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  1. Where are Gulacsi, Halstenberg and Ilsanker rises???
  2. Are Prodl (88), Cillessen (89), Diarra (90) and Asamoah (90) all going to stay at their ratings?
  3. Thank you mate. I ve agreed these two deals: 1 i give Pogba + Sterling + 15 M and get Messi 2 i give Umtiti (or Bailly) + 28 M and get S. Ramos. What do you think? Can i accept both?
  4. Of course I will have to add 15 millions. I m buying Messi in this deal
  5. I ve ben asked Pogba + Sterling for Messi. Should I accept?
  6. What about S. Gnabry? Which increase will he get? +3 or +4?
  7. Another big mistake by SM. How the hell can N'Doram have the same rating as M. Sarr? Do these people watch football matches from time to time?
  8. Is it worth keeping Laporte? It seems difficult that he will move to a bigger team after renewing his contract this summer and I assume it's difficult to rise at Athletic. What do you think?
  9. I was ask one between my Verratti, Pogba or Vidal in exchange for Kimmich + Stones. Should I accept? If yes who of the 3 should I give?
  10. Does Someone know why players reviews has stopped?
  11. Who should I give between Pogba and Vidal for Kimmich + Stones?
  12. Thank you. Is it still worth signing Iniesta for 23 M? Especially considering I already have Vidal, Kroos, Verratti and Pogba in the same role?
  13. What about Vietto? Seems to ne starter for Sevilla now. Does he have any chance to get 89 for Christmas?
  14. I ve ben offered 45 M for Rakitic and I already have Kroos, Vidal, Pogba, Verratti in the same role. Should i accept? Plus i ve been asked to sell Marquinhos and S. Roberto. I would like to keep Roberto for his versatility but what about Marquinhos? Especially considering I also have Umtiti and Laporte?
  15. I am oriented towards Rakitic too but it's really hard to choose.
  16. Guys I really need your help. Due to salary and concerns I need to sell one midfielder among Pogba, Kroos, Vidal, Verratti and Rakitic, but I cannot decide who. Can you help me?
  17. Rakitic + Lahm (or Chiellini) or S.Ramos?
  18. Any chance for raphael guerreiro to rise after the Euro final?
  19. Good point. Also Funes Mori deserves a +1 rise.
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