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  1. For all of you that took notice in my polls and other things. Im back in the game.. Thank you Sm.. I love your game.. And i wont make the same mistake twice..
  2. Do you think ill get my teams back?
  3. Hi Bobo Thanks you 4 trusting me.. I know it looks suspicious.. I problaly should have seen it coming. My brother used one of mine email adresses ( Shaktar) alexbech1@hotmail.com. Was the transfers so unrealistic? I exchanged 1 talent and one mediocher player plus a small amount for each player. My brother wanted to start by buing talents, dont ask why, and some players of lesser quantity for Shaktar, and I could use some of his players. He didnt take teh game so seriusly as me. I learnt from this mistake. and there is not one thing i wouldnt do to get back in the game!
  4. Hmm... I was exchanging Kris Boyd of rangers(my team) 22 y- 88 ovrl. valued 6.4 - for Shaktar Blumer Elano 24 y- 90 ovrl. valued 7.2 + 2.1 million... ? Whats suspicious about that?
  5. Yeah a good player already.. How about Niclas Bendtnèr?
  6. Yeah.. He is a great player , and I think he will peak and be a starter 4 Argentina within a couple of years..
  7. Hmm .. Maybe You have a point.. But still i believe He is a top Am/F.. Seen a few full matches with him.. And he always plays 100%, and that is what i admire him 4
  8. Crap.. All my transfers failed... ! Ohh mann... And my brother has been excluded as well, I was just exchanging players with him...
  9. Dk Kasper Lorentzen of Brønby.. Has been an eccential part of the first squad throughout the whole season. Ran into a nasty injury, but hes is hopely ready to kick off 4 the danish U-21, and by the way.. The danish u 21 squad is loaded with talent. His rating should go up even more over the summer...
  10. Thank You m8... Is it support@soccermanager.com?
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