on your overview.
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    footballmad got a reaction from S04 in Setup History   
    Re: Setup History
    20 Ideas That I Would Like To See
    Not sure how easy they would be to do but 20 ideas to think about:
    1 Past winners of the League
    2 Past winners of all the Cups
    3 Top 10 goalscorers over the seasons
    4 Top goalscorers for seprate seasons
    5 Top assits over the seasons
    6 Top assits for seprate seasons
    7 Most expensive transfers though the seasons
    8 Best Manager in Setup
    9 Top Avarge ratings over the seasons
    10 Most League titles
    11 Most consecutive wins
    12 Most draws in a season
    13 Most losses in a season
    14 Most points in a season
    15 Fewest points in a season
    16 Longest unbeaten League run
    17 Most Player Apperences
    18 Oldest player
    19 Youngest player
    20 Longest goalkeeping run without conceding a goal
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    footballmad reacted to TomOwen in EPL Rating Changes Thread   
    Thread for rating changes for any club in the Premier League, I will do club by club in alphabetical order.
    Will do one team per post and will only post for players that should have a rating change. Feel free to add your opinions.
    For most of the youngsters, I don't know much so you can help me out.
    Jens Lehmann 92-->91
    He's not playing enough games for Arsenal, has been dropped for a few months already. Very sloppy mistakes whenever he plays for the team. A rating decrease is correctly deserved for the German No. 1 Keeper.
    Manuel Almunia 87-->90
    He has taken first spot at Arsenal so deserves a good increase. He must increase to 89, at least but 90 would be more fair for such a talented keeper who is performing consistently in the team. Up to 90.
    Vito Mannone 70-->75
    Got to play twice in the Championship although made a few sloppy mistakes, still needs an increase to the 75 region. This keeper might join the Scottish League soon.
    Gael Clichy 90-->91
    Performing consistently for the team, playing almost every match. A great player, makes the Arsenal fans forget about Ashley Cole. He has put his injury days behind his back.
    Armand Traore 80-->83
    Played many times in the Carling Cup for the team and performs very well when has a chance. He should definitely get an increase to at least a 83 this time round.
    Bakari Sagna 89-->90
    He's playing for Arsenal and has only missed about three matches this season. Very solid defender with a great tackle and can also attack. He makes the Arsenal's right flank immune.
    Emmanuel Eboue 89-->88
    Not playing at right back and right midfield, Sagna and Hleb are playing to welll. A decrease is pretty obvious.
    Justin Hoyte 87-->86
    Same as Eboue, he's not playing so his rating has only one way to go, down. A talented player but has lost his touch after not getting to play oftenly.
    Kolo Toure 94-->95
    Very solid defender, should rise to a 95, he can tackle, mark, header, has all the great abilities of a center back. He should only rise if Ferdinand and Vidic and Carvalho go up though.
    Aleksandr Hleb 91-->92
    Arsenal's unsung hero. Works very well with Sagna on the right wing and is just simply a great right midfielder. He has to get an increase to 92 because of his great performances recently.
    Francesc Fabregas 94-->95
    I guess I don't have to explain anything for Fabregas.
    Gilberto Silva 93-->92
    Not playing a lot, should definitely drop to 92. Starts to warm the bench and I have a feeling that he will move in January. Down to 92 just twelve weeks after he got a 93.
    Mathieu Flamini 88-->89
    Playing very well next to Fabregas, definitely needs an increase for what he has done since the beginning of the season. He should have a positional change to CM/LB too.
    Denlinson 85-->87
    Playing very well, sometimes gets to play in the EPL, but mostly plays in cup matches and he always makes Wenger happy. Has a great corner too. Up to 87, if not even 88.
    Theo Walcott 85-->88
    Playing for the first team in the EPL as well as playing the two domestic cups and even the Champions League. This costly 18 year old has proven the price that Wenger payed for him was even called "cheap". Great player with great dribbling. Position change to F/W
    Eduardo 90-->89
    Like Gilberto, he has not played a lot and should go down to 89. He has played a limited amount of games and his goal tally aren't too impressive for a poacher who scored something like 45 goals last season.
    Emmanuel Adebayor 89-->90
    There's a whole thread on him, so I guess I've said enough. Up to 90, maybe 91.
    Niklas Bendtner 85-->87
    Same as Walcott and Denlinson.
    Aston Villa is next
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    footballmad got a reaction from darshan j. in Sebastian Ryall   
    Sebastian Ryall is a Australian youngster who is 18 years old and as already played for the Australia U-23's.
    He currently plays for Melbourne Victory and has played 8 games for them he has played 5 games for Australia's U-20's and 1 games for the Australia U-23 and is only 18.
    Currently rated 70 and worth 10k.
    I am not saying he will go far and get a really good increase what i am saying is he maybe one to watch.
    A quote from a paper talking about him:
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    footballmad got a reaction from kevche in Should The Season Last Longer   
    Just an idea does anyone else think that the season should last longer ways to do that:
    1. League games played onces a week with cups in the middle of the week
    2. If international get put in the setups then when there is an international game there can be international breaks.
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    footballmad got a reaction from Phillgl in English Championship 302 - Has It Happens   
    Re: English Championship 302 - Has It Happens
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    footballmad got a reaction from Krucinho in Club History Extended   
    I think the club history should have more on it not sure how hard it is to do.
    I think it should have:
    1. Most consecutive wins without conceding a goal
    2. Most wins in a season
    3. Most consecutive wins from the start of a season
    4. Most consecutive home wins
    5. Most consecutive away wins
    6. Fewest wins in a season
    7. Most draws in a season
    8. Most consecutive draws
    9. Most losses in a season
    10. Fewest losses, season
    What do you think?
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    footballmad reacted to тσм_мғϲ in 26th September - The Carling Cup Full Preview   
    Preview: 26th september 07

    So its a night of more football and this night may show us a few shocks aswell as the predicted score lines. In the first ever edition of UK Football previews here by your host Tom Greenfield, we focus on the a night of 8 Carling Cup Matches, and a look back to last night's pick of the action.
    So we'll start now with a few quotations by new Chelsea coach Avram Grant, who takes charge of his first ever Carling Cup Tie tonight at the home of Hull City. Were sure the Kc will provide a unstedy time for Avram, especially coming up against former Bolton midfielder Jay-Jay okocha.
    Avram claims Chelsea needed a change
    "We haven't played well this season and the time has come in the last month for a change," said the 52-year-old, who succeeded Jose Mourinho last week," "We played one game against Birmingham which was fantastic and 20 minutes against Reading.
    Talking about tonight at the KC he said "When you have 25 players in the squad, sometimes it happens one or two aren't happy, so far I've not seen it and I'm very positive person.
    "I expect some will be some happy and some will not but I know it can never be 100% happiness."
    Match Previews
    Hull City vs Chelsea
    Hull striker Henrik Pedersen could make his first start for City in attack, at the expense of Michael Bridges.
    Also up front, veteran Dean Windass (calf) may not be risked while recent signing Caleb Folan is cup-tied.
    Chelsea are without Frank Lampard (thigh) and Didier Drogba (knee), while Mikel Jon Obi is suspended.
    Ricardo Carvalho (back) is not yet ready to return, while Michael Ballack and Wayne Bridge are both still sidelined with ankle injuries.
    Its looking like a big night and a big meet up possibly for two former trotters, Tal Ben Haim and Jay Jay Okocha.
    K.O Time: 19:45

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Aston Villa v Leicester
    Aston Villa will be without striker John Carew for four to six weeks because of knee ligament damage.
    Curtis Davies will make his Villa debut in defence, while Shaun Maloney, Stiliyan Petrov and Isaiah Osbourne are also in contention for places.
    Leicester have a doubt over Portuguese winger Julio Marco Ferreira, who limped out of a reserve game on Monday with a hamstring problem.
    Striker Elvis Hammond also suffered an ankle problem in the same game.
    Martin O'neil comes face to face agaisnt his fomer club The Foxes for the first time in Villa management. Leicester go to this game knowing they controversially knocked Nottingham Forest out in the previous round which saw poor Clive Clark gain unconscious.
    K.O Time: 19:45
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Man Utd v Coventry City
    Manchester United are likely to pack their squad with youngsters as usual in the early rounds of the Carling Cup.
    Northern Ireland defender Jonny Evans is set for his debut, but Wayne Rooney and Louis Saha could feature, as may fit-again Owen Hargreaves (thigh).
    Coventry will field Andy Marshall in goal instead of Dimi Konstantopoulos, as has been their policy in cup games.
    Boss Iain Dowie could also make changes in defence, with Elliott Ward, Robert Page and Ben Turner in contention.
    But despite all Utd's team news, could Sir Alex wipe out any Dowie respect and weaken his line up?
    K.O Time: 20:00

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Blackburn v Birmingham
    Blackburn boss Mark Hughes will resist the temptation to make many changes.
    Defender Ryan Nelsen (hamstring) is still out, while strikers Jason Roberts and Matt Derbyshire will be contending for starting places.
    Birmingham will be without on-loan midfielder Borja Oubina (knee), who has been ruled out for six months after he was injured at the weekend.
    Steve Bruce is also set to rotate his squad, giving chances to fringe players like Mikael Forssell and Rowan Vine.
    K.O Time: 20:00
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Fulham v Bolton wanderes
    Fulham may hand a start to Diomansy Kamara, who could replace David Healy or Clint Dempsey in attack.
    Boss Lawrie Sanchez has promised to name a strong team but Danny Murphy and Seol Ki-Hyeon are pressing for starts.
    Bolton boss Sammy Lee has no new injury worries, but has hinted that he may use the depth of his squad.
    Christian Wilhelmsson could come into contention after recovering from a groin problem, while Daniel Braaten could also be handed a starting place.
    Can Little Sammy lee send his side into round 4 after all of his media critics?
    K.O Time: 20:00
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Sheffield Wednesday v Everton
    heffield Wednesday have doubts over Glenn Whelan (thigh), Steve Watson (hip) and Etienne Esajes (back).
    Michael Johnson may be rested, but defender Tommy Spurr is available after passing a fitness test on Thursday.
    Everton defender Joseph Yobo missed training on Tuesday with an illness, but fit-again Alan Stubbs is likely to take his place in central defence.
    Mikel Arteta (ankle) is doubtful, while Stefan Wessels should continue in goal while Tim Howard is injured.
    K.O Time: 19:45
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    West Ham Utd v Plymouth
    West Ham are without recent signings Nolberto Solano and Henri Camara, who are cup-tied, while striker Bobby Zamora (knee) is ruled out.
    Craig Bellamy (hamstring) is close to a comeback but unlikely to be risked, but Scott Parker (knee) is available.
    Plymouth manager Ian Holloway has no fresh injury concerns.
    However, on-loan Paris St Germain defender Larrys Mabiala, who has yet to feature for the Pilgrims, is still recovering from a knee injury.
    K.O Time: 19:45
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Tottenham Hotspur v Middlesbrough
    Tottenham striker Jermain Defoe and left-sided player Gareth Bale are in contention for starting places.
    Wayne Routledge could return from injury, as could Kevin-Prince Boateng, but Ledley King (knee) is still out.
    Middlesbrough are without strikers Tuncay (ankle), Mido (hamstring) and Jeremie Aliadiere (hamstring), while midfielder Gary O'Neil is cup-tied.
    Dong- Lee is the only experienced striker in the squad, joined by Tom Craddock, 20, and Ben Hutchinson, 19.
    K.O Time: 20:00

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [/color][/b]
    Pick of last night's action
    Last evening saw some more great ties go ahead and make a name for themselves. Sheffield Utd clattered Morcambe 5-0, whilst West Brom's saw 4 goals too many go post them as Cardiff beat them 4-2. Reading were outplayed by some Torres brilliance, whilst Arsenal came out the better side at the Emirates against Premier league rivals Newcastle.

    So... Thanks for reading!
    and hope you join us again this weekend as we keep you bang in date with every smash of the net, or every main event in every Barclys Premierleague match!
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    footballmad got a reaction from kevche in Given Trials to players that are on a free   
    As the title says being able to give trials to players that are on a free as we don't have training sessions in SM like they do in real life they would watch them in training.
    Maybe in SM they could be able to play in 2 games as then you can buy them or if you have not made a bid for them before the next game they leave the club.
    What do you think?
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