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  1. Re: destroying teams there is a way of reporting his teams one by one but SM will only take any action, if they do take any at all, against his teams one by one. You can not beat this person, it is better that you leave the game world and save yourself the stress
  2. Re: It has become impossible to make transfers If only i'd realised, when I was reading every transfer rumour column and 'future youth star' article I could find so that I could buy them in game before anyone else, that I was being really mean and 'hogging' players and that this would be 'tackled' at a later stage, I might have realised what a waste of hundreds of hours of my time SM was. Oh, sorry, not a waste of time, think of all that lovely money I've generated for SM by viewing all those adverts. so glad that I've never paid for any SM product. Will be ensuring no1 I know will ever
  3. Re: Player Valuation in P/E Transfers Thanks SM. This is perfect for increasing the volume of casual visitors who only want to manage a Barca/Man Utd or Bayern and leave after 2 months, while ensuring that everyone who's spent the last 3 years+ carefully buying potential will no longer be able to pay for the 90+ players they've grown into. I'm out.
  4. Re: why so many World Championship ?? multi-accounts, multi-accounts and more multi-accounts probably
  5. Re: What in the 9 hells is this ?! It is like this every day, I really would recommend playing a different manager game. My story from this week...... Months ago, Casillas was at Dortmund, their only decent player (they had 2-3 old 92 players, then 89-90s with no great potential) The manager leaves, a new manager arrives and within the same day has completed a deal to sell Casillas to Milan for Chairman Value. I bid higher for him, Man Utd also had him shortlisted and bid more - I published a newspaper in game detailing it from my side and the Man Utd manager PM'd me to confirm he'd bid m
  6. Re: How to remover data packs? You have to load "SM default pack" Then you get back to original SM data.
  7. Re: Need help 4 season long cheating this is what the SMFA do. SM is full of cheats, I have 9 game worlds, only 2 are unaffected by multi-accounts and they are both english/scottish leagues with very few players. don't bother reporting it, you're wasting your time.
  8. Re: SMFA are a disgrace yes. they are. it is not more complicated. There is no solution. SM prefer to side with multi-accounters than with the people who try to help self-regulate the game. IDK why. That is how they act. Don't bother reporting it to them, you will get no response.
  9. Re: jload.js from pixel.adsafeprotected.com I got this message all weekend too Not had it yet this week, maybe it was a "fault" with one of the adverts
  10. Re: SMFA Block Because SM don't have a clue what to do about cheating! I'm annoyed an i haven't even paid money for this game
  11. Re: How to report chat abuse? open it as a mail and there's an option to report abusive messages that way but................nothing will happen. The best solution is to not have chat status "online"
  12. Re: Contact smfa as previous poster, you can't contact them. That is the genius of the thing.
  13. Re: Abusive Message .........nothing...........
  14. Re: "This bid has collapsed as the SMFA has blocked the deal." from my experience, SM don't automatically ban transfers between managers with the same IP address. It would take a previous investigation to bring about an SMFA ban. Have you made any earlier deals with your brother?
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