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  1. Hi,I was wondering if anyone could help,I've been playing SM for nearly 10 years but I haven't reall got involved to much with forum or with SW since it was introduced but I want to get more involved with SW but I am only Level 2 and it doesn't seem to be budging, can anyone explain to me how to get my level up please?
  2. thankyou very much for the permission! But I think you'll find I'm struggling with nothing other than why SM choose to fix something that ain't broke.
  3. I think you'll find that if a player "might not play his best" is hardly likely to mean I think he is going to get a 9 rating,how about you stop being a pedantic little troll and step away from your screen and go learn something about real football,even a plank of wood if placed in the right spot could still put a ball over a line so of course someone out of position could still score or assist. Fact is we are all here to make our feelings clear to SM on the way the game has been changed,you don't like that tough! It strikes me one of the comments you got earlier was spot on about how you are trying to stop a successful formation in it's tracks,what's the matter did you lose your rattle after losing to it once too often? People like you are probably the reason SM have made this mistake,because they hear the ones that shout the loudest on here instead of those of us who normally just get on with playing the game,you have your opinion you have made it now kindly shut up and let others make there opinions known without your petulant troll like behaviour!
  4. if the formation was rigid then yes but that is the point I have been trying to make,why should it be rigid,you look on playing AMs as a loophole, you don't have loopholes to formations or rigid formations in real life just like a player who is forced to play out of position might not play at their best but that doesn't mean they can't score and as SM tries to be true to real life so why should there be loopholes? One of the good things about SM is that the formations were fluid just like in real life, if you want rigid pick a,b or c type of game then fine but the reason most of us are on SM is it's not like that! Fact is I am here to make suggestions to the developers for the good of a game I love and have played for years not for a debate, you have your thoughts I have mine,but as a member for over 8years I am as entitled to my opinion as you are. My opinion is that the change is to the detriment of the game,managers are already leaving and more like myself will too if it is not sorted out,what sense is it that a player could play in a formation and position for 10 years and then suddenly no longer be able to!
  5. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and take it you are misunderstanding what I am saying, I know exactly what can and can't be done,I have coached football in real life,a 3 man defence does not have to consist of 3 CBs you can play with a LB,RB and a CB if you wish,this game is supposed to be based on real life so why shouldn't it be possible? Anyway as I said to your friend,I didn't come here to argue I came to make suggestions to help the game,if you don't like what I have to say tough,just butt out of my posts and I will stay out of yours!
  6. I think you'll find I already have been posting there. And if you actually look,I was making suggestions for the sake of SM, you two are the ones who have came in like know it alls, who are you to suggest how a formation is set out? Did I miss Sepp Blatter handing his torch over? I have played SM for 8 years and care about the game,I am not here to be ganged up on by a couple of keyboard gangsters who probably know nothing about real football beyond stats and figures. We'll just have to agree to disagree,but in future please do not butt in to my posts.
  7. you miss the point completely, I want to play AMs in midfield not forwards,I think you'll find that was the point this thread appeared to be making at the start,if players were given the right positions in first place then you wouldn't be able to play so many forwards,we simply want to be able to play more attacking MIDFIELDERS in midfield not forwards or players that play more defensively. But more to point it is about the way that this has been changed and now players that could play there can't,I'm sure you wouldn't be so pleased if it was done the other way round and it was changed so all the mids in your formation had to be AMs? More to point as some of us are trying to point out,this could be argued back and forward for years, if SM simply introduced an attacking version of the formation then everyone would be happy,unless you really are trying to stop it in it's tracks.
  8. I think you should read what I wrote again my friend, I do know what the game is,I have been playing for 8 years, currently have 34 teams and have won every competition at least once. Real life based means it should be based as much on real life as possible and if a manager chooses to play AMs in midfield instead of more defensive ones then he or she should be able to.
  9. Why shouldn't I as a manager be able to play 4 AMs and one DM in a 352 formation if I want to? It seems that there are some on here that are taking a tunnel vision view to the formations, fine if you want to play a 352 with flat midfielders then you should be able to,but at the same time those of us that want to play our style of formation should be allowed to as well,SM should be looking to make the game the best it can be for all,not just a minority that shout the loudest. The fact is if they introduced an attacking version of these formations (in particular 352) it would solve the arguments, however I do agree that there should be some kind of rule as to how many games played in a position before it can be changed.
  10. That is my point, just because you choose to play 3 @ the back doesn't mean they have to be CBs it is possible to play one CB and two fullbacks instead. And how is playing AMs abuse of 352? It's merely playing an attacking version of the formation,something many of us have done for years and now we are expected to just change it all overnight! There are different versions of formations, if they just bring in a 352 attack it could solve this problem. As for fullbacks in midfield, if I wanted defensive players in that position I wouldn't have had AMs there would I. I notice you didn't pick fault in what I said about the economic changes.
  11. There are lots of people complaining about the new interface but to be honest it does look good,the problem is it seems to have been rushed and there are lots of problems,but that can be got over,what can't be is the way the economics of the game suddenly make managing small teams to success impossible due to high transfer values and wages and also the formation changes,you can't just decide that all of a sudden a 3 man defense has to consist only of CBs and that attacking midfielders can no longer play on wings when managers like myself have spent years building teams around these formations,it's not fair, the interface can be worked on but these two issues can't,they are changes that are fundamentally changing the game. I have spent way more hours on the game than I care to admit and it has even helped in dark times like the deaths of my parents but right now I am seriously considering not renewing membership in a month or so when it runs out,we love this game,please just accept you made a mistake this time and change it back before it's too late!
  12. Re: Jose Luis Hernandez/Marvin Loria I would say no,from checking full name of Loria on transfermarkt there don't seem to be any middle names that tie in with the other name as sometimes happens in the game plus from looking up pictures it appears they are 2 separate players, more likely that the one you are looking for hasn't been added yet. hope this helps
  13. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread How good can Jonny of Celta be?
  14. Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Ratings Thread How good is Fortuna Wallace?
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