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  1. Re: Goal Conceded by Goalkeepers Or you could just click on table and look at Goals Against...
  2. Re: Reserve List or Second Team Lol great idea. And i only have 21 players o_O
  3. Re: Hi All ^^ No-one else to manage xD
  4. Re: Hi All ^^ Lol yeah. It was only a Reading badge >_<
  5. Re: Hi All ^^ Yup i willz. Btw if i put an image in a post is that why the mod has to see it? >_>
  6. Well im quite new here, my mate left so i got his teams ^^. Any questions about me ask em xD.
  7. Re: The English Championship 246 http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/5346/readingqs2.jpg[/i] Jamie Carson has taken over the struggling Reading. Reading at the moment had seen a dip in form and are sitting 18th in the First Division. Jamie has already stuck his foot down in re-designing the team, he did not have a lot of choices as the squad are suffering from injuries, a lack of match fitness and one suspension. An £11 million offer was made for Chelsea striker, Andriy Shevchenko to try and boost their scoring capabilities but the offer was rejected. Surely Crespo and Shevchenko would have made a deadly combination. The intrest is still there and another offer in the furture could come. Also there has been a £5 million offer made for experienced Hamburg goalkeeper Frank Rost, Jamie obviously isnt happy with the goals conceeded and to reinforce that has made a £7 million offer for experienced Deportivo La Coruna and Spain defender John Capdevilla. This is quite obviously going to be the turn around for Reading.
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