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  1. I sent them a bug and reported managers through their multiple accounts system, but just received the standard robotic reply that there was nothing wrong, so very, very frustrating.
  2. Come on SM, this is a joke, these guys aren't even paying to play !!! Please sort this out.
  3. This is what SM consider 'being active' These managers (or manager) log in once every 28 days. Does anyone else think this is wrong?
  4. The ability to select a default captain, penalty taker and corner taker would be great, every time I move my skipper's position on the field I have to re-select him as captain and do the same with all the in game changes, this should be easy to do so then when and wherever he plays (even if he comes of the bench) he will be captain etc. Sorry if this has been suggested before.
  5. Game World ID: 239138; May 31 22:30, Just watched a pre season friendly on the new format in 2D, I won 1-0, I then went to the score center and seen that I drew 1-1 !!!!! So which score is correct? NEXT FIXTURE 00 22 25 DAYS HOURS MINS TOP 100 Game World ID: 239138
  6. Anyone know how to confirm/save tactics on the new format ? I have NO option available to save tactics, each time I go to enter a substitute time, change etc, my formation reverts back to 442 !!! Looks like I'm back to the old format again. at least that works.
  7. Just logged into a Gold GW tonight to see how my Swiss side got on in the Quarter final of the cup and guess what I see right smack in the middle of the 'Overview' page that opens first? MY NEXT MATCH WILL BE THE CUP SEMI FINAL !! Guess I won then lol. Seriously though, in situations like this the next match should not be advertised until the player has had the chance to watch that nights fixture.
  8. What's happening guys? is nothing being fixed ? I'm having to use both the new and the old interface at the moment as I cant do everything on the new one, have we got some sort of time line on this ?
  9. Just a question regarding the offering of clubs on the new interface. Is this not yet possible ? will it be possible ? or has this been disabled for good for some reason ? everytime I click on 'offer club' I just get a pop up stating the game world id number.
  10. Season 7 just under way in Gold world 303 and delighted to post that the Scottish league is still fully managed, all 40 teams. well done to all the dedicated managers that have made this the ultimate Scottish league to be involved in.
  11. The introduction of player agents into the game world to help combat player hogging ! For example the first thing an agent would do is advise his client not to sign a new contract if he has even one concern, making the player a free agent at the end of the season with the selling club not getting any money from his departure, forcing the club to sell before the contact runs out, this would go a long way to stop player hogging.
  12. Re: General Cheating Report Link GW 1? I know who you mean, the two guys from Isreal? I think SM will get round to it soon enough, they just reversed another blatantly obvious cheating deal in GW 279 today (thanks again SM) It obviously takes time for them to review all the cheat deals that are reported, we need to give them as much info on the managers involved for cheating and be patient.
  13. Re: General Cheating Report Link Gold world 148: Three blatantly obvious one sided deals involving two managers and three teams, REVERSED!!!! today. Thank you SM and well done, keep it up
  14. Re: General Cheating Report Link Is SM now excepting cheats? I've seen and reported a few recently as have other managers in the same GW's, clear and blatant cheating, yet SM does nothing. So can we all cheat now?
  15. Re: Scottish game world 2012- discussion thread Hi guys, if your looking for a competitive Scottish league, look no further than Gold World 303, as of this minute only ONE team is available (Aye Utd) That's right, 39 of the 40 Scottish teams are managed and we are in season 2, the Ayr manager just left today! check it out or even check out our blog at (303scotland.blogspot) Good luck to you both and hope to see you join soon.
  16. Re: A New Concerns System? A small change i'd like to see regarding 'player concerns' is that when a player has concerns (even level 1) he will NOT sign a new contract and will demand a transfer at the end of his current deal. I find it laughable when I'am told a player in my squad has concerns and the next message is that he has just signed a new 3 year contract, why? has he no agent? This would prevent teams hoarding more players than they can keep happy and will also mean other clubs needing money to bid for these players when they become available, solving two issues in one go.
  17. Re: Anything and Everything on SM Development Just a small change I'd like to see on SM is for the league champions to be easily identified on the league tables such as having a star beside their name. I have and have had so many teams in many diff worlds and easily forget who won what and when, I just think a visual mark would be great.
  18. Re: TSL Talent-Scouts League How come everyone seems to have a LOT more money than me, buying top rated talent by the bucket load and still putting in bids. I managed a few signings now i'am skint ! Royal Antwerp:mad:
  19. Re: Irish Championship 22 Discussion Thread If possible you could set up a second division with all the Northern Ireland teams, i'd be interested as well as all those that lost out, just a thought maybe not poss
  20. Re: TSL Talent-Scouts League Dani Pacheco to Royal Antwerp, surprised no one else bid for him, do you lot know something I don't ? LOL:rolleyes:
  21. Re: TSL Talent-Scouts League Just logged in, just aplied, good luck everyone...transfer window !!!
  22. Re: TSL Talent-Scouts League I suppose the transfer system is the same as in the gold worlds so it dosn't matter if i bid for a player tonight or tomorrow as no bid is excepted for at least 24 hours, no ? or is it first come first served bids excepted straight away ?
  23. Re: TSL Talent-Scouts League ┬┐once a players rating goes over 82, can they be sold or swapped between managers ? if not how can you sell them if you want to cash in ?
  24. Re: TSL Talent-Scouts League Through the forum, which i entered through SM:o
  25. Re: TSL Talent-Scouts League Great idea, I'd like to enter as Royal Antwerp if poss. Just one question though, when one of your players rating goes over 82, do you need to sell him ? or is the under 82 rule just to start with ?
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