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  1. Just to make sure. I should have 21m right, because Alvaro Morata played 6 games for me on loan from Juventus? Also, Iker Muniain is the one that is leaving.
  2. http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/james-milner/profil/spieler/3333 At least get your data from reliable sources. Yes, but you argue that our signings are poor, when your track record of signings has been worse when you've spent 15 times as much money. Basically you haven't managed to disprove anything I say, other than attempt to argue that Milner has one less assist, which still makes Milner and Ings' record much preferable to Falcao and Di Maria's. See that may be the problem. Maybe you should think a bit more before you start your logorrhea.
  3. Nope, James Milner has 8 assists. And even if he didn't, that one assist doesn't even change my point and conclusion. Yes, I didn't calculate wages because it would look much much worse for you. If you include wages, it would look horrifically bad for you lot. So, so bad. Honestly, please read what you write. It's unbelievable you managed to get out of primary school.
  4. You think Emre Can is a small guy? Have you ever seen the guy? The guy is twice Lucas' size and Lucas was a fine DM for us until injury problems hit. If you think Coutinho's hyped, clearly you know nothing, because he was voted by his fellow players in the Premier League Team of the Year. Not fans, not pundits, but fellow players. Those that play against him week in week out clearly think he's a fantastic talent. And to say Liverpool have a lot in a midfield role truly shows you know absolutely nothing about football.
  5. A quiet start to the transfer window for Tom Pham's Real Madrid side, who he figures are strong enough to compete on all fronts already. So far six players have arrived, mostly youth, whilst four have headed towards the exit after failing to live up to expectations at the Santiago Bernabeu. All in all, Pham is hopeful on further strengthening the depth of his squad, targeting mainly younger stars with lots of potential. . Transfers IN Mario Gotze 40m Hugo Lloris 35m (17.5m) Jordon ibe 2.7m Victor Camarasa 2.5m Sergio Rico 2.2m Filipe Malcom 760,000 Transfers OUT Gareth Bale 65m James Rodriguez 50m Raphael Varane 30m Sami Khedira 13.6m (Release Clause)
  6. Ok, so for everyone interested in the Gareth Bale saga, here goes with all the interesting facts: I was away from 1pm to 5pm game time, was at the conservatorium with my mother at a classical music concert, so I was unavailable to answer any messages. During that time, Juventus submitted a bid of 65m for Bale, and Manchester City submitted a 75m bid. City then withdrew the offer, reasons unknowing to me, and bid 10m on Coentrao. I accepted the Juventus bid, as I am allowed to, not breaking any rules. Ben withdraws the bid on Coentrao and starts throwing a fit. Now, Ben started to question the legality of the deal, but soon after, he realised that neither Juventus nor I have done anything wrong in this matter. He was bitter and annoyed that he had withdrew his own chance of getting Bale. And then this is where the story gets really funny and interesting. Ben starts throwing his toys around the pram and starts accusing me and Jared, through both the wall post, and private messages, whilst maintaining that he is not looking for an argument (absurd, obviously). Some of the highlights of the private conversation with Ben (you guys can obviously see the public one - I hope Mikki enjoyed his popcorn) "Tom I get you pre agreed a deal and that's fine it's good you stick to your word but don't act like you wouldn't have just turned down my offer anyway." "I don't mind losing out on a player, I mind lying and that's why I'm annoyed at Jared." "Tom I don't see why you can't just be honest. That's it, that is my only issue. Why lie about something that everyone does (pre-arranged deals)." "The fact that Bale going to Juve isn't the issue of lying." Seriously Ben, this is starting to get extremely boring and tedious. You mentioned repeatedly you don't want to get into an argument, but continue in your verbose ways about how this deal is unfair. You withdrew your own bid, there's no one to blame but yourself. It's really rich to see you complain about lying, it's quite funny actually, you're an absolute comedy legend, you know that right? Also, I probably speak for a lot of people when I ask you not to speak down and condescend others. You have constantly treated others as if they're less intelligent than you and believe that they are not worthy of your intelligence. The constant talking down to others too. Not only is this highly arrogant of you, but it is also flat out wrong. Perhaps you are the most intelligent person on this forum or even the world, but I highly doubt so. You do not have any ethical or moral high horse to sit on and parade yourself around the forum and the game as if you're some authority, telling someone that your issue with them is their lying. Whether or not they lied to you is of no importance to the deal. Don't go around acting all self-important and disappointed in others. Quite frankly, I don't really care if you're disappointed in me. You lost out simply because of your own (stupid) actions, withdrawing a much higher bid that I would have been forced to accept had I wanted to sell Bale. So you placed yourself in a no-win situation by withdrawing the bid. And backhanded compliments to others are going to win you no friends and no favors around here. It is a shame because I used to respect you because I thought of you as intelligent and that you were one of the few United fans that could put together an argument that had logic in it. Whether or not I like Jared more than I like you doesn't matter, I would have abided by the rules had need be. What's truly hilarious is how predictable your reaction to something going against your ways is. Ridiculous. TL;DR: Ben withdraws Bale bid and loses out, starts throwing a fit. Drama follows.
  7. Wait, so this rule posted by Steve: "The Manager of the selling club always has the decision to sell BUT if he receives a higher bid for a player whilst bidding (This means a concrete bid and not a verbal PM Bid) is still commencing he must accept the higher bid." Is pretty much pointless right? Because once a bid is accepted, it cannot be cancelled?
  8. Also, a few more quick questions: Once a bid is agreed, neither team can cancel the bid, right? And does this apply for both release-clause players and non release-clause players? And also, if I have accepted a bid, should the fee be counted on credit? So if I have a sale agreed for 10m, does that mean that I now have 60m in my account, or does it only count once the transfer has gone through? Thanks
  9. Also, guys, do transfer budgets get transferred over to next season or not?
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