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  1. Re: is this a good squad for the future??? dortmund Depends on the formation you play ofc but I would get rid of Dzeko or Cavani because Rossi can play up top and then get two/three midfielders such as Rodriguez, Lucas, Douglas, Ljajic or Muniain. Maybe another back up CB maybe; Jones, Smalling, Musacchio, Toloi or Varane. And as has already been mentioned, get rid of Buffon, get one of Courtois, De Gea (if you can afford him), Koval, Szczesny or Delac. Obviously all this depends on the money you have available But in answer to your question, yes a very good squad for the future, just a little bit thin IMO
  2. Re: Best deal you ve ever had I signed Pique for Walter Samuel + £6 million a few years back, Pique was rated 90 at the time and Samuel was rated 92 I believe, but look at Pique now I also managed to sign Pato for Adebayor + £5 million in the same game world
  3. Re: Squad help!! I realised after I had posted my bad
  4. Re: Squad help!! I am going to (or try to) replace Adebayor with another fairly high rated forward, probably a 90 rated who is under 25. And with the Jovetic situation, I have seen him play and rate him highly, but I've got Pastore, Gotze, Muniain and Pato all who can play in the same role and might get just as good as him, if not better. Plus Jovetic is unhappy due to lack of games (level 3 concern), which makes no sense as he played in 28 of the 38 games in the last season and 24 in the season before I may hold on to him for now though and see what happens after the rating changes
  5. Re: Squad help!! I have a reputation of 192, wouldn't say that is new to the game, I've just never been on the forums before hence the new signing thing and I'm really unsure of who to sell so thought I'd ask some fellow SM players
  6. Re: Squad help!! Thank you people I think I will sell Adebayor, Jovetic, Araujo, Millan and Koval. Will boost my funds comfortably hopefully thanks for the comments bout the squad too, took me a LONG time to build
  7. My squad is too big and I need to sell some players, but I'm not sure who HELP!! Joe Hart 24/91 David De Gea 20/89 Maxym Koval 18/85 Thibaut Courtois 19/83 Da Silva Fabio 21/86 Nicolai Boilesen 19/77 Phillip Lahm 27/94 Darijo Srna 29/91 Da Silva Rafael 21/89 Martin Montoya 20/85 Gerard Pique 24/95 Vincent Kompany 25/92 Mats Hummels 22/91 Neven Subotic 22/91 Phil Jones 19/87 Chris Smalling 21/87 Raphael Varane 18/85 Gareth Bale 21/90 Nigel De Jong 26/92 Joel Matip 19/86 Bastian Schweinsteiger 26/94 Jack Wilshere 19/89 Marek Hamsik 23/91 Stevan Jovetic 21/90 Javier Pastore 22/90 Mario Gotze 19/89 Christian Eriksen 19/87 Jano Ananidze 18/86 Ravel Morrison 18/75 Phillipe Coutinho 19/86 Nicolas Millan 19/74 Angel Di Maria 23/92 Iker Muniain 18/88 Alexandre Pato 21/92 Sergio Araujo 19/77 Wellington Silva 18/75 Emmanuel Adebayor 27/91 Javier Hernandez 23/90 Romelu Lukaku 18/88 Luc Casnos 18/85 As you can see my squad is huge and I'm getting into debt WHO SHOULD I SELL??
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