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  1. Re: Chemistry + Form Chemistry = NO THANKS My team is the extremely diverse with a bunch of players from different teams. The weaker team thing i understand but football is unpredictable at times. I lost to a unmanaged 87 rated team but beat a full real madrid team 5 - 0, things Happen get used to it.
  2. Re: Izzy Legends Player Sigs Im Sorry guys but the amount of coursework ive received this month is over whelming and i cannot continue.
  3. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Torres is fantastic in this game.
  4. Re: Best keeper ever? massimo taibi
  5. Re: Young Star Players to buy 2012 zidane maradona rooney ronaldo wait wut? anyways jokes aside casemiro lamela pinheiro kleber
  6. Re: Respuesta: Re: Should Lionel Messi be rated 99?
  7. Re: David Silva i have to play 3 at the back if luiz gets injured. I have kolarov but he has a slipped disk -.-
  8. Re: David Silva Please respond.
  9. Re: Top 25 Goalkeepers question ali al habsi. underrated gem in my opinion only thing keeping wigan breathing.
  10. Re: New a Young Striker Get the ones in bold. Andy carrol is a huge piece of extremely bad smelling poop
  11. Re: Pjanic or Witsel or Turan or Jovetic Turan is brilliant. Top attacking midfielder and can play as a winger.
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