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  1. hello fellow managers i'm having a problem with my tactics and formation and i'd just like some help from some experienced managers as to what formation the players I have would be best suited to. Thanking you in advance. GK - Julio Cesar 94 GK - Tim Krul 85 GK - Thomas Kraft 85 LB/LM - Correia Adriano 91 LB/LM - Pablo Armero 89 RB/RM - Dani Alves 95 RB/RM - Ignazio Abate 89 CB - Lucio Ferreira 94 CB - Neven Subotic 91 CB/LB - Holger Badstuber 90 CB - Mamadou Sakho 90 Def/DM - Jan Vertonghen 90 CM/AM - Cesc Fabregas 95 CM/DM - Daniele De Rossi 94 CM/DM - Yaya Toure 92 CM/LM - L
  2. Re: need serious tactical help yes, i beat lyon 4-2 in our league encounter and i played a 90 rated everton team in a friendly yesterday and also won 4-2
  3. Re: need serious tactical help thanks man! That helped me alot, i beat lyon 4-2 last night, you're a real life saver!
  4. Re: need serious tactical help thanks man, i'm gonna play against an 89 rated lyon team on wednesday and i really need to come up with something to make the play offs. I'm gonna test out these tactics against them. So i should also set the mentality to defensive for teams with the same rating as me, such as lyon? Oh yeah, this lyon team likes to play with their mentality on v.attacking
  5. hello everyone i've just been losing too many games this season no matter what formation I use, last season my team was unstoppable and I even managed to win some cups but this season i've strengthend my team but no matter what i JUST KEEP LOSING and even t teams much weaker than me. Could anyone pease give me sm tactical advise to use with my following squad any help would be greately appreciated. Goalkeepers Andrey Pyatov - 89 Defenders RB/RM Lorenzo De Silvestri - 88 RB/LB Jorge Fucile
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