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  1. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) I saw the game of Dortmund against Olympiakos It's the first time that i saw Dortmund playing, very disappointing a mediocre team with young smooth-coldblooded-without passion young children It was obvious that it is a team that have been worked hard(tactically, fitness) - organized maybe was the lack of experience Gotze, a talented player (could dribble, rare for a German) but played like just a player, i mean didn't have the attitude of a leader or a player that could change the game with his personality or an action Kgawa very soft Nubotic (from what i saw it's a shame he is 91) Perisic was not bad Shmerzel not bad but nothing special very disappointing
  2. Re: Greek Championship! ask me anything he is a starter and a much-promised player for the team but i can't know for +2, honestly maybe +1 Not enough games for a plus 2 i guess
  3. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II) What about Nagatomo? (I think +1)
  4. Re: Greek Championship! ask me anything He has played only 130m in 4 games so.. but he is a good youngster and deserves our attention
  5. Re: Greek Championship! ask me anything Scocco is simply a great player, i enjoyed watching him (most of the times) if he hadn't move we wouldn't even discuss about dropping BUT i don't know Al Ain's cap so..
  6. Re: Riferimento: Greek Championship! ask me anything I would say Athanasiadis, is a starter at a bigger team and also plays (bench) for the NT
  7. Re: Greek Championship! ask me anything He is not a starter but whenever he plays he scores. I think he might get a -1
  8. Re: Greek Championship! ask me anything I dont know what will happen:D, but i can guess Torosidis is the best greek player at the moment, the captain of Olympiakos and one of the most important players of greek NT, he got injured and will miss for 10-15 days, he will probably stay 89 because that's the limit of greek super league Karagounis is 34 years old, don't play as a starter for panathinaikos, plays for the national team, i think if he deserves a -1
  9. Re: Greek Championship! ask me anything Leto is one of the best players in greek super league and the best of panathinaikos. My opinion, he deserve 89 and SM would be unfair if he don't get a +2
  10. Re: Greek Championship! ask me anything Only 4-5 games have the teams played so far so.. For me a must buy is Zeca of panathinaikos only 78 rated while others starters have 86-87, but dont expect something special at these changes, he has played only 3 games other players are that deserves(?) our attention are Abdul OSMAN, Kerkyra 24years old 74 SM rated 350/470 minutes Giannis SKONDRAS, Atromitos 21years old 76 SM rated 476/476 minutes (just called from F.Santos(national greek team coach) for the important game against Georgia) Athanasios Karagounis, Atromitos 20years old 75 SM rated 386/476 Dimitris Kourbelis, Asteras Tripolhs 17years old 75 SM rated 377/377
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