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  1. Re: Click To Save Lives Hey people, I'm back at this forum after god knows how long, and that too mainly to see how this thread was doing...I'm glad to see it's still in many people's sigs...hope you guys are clicking daily and doing your bit to help! @Hunty: Well, your question was addressed in the "Common Questions" section of the website itself...I've quoted the answer below for your convenience. Just look up this site's Wikipedia entry if you guys want to be sure of it's authenticity!
  2. Re: International and Olympic Setup I'd love to have Division 1 Argentina (River Plate) mate. Would that be possible?
  3. Re: Wes Brown or Christoph Metzelder? OK, so we have two votes for Brown so far... anyone beg to differ, or do you agree with the above two? You have been repped Havoc, but I can't rep u man_u coz I have to spread some around first (remember I repped you a few days ago )
  4. Re: Questions on Gold Memebership Ahh, I see. Thanks for the extra info Luke, but unfortunately I can't rep you because I have to spread some around first.
  5. Re: Questions on Gold Memebership When I renew, do I have to choose the same package as the one I initially chose? Or am I allowed to choose the cheaper package?
  6. Re: Seydou Keita Thanks for the brilliant comment Mr. Adamski, you have been repped. I'll go ahead with the deal now, as I'm getting a player of potentially the same rating come the English changes who is no less than five years younger than Keita. That's a pretty good deal IMO.
  7. Re: Seydou Keita Thanx for the input Lubos, you have been repped. But I'd like some more views/opinions on the deal before I decide what to do.
  8. Re: Seydou Keita Hey, just popping this thread up since I have a question regarding Keita. I manage Sevilla and have Keita in my squad. Would it be a wise decision to use Keita (28 yo; rated 92) + 10-15 M to buy Luka Modric (22, but soon to be 23 yo; rated 91)? I'd really appreciate a response, and all helpers will be rewarded with rep.
  9. Re: 30 M + Giovani Dos Santos + Stevan Jovetic for Bojan?
  10. Re: 30 M + Giovani Dos Santos + Stevan Jovetic for Bojan?
  11. Re: Niklas BARKROTH Well, I just did some research and according to the Guardian website, Barkroth hasn't even made an appearance in the Swedish league this season with 15 games played! That's a shame really, but hopefully he'll get more chances to impress after this performance.
  12. Re: Questions on Gold Memebership Ahh, I see. Thanks for the heads up guys. After reading your comments, I feel like a custom setup would suit my purposes better as I want to be selective about the managers that join my setup. But tell me something: do I still have ultimate power over the setup once my 12 months are up? Also, what are some of the added advantages of being a gold member that aren't mentioned in the Gold Membership section of the site?
  13. Re: Questions on Gold Memebership In the standard setup, am I allowed to choose which managers I want to join the setup?
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hey guys, I manage Sevilla in the Sports Board Setup and currently have a number of offers for Dani Alves:- Arsenal are offering Carlos Vela + Abou Diaby + David Pizarro + Bakari Sagna + Daniel Jarque. Liverpool are offering Luka Modric + John Arne Riise + Albert Riera Barcelona are offering 75 M + Gianluca Zambrotta + Stevan Jovetic (But cash doesn't have much value in my setup since all the good players have already been bought, plus I've got in excess of 70 M to spend) Real Madrid are offering Julio Baptista + Goran Pandev + Wes Brown + Milhomem Guilherm
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