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  1. Good point Redsky, the tables explain what's going on Ligue 1. In february I really thought that PSG and Monaco were going to make good games at UCL and make a possible rising of the ratings in the league displacing the Italian Serie A. So this clearly won't going to happen. Juventus reached the final and saved the Calcio.
  2. I was just reading all the posts on this topic from 2015, since 208 page I guess. The predictions of the rising of ratings we're pretty good, but sometimes you forget to alert what players are going to down. Maybe I can get this thing because I really like this league I've becoming a France Foot expert lol Also, asking, is there a topic for Ligue 2? I guess the newcomers for the 2015-16 season are going to give a dozen of good young players to bigger clubs .
  3. Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Ratings Thread Will Ligue 1 players receive more attention by the possibility of Monaco and PSG advancing to semifinals on Champions League? and anyone believe that French league could reach at least the 4th place on Uefa Ranking on a couple of years?
  4. Re: To SW Adm / Player position change Hi everyone. I've been dedicating to Soccerwiki, instead of being on forum. However now I see that I should have discussed with people here. I'm very annoyed with incoherent changes that has been added to the game on the last weeks, and I hope we can bring effective criteria to position changes, keeping SM an enjoyable good game. Many gamers would being frustrated with unsuspecting changes in real position of players. I've just lost a match today with the removal of the LWB/LM position of Jeremy Mathieu that was playing on midfield in one of my teams. I know he's having a lack of games in Barcelona, and almost always playing as central left defender, but he's not a full left back. Always played on midfield, even for France National, and it's irresponsible voting up this withdraw of position, when there's still not a full season that he haven't been playing on midfield. This guy just don't play as midfielder on Barcelona, because you know they need defenders, and the squad is full of midfielders. It doesn't mean Luis Enrique couldn't use him on MF in a 3-4-3 as Adriano played many times at Guardiola times. I wish things turn a better way, and editors have more sense and a defined criteria to these strange SW changes.
  5. Re: Hello Everyone welcome Jeff I'm back again
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