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  1. i'd like to know who to sell and who to keep in a reasonable competitive world SELL KEEP DONT KNOW Defenders RUÍZ, Salva KOCH, Julian VRSALJKO, Šime FOULQUIER, Dimitri DA COSTA, Danny DE VRIJ, Stefan RAMALHO, Jonás MARTÍNEZ, Iñigo GOUWELEEUW, Jeffrey KAYA, Semih PEYBERNES, Mathieu OKORE, Jores KNOCHE, Robin CURTI, Nicolò Midfielders DIOMANDÉ, Ismaël TRYBULL, Tom SABORIT, Enric BERNAT, Juan CARRASCO, Bryan VADILLO, Álvaro CLASIE, Jordy RAFINHA, Alcántara - TAIDER, Saphir PRAET, Dennis DEMIRCI, Muhammed PARDO, Rubén BARKLEY, Ross RUIZ DE GALARRETA, Iñigo CROUX, Jordy SELNAES, Ole KOVACIC, Mateo VILHENA, Tonny INSIGNE, Lorenzo TASSI, Lorenzo KLAASSEN, Davy SERRANO, Álex MELGAREJO, Lorenzo DE BRUYNE, Kevin EL GHANASSY, Yassine NAJAR, Andy CARRUTHERS, Samir NARSINGH, Luciano CHANTURIA, Giorgi ATSU, Christian DEULOFEU, Gerard LUQUE, Carlos OCAMPOS, Lucas JESÉ, Rodríguez IBE, Jordan VALENCIA, Joel RODRIGO, Moreno NIANG, M'baye NANGIS, Lenny MARKOVIC, Lazar POHJANPALO, Joel LUMU, Jeroen
  2. ozwell


    Re: usa They are reviewing it shortly, it has been announced.
  3. Re: Eduardo Vargas Thank you for your reply (repped for it). Do you know what happened to him? As he has ended up with a decent rating and never kicked on? Is it a case a time to adapt or s he just not that good?
  4. Re: Eduardo Vargas Does anyone think he has a chance of playing?
  5. Eduardo Vargas is he woth keeping? I know he has not played recently but with Lavezzi leaving, do people think he can step up? As he must of got his 87 rating based on something.
  6. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings II - End of Season Ratings Up! - by BRNL||- Does Chanturia have a bright future? what is your opinion of him?
  7. Re: Brek Shea : The Next American Superstar Any updates on Shea as I see he is still in MLS? Will he move in the future and is he worth holding on to?
  8. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings II - End of Season Ratings Up! - by BRNL||- What do you guys think about some of these indviduals? Do they have a bright future and will any move clubs over the summer? KLAASSEN, Davy BURNET, Lorenzo BERGHUIS, Steven CLASIE, Jordy VILHENA, Tonny FOOR, Navarone DEPAY, Memphis SCHMIDT, Doke PROPPER, Davy WILDSCHUT, Yanic Also what will CHANTURIA will he still be at vitesse next year?
  9. Re: Whats your opinion? Interesting, i ve seen him in euros and he looks good just like pilar. But not being a follower of the bundesliga its hard to know what they are really like. Thanks for the input. Would you keep Julian Koch or not?
  10. Re: Whats your opinion? Thank you very much for an excellent reply. Do you know much about Julian Koch I have struggled to find any opinions on him?
  11. Which of these youth shoild be kept or sold? KOCH, Julian PERISIC, Ivan UNNERSTALL, Lars TORE, Gökhan DJURICIN, Marco KNOCHE, Robin PILAŘ, Václav
  12. Re: NAJAR, one of the best players in MLS. Rated...? 78 Any updates on Najar? How is he doing and is there a chance of him switching to a better league?
  13. Re: German Bundesliga - 2012 Ratings What is the future potential of these players? Any of them have a chance of 90+ over the next few years CAN, Emre KOCH, Julian PERISIC, Ivan UNNERSTALL, Lars TORE, Gökhan DJURICIN, Marco KNOCHE, Robin PILAŘ, Václav
  14. Re: The Golden Hertha Berlin Jewel - Marco Djuricin Any update on this guy?
  15. ozwell


    Would it be worth trading sanchez for micah richards and sigthorsson (ajax) plus 5 million? It seems a decent offer, what people opinions?
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