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  1. Just to make sure. I should have 21m right, because Alvaro Morata played 6 games for me on loan from Juventus? Also, Iker Muniain is the one that is leaving.
  2. http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/james-milner/profil/spieler/3333 At least get your data from reliable sources. Yes, but you argue that our signings are poor, when your track record of signings has been worse when you've spent 15 times as much money. Basically you haven't managed to disprove anything I say, other than attempt to argue that Milner has one less assist, which still makes Milner and Ings' record much preferable to Falcao and Di Maria's. See that may be the problem. Maybe you should think a bit more before you start your logorrhea.
  3. Nope, James Milner has 8 assists. And even if he didn't, that one assist doesn't even change my point and conclusion. Yes, I didn't calculate wages because it would look much much worse for you. If you include wages, it would look horrifically bad for you lot. So, so bad. Honestly, please read what you write. It's unbelievable you managed to get out of primary school.
  4. You think Emre Can is a small guy? Have you ever seen the guy? The guy is twice Lucas' size and Lucas was a fine DM for us until injury problems hit. If you think Coutinho's hyped, clearly you know nothing, because he was voted by his fellow players in the Premier League Team of the Year. Not fans, not pundits, but fellow players. Those that play against him week in week out clearly think he's a fantastic talent. And to say Liverpool have a lot in a midfield role truly shows you know absolutely nothing about football.
  5. A quiet start to the transfer window for Tom Pham's Real Madrid side, who he figures are strong enough to compete on all fronts already. So far six players have arrived, mostly youth, whilst four have headed towards the exit after failing to live up to expectations at the Santiago Bernabeu. All in all, Pham is hopeful on further strengthening the depth of his squad, targeting mainly younger stars with lots of potential. . Transfers IN Mario Gotze 40m Hugo Lloris 35m (17.5m) Jordon ibe 2.7m Victor Camarasa 2.5m Sergio Rico 2.2m Filipe Malcom 760,000 Transfers OUT Gareth Bale 65m Ja
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