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  1. I have never been into superhero games, and when this was initially released, i was not interested in getting it. However, this week, the game has gone free. Yes...free. It was originally £50 to buy, and £15 per month to play, but due to low player numbers, they decided to let it go for free, although there are some limitations. These are NOT game breakers though, and are generally in terms of baggage space, auction house slots, etc etc. You can download it for free off the PSN store, or the PC website. It is actually a really good game, and i have been playing it pretty much everyday, a
  2. Re: Which game are you looking forward to the most? Skyrim, hands down. Until next yr and Diablo...woah...thats gonna be the end of me ^^ ~M~
  3. Re: Dark Souls PS3/XBOX I got this on PS3, and it has to be one of the most engrossing games i have ever played on the console. IT is a really good game, and a harsh learning experience, for those with little or no patience. The key to succeeding, is to learn...LEARN from your mistakes, and deaths. I have completed the game, and play for PVP hunting now, so if you want any tips on how to get by, let me know. I am playing NG++ now..and omg...its insane ^^ ~M~
  4. Re: FORUM CHAMPIONS OF CHAMPIONS - Discussion Thread Having read Elohim's response, i have to agree with him. Cheating in any capacity is unacceptable. In public access GW's its difficult to control this. however, in a GW which is invite only, surely, such players should be shunned and kicked out immediately. I am sorry to the others in this set-up, but i will also be quitting Lazio. I refuse to play in a GW which has a cheat in it. As a gaming community, we must govern ourselves, and show these immoral players that we have no interest in playing with them, or ignoring their actions. I
  5. Re: FORUM CHAMPIONS OF CHAMPIONS - Discussion Thread really annoyed with the PSG manager. I would have wanted PSG as my team, but it was taken. now that i have made bids for players on Valencia, there is no point switching, till the transfers are done. Why join and quit in one day ? ~M~
  6. Re: £250 Million starting Budget/ NEW GAME Valencia please
  7. Re: NEW Forum Super Championship - Discussion Strengthened Man Utd, with 2 astute signings. Mabwuti is on the Barca raidar, so should bode well. Hoban, is on the Arsenal raidar. Hope to turn the poor start around ! ~M~
  8. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Hi guys, add me on the PSN network. Would ove to join any setups involving forumers, or even just a nice kickabout PSN id = Messsiah ( PLEASE NOTE THE 3 S's !!!! ) ~M~
  9. Re: Tell me what you want... count me in, sounds fun ~M~
  10. Re: Champion Of Champions! (Sign Up Here!) I'll take Napoli. however......if Barnabyd is willing..i would love to take Liverpool ^^ Please Barny !!!!!!! ~M~
  11. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread holy ****...i woudl do ANYTHING to manage LFC ~M~
  12. Re: NEW Forum Super Championship - Discussion sorry i been away for a week or so on holiday. am back now, so hoping to get back into the swing of things ~M~
  13. Re: NEW Forum Super Championship - Discussion well my youth team, got whopped by barca's first team...we couldn't handle messi i wont play any first teamers in friendlies, sorry :/ in any event, Man Utd have done most of the business they wanted to. Major signings in - Lloris - 92 rated keeper. i don't think de gea is going to be that good, and in any event, Lloris should keep his high rating for several years yet. Eto'o - 96 rated striker. His rating will drop, but the Russian league ratings have just been done, so he won't drop for a while. And even when he drops, he will still r
  14. Re: NEW Forum Super Championship - Discussion Despite having potentially, one of the strongest starting line ups in this league, Man Utd, are not interested in winning short term. The Messiyah is going to try and build the foundations for a decade of dominance. This may upset some fans, but ultimately, the squad is clearly ageing. Yes, they will do wonders for the next few seasons. But it is a long term goal The Messiyah is interested in. Willing to trade my higher rated players, for lower rated players, who are younger. High risk strategy...lol ~M~
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