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  1. i have a barcelona squad ratings lvl 95 and arsenal had 91 i played 4-3-3 wingers he played normal 4-4-2 i lost 2-0 i keep having bad results and im finding it really anoying because its not realistic at all the real barcelona dont loose lots of matches to weaker teams lol and on my other team i lost 0-5 my ratings 93 other teams 93 im top of the league but as soon as i won a cup my forms dropped and i lost every game since im well confused are these results completely random? does sm randomise the whole season before its started? i have played for 3years and on my roma team been runner up once in the league and won 4cups the team below me has a rating of 88!!!! how can a team of ratings 88 beat 93 :S im just getting really fed up now and thought id make a thread and can anyone answer my qwestions :'(
  2. Re: Nani or David Silva David silva his a great player and plays for a better club and better national team
  3. Re: Fernando Torres he has to drop - 35 apps 5goals 6assists
  4. Re: van persie MARIO GOMEZ Bayern Munich 2009–10 (apps-45) (goals-14) 2010–11 (apps-45) (goals-39) 2011–12 (apps-24) (goals-24) Total (apps-113)(goals76) Van Persie Arsenal 2009–10 (apps-20)(goals-10) 2010–11 (apps-33)(goals-22) 2011–12 (apps-21)(goals-19) Total (apps-74)(goals-51) so i think that proves gomez is more consistent and less injury prone and is more worthy of 94 and if sm did rise van persie it would make no sence at all gomez has played more and scored more goals , i am a aston villa fan so i do not support bayern just to make it clear and i dont even have mario gomez on any of my sm teams
  5. Re: van persie It would be nice for him to rise but he can't get 94 if mario gomez did not gomez is at a bigger club scored more goals for club and country and has a better chance in the champions league so I'd be kind of confused if he did rise :S
  6. Re: Thiago Silva for Pedro + Andreu Fontas cheers guys
  7. i have pedro and fontas and the manager of milan who has thiago silva has offered him for pedro and fontas im thinking of doing it because thiago has just gone 94 and not long been 27 what do you guys think i have a new barcelona squad so i have pique and puyol at the back but im just worried puyol might loose his rating soon and pedro is not getting alot of gametime at the moment and im not sure on fontas i have not seen him play.
  8. Re: David Silva Should rise great player and might get 95 at the end of the season to
  9. Re: Villa for Rooney Rooney his uniteds best player and only player apart from nani
  10. Re: ROMEU, Oriol or tom cleverley I found this on romeu Andre Villas-Boas has revealed Oriol Romeu will be staying at Chelsea for years to come after making a huge impact. Romeu, who joined from Barcelona for £4.35million in the summer, is set to start his fifth consecutive game in the holding midfield position against Manchester City tonight. The 20-year-old had a buy-back clause inserted in his contract when he left Spain. Barcelona can re-sign him for £9.5m next summer or £13m the following year. But Villas-Boas insists it is up to Chelsea where his future lies and believes he has made as big an impact as star player Juan Mata this season. The Chelsea manager is adamant Romeu's long-term future is at Stamford Bridge whether Barcelona want him back or not. He said: "The option states that Barcelona can only buy back if Chelsea agree to sell. There's always time needed for you to adapt to the Premier League, but Oriol and Juan Mata have adapted pretty well to Premier League."
  11. Re: Pedro will rise? stay? drop? he will stay this rating change but may drop the one after because sanchez is getting favored over him
  12. Re: Euro 2012 - Who will win it? i picked spain there squad has so much talent and they can probley win with there b team lol and id say germany second but germany have a really hard group so that will make them better or worse id love to see the final as ENGLAND V SPAIN ENGLAND V GERMANY SPAIN V GERMANY
  13. Re: terry for kompany? Thanks gents
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