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  1. Re: Help With My Arsenal Would a 4-3-2-1 work? Cesar (GK) Capdevila (LB) Gallas (CB) Toure (CB) Sagna (RB) Mascherano (DM) Flamini (CM) Sneijder (CM) Forlan (F) Van Persie (F) Tamudo (CF)
  2. Im guessing 3 at the back, but after that idk what formation to play. I just sold Adebayor so ive got money to spend as well.
  3. Re: Need tactic help? - post your team here Well rating changes have just about decimated my midfield, both Vicente and Angulo were 92 when i bought them and now i lost 2 of my defenders through injury and ive got no idea what formation to play.
  4. Re: Match Reports On Your Favorite Team (OR MORE) Not In A Forumer Setup Manchester City The summer brought about a rapid change in tactics, style of play and players in the Man City camp. The new manager Sam Lakinski has put his foot down and brought in a host of new players, mainly to his midfield to boost their chance at winning the league title this season. Splashing out over £80million n only 6 players may seem a bit extravagant but the players he has brought in are of a star quality. Player Fee Club From Miguel ANGULO £8.5M
  5. Well i got relegated in my first season at Leicester but i wasnt concentrating on the team and didnt make any transfers, end of the season i had £35 mil so i went on at a lot of transfers, i mananged to get these. Pavel SRNICEK £25k Free Agent Frank ROST £5.0M Hamburger SV Rafael VAN DER VAART £15.0M Hamburger SV Antoine SIBIERSKI £4.0M & Louis DODDS Newcastle United Steven TAYLOR £8.0M Newcastle United
  6. Sammeh


    Been in the game quite a few months actually so i finnally registered here. Any questions shoot away ^^.
  7. Didn't find a thread for this Championship so i thought why not make one. xD I myself manage Leicester City, we had a very bad first season getting relegated from Division 2 in 18th spot. This season we are pushing for a Promotion back to Division 2 and to help us along we have spent £32 million on 4 players. Rafael Van Der Vaart and Frank Rost from Hamburg and Steven Taylor and Antoine Sibierski from Newcastle. Sunderland, West Brom and Birmingham got promoted from Division 2 into Division 1 with Leicster City, Crystal Palace and QPR getting relegated into Division 3. Aston Villa have had
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