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  1. I have never been into superhero games, and when this was initially released, i was not interested in getting it. However, this week, the game has gone free. Yes...free. It was originally £50 to buy, and £15 per month to play, but due to low player numbers, they decided to let it go for free, although there are some limitations. These are NOT game breakers though, and are generally in terms of baggage space, auction house slots, etc etc. You can download it for free off the PSN store, or the PC website. It is actually a really good game, and i have been playing it pretty much everyday, and recommend it to anyone out there. If you want to meet me in game, my PSN id is - Messsiah, and so is my ingame chr name, who is on the VILLAIN side ^^ ~M~
  2. Re: Which game are you looking forward to the most? Skyrim, hands down. Until next yr and Diablo...woah...thats gonna be the end of me ^^ ~M~
  3. Re: Dark Souls PS3/XBOX I got this on PS3, and it has to be one of the most engrossing games i have ever played on the console. IT is a really good game, and a harsh learning experience, for those with little or no patience. The key to succeeding, is to learn...LEARN from your mistakes, and deaths. I have completed the game, and play for PVP hunting now, so if you want any tips on how to get by, let me know. I am playing NG++ now..and omg...its insane ^^ ~M~
  4. Re: FORUM CHAMPIONS OF CHAMPIONS - Discussion Thread Having read Elohim's response, i have to agree with him. Cheating in any capacity is unacceptable. In public access GW's its difficult to control this. however, in a GW which is invite only, surely, such players should be shunned and kicked out immediately. I am sorry to the others in this set-up, but i will also be quitting Lazio. I refuse to play in a GW which has a cheat in it. As a gaming community, we must govern ourselves, and show these immoral players that we have no interest in playing with them, or ignoring their actions. It takes one person to stay silent, in the face of evil, for evil to flourish. Martin Luther King Bravo Elohim ~M~
  5. Re: FORUM CHAMPIONS OF CHAMPIONS - Discussion Thread really annoyed with the PSG manager. I would have wanted PSG as my team, but it was taken. now that i have made bids for players on Valencia, there is no point switching, till the transfers are done. Why join and quit in one day ? ~M~
  6. Re: £250 Million starting Budget/ NEW GAME Valencia please
  7. Re: NEW Forum Super Championship - Discussion Strengthened Man Utd, with 2 astute signings. Mabwuti is on the Barca raidar, so should bode well. Hoban, is on the Arsenal raidar. Hope to turn the poor start around ! ~M~
  8. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Hi guys, add me on the PSN network. Would ove to join any setups involving forumers, or even just a nice kickabout PSN id = Messsiah ( PLEASE NOTE THE 3 S's !!!! ) ~M~
  9. Re: Tell me what you want... count me in, sounds fun ~M~
  10. Re: Champion Of Champions! (Sign Up Here!) I'll take Napoli. however......if Barnabyd is willing..i would love to take Liverpool ^^ Please Barny !!!!!!! ~M~
  11. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread holy ****...i woudl do ANYTHING to manage LFC ~M~
  12. Re: NEW Forum Super Championship - Discussion sorry i been away for a week or so on holiday. am back now, so hoping to get back into the swing of things ~M~
  13. Re: NEW Forum Super Championship - Discussion well my youth team, got whopped by barca's first team...we couldn't handle messi i wont play any first teamers in friendlies, sorry :/ in any event, Man Utd have done most of the business they wanted to. Major signings in - Lloris - 92 rated keeper. i don't think de gea is going to be that good, and in any event, Lloris should keep his high rating for several years yet. Eto'o - 96 rated striker. His rating will drop, but the Russian league ratings have just been done, so he won't drop for a while. And even when he drops, he will still remain around 94, which is amazing for me. Suarez - 91 rated AM/Striker. I believe, this guy will be the best player in the premiership pretty soon. Yes i mean that. Even with Aguero, Rooney, Silva etc. I have watched him since his Ajax days, this guy is a superb talent, and once he starts to get the service, you will see his rating rocket. Jovetic - 90 rated AM. Before his injury last year, he was the hottest property in terms of youth football. Man Utd, Chelsea, Barca, Real...everyone wanted him. Got an injury, but having watched pre-season, he looks like he is back to his best. Will defo rise bigtime. my starting 11 looks like this : ------lloris------ rafael---vidic---ferdinand---evra young----fletcher---nani -----rooney---- eto'o---suarez ======================== Big players who have gone : Hernandez - great player, but will again be a rotational victim, and i am still nto convinced that Ferguson will play him as his main striker. i believe he will go into the market to find a STRONG 'header' striker. Fergi doesn't play 2 little men up front. Man UTd's strength is their wingers, and that means a striker who will knock in headers. Got Suarez in for him. De Gea - unconvincing start in a position where confidence is everything. Got Lloris in. Anderson - Not going to start many games. Not the player he used to be, before he joined United. Got Eto'o instead. Valencia - Never going to reach the high 90's. Is at his peak, but again, not going to get alot of games with Young and Nani there. Got Jovetic instead. ================ Youth/Future for United. I am one of the sad people who watched most of the FIFA under 20 world cup. I made lists of the best players, and have managed to pick up most. Here are the main players i believe will be future superstars : Jovetic, Smalling, Jones, Young, Mussachio, Rodwell, Gaspar, Gamiero = all players we have all heard of, and all probably wanted at some point. Will probably be major players in the near future. Now for the fun...lol...The top 4 players by all critics, media and offical Fifa ratings from the under 20 world cup were : 1 - Oscar - scored hatrick in final. linked to barca and milan 2 - Danilo Perriera - best DM easily. linked to man utd, arsenal, liverpool 3 - Iturbe - the new messi ? linked to man utd, inter, real 4 - Luque - the fastest player on show, linked to man city, real, juventus Man utd got all of them add Barkley, Munian, Strootman, Sanogo, Isco, Labyad, Niang, PArades, Niang...and i think man utd have a secure future. Let the fun begin ~M~
  14. Re: NEW Forum Super Championship - Discussion Despite having potentially, one of the strongest starting line ups in this league, Man Utd, are not interested in winning short term. The Messiyah is going to try and build the foundations for a decade of dominance. This may upset some fans, but ultimately, the squad is clearly ageing. Yes, they will do wonders for the next few seasons. But it is a long term goal The Messiyah is interested in. Willing to trade my higher rated players, for lower rated players, who are younger. High risk strategy...lol ~M~
  15. Re: Forum Super Championship - Discussion Thread Manchester United are looking to move out the older players, and blood some younger talents. EVERY player on the books in available, EXCEPT Wayne Rooney. Sensible offers please. Thanks ~M~
  16. Re: Forum Super Championship - Discussion Thread i'd like to try man utd can i get the details ? ~M~
  17. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread My youth team beat the Wolfsburg youth team. on a side note....the SMFA have reversed my deal with juventus. i got fellaini back, and they got vidal back. i am so ****** at this.... ~M~
  18. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread Everton cant stop winning !! Despite having the weakest average rating and the lowest total value in the division, the club remain unbeaten. This time dismantling a talented Roma side. The stas showed that Everton BOMBARDED Roma's goal !! 33% 67% Total Shots 11 46 Shots On Target 11 24 Corners 3 3 Yellow Cards 0 3 Red Cards 0 0 yes...46 SHOTs !!! Everton ran out 3:1 winners, with Arsenal target Moa, bagging another goal, and WEst Broms shane Long also on the scoresheet. NB - My other team in EC8000 ( the other forum filled WC ), is now top of Division 1 ( Wigan ) and also unbeaten ! Wigan and EVerton are both the lowest average rate in their respective divisions, and also the lowest collective value teams....yet, they are playing out of their skin !!! HAPPY DAYS !!!!!! ~M~ PS - This is so unexpected for me, i am allowed to gloat !! plzzz !!!!
  19. Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread Wigan were 2:1 behind to West Bromwich Albion at half time, and had Midfield hardman Matteo Musachio beign sent off at 44 minutes. A severe talking to from The MEssiyah, and a change of tactics, resulted in a phenomenal fightback, with Funes Mori, continuin his stunning form, by bagging a hatrick. Pjanic had a more advanced role in the second half and he set up 4 goals. Final result = Wigan 6 : 2 West Bromwich Albion Wigan go top of Division 1, and remain unbeaten. NB - My other team in WC11111 ( the other forum filled WC ), is now top of Division 2 ( Everton ) and also unbeaten ! Wigan and EVerton are both the lowest average rate in their respective divisions, and also the lowest collective value teams....yet, they are playing out of their skin !!! HAPPY DAYS !!!!!! ~M~
  20. Re: EC8000 - Loan and Tranfer Listed Players Wigan have the following for loans : CUBERO, Mathías Gk 17 75 PAUSCHEK, Lukas CB 18 79 KÖZ, Cüneyt CB/RB 18 75 PEREIRA, Danilo DM/CM 20 76 CLARK, Matt CM 18 70 ARAUJO, Sergio Fwd 19 77 SKVARKA, Michal Fwd 19 70 SANOGO, Yaya CF 18 75 Players will only be loaned to teams who can confirm that the player being loaned will get into their first team. No games = player will be recalled. Also, i may have to recall if i get a horrid set of injuries. however, i am more than decent enough to try and work things out before i recall, if necessary. ~M~
  21. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread Well, i think iys fair to say that after a really shocking start to my SM career, when I was villified for putting in stupid bids for players, i have managed to get a grasp of the game. I appreciate the patience of those i dealt with in those early days, when i put in bids for players, not realising how the game economy actually works. I still have a very weak team, as i haven't been able to do any proper market dealing, due to my amatuer start. however, despite still having a weak team with no real striker, i have managed to stay unbeaten after 10 games, and am sitting at 2nd in the table. Hopefully my past poor offers are now forgiven, and i have shown that i am a dedicated member of this forum and this gameworld, and it would be nice if i can start to deal with some other managers, and not just externals. I will be putting in some bids for players, as i clearly need to strengthen my team. Thanks again, and good luck to everyone. ~M~
  22. Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread Not doing too badly here. Another win for Wigan's underdogs. Its quite funny, because i was favoureite for relegation in this gameworld with Wigan, and i am second, having beaten Man Utd and Sunderland. I was also favourite to be relegated in WC11111, where i am a very weak Everton team. But after 10 games, i am unbeaten and 2nd in division 2. Every single team i have played is better than mine ON PAPER. I have no standout superstars in any of them teams, when compared to the opponents, but it shows that if you really put thought into every aspect of the game, and work out your ingame tactics, and prematch instructions to COUNTER your opponents, it is possible ( with a bit of luck ), to overcome the odds. Am really enjoying my time in SM so far, and hope that it continues this way. ~M~
  23. Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread
  24. Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread Surely the result and performance of the weekend ? Chelsea : Starting 11 1 P CECH 2 B IVANOVIC 3 D LUIZ 4 J TERRY 5 A INIESTA 6 F LAMPARD 7 S RAMIRES 8 F MALOUDA 9 N ANELKA 10 C RONALDO © 11 L MESSI Wigan : Starting 11 1. E VIVIANO 2. K THEOPHILE-CATHERINE 3. A ALCARAZ 4. A VIDAL 5. M BARTRA 6. X SHAQIRI 7. CANALES 8. M MUSACCHIO 9. R FUNES MORI 10. M PJANIC 11. M SISSOKO The 2 best players in the world turned out for Chelsea @ Stamford Bridge. My team was looking pathetic pre-match, with only 2 players rated 90+, and the remainder being youngsters. Yet the stats : Chelsea : Wigan Possession 41% 59% Total Shots 25 20 Shots On Target 13 12 Corners 7 5 Yellow Cards 1 4 Red Cards 0 0 FINAL SCORE Chelsea 1 : 2 Wigan Messi scored for Chelsea Funes Mori and Sissiokho for Wigan. Amazing result for me, really chuffed, and it was NOT a screwy SM engine. I deserved the win Shows tactics can overcome pure class...yes a bit of luck too Wigan still are favourites to go down, but what a start ~M~
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