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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I need some help with a deal. I manage Sevilla and have been offered 10 M+ Bakary Sagna+ Andres Guardado by Arsenal for Daniel Alves, while Milan have offered cash+ Pato + Marek Jankulovski. Which of the two offers is better? Also, should I even consider seliing Alves at all?
  2. Re: Steve Mandanda - Future French Goalkeeper Didn't you use the search tool before posting? I opened a thread about him ages ago
  3. Re: A few Belgian talents worth a buy Excellent thread Rishabh, well done yaar. I love the layout. Rep for you.
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have an offer of 15 M + Luka Modric (22 yo, rated 91) for Raul Albiol (22 yo, rated 92). Any help on the deal will be much appreciated. Here's my squad: Nat Player Pos Age Rat Val MIHAYLOV, Nikolay G 19 77 £1.1M BUFFON, Gianluigi G 30 96 £8.4M VAN DER SAR, Edwin G 37 94 £1.3M EVRA, Patrice LB/LM 26 92 £8.4M NEVILLE, Gary RB/CB 33 91 £3.5M SIMPSON, Danny RB 21 84 £4.0M OPARE, Daniel RB 17 75 £593k AYALA, Roberto CB 34 93 £3.6M CAMPBELL, Sol CB 33 90 £3.2M FERDINAND, Rio CB/DM 29 94 £7.9M THURAM, Lilian CB/RB 36 92 £1.6M VI
  5. Re: Click To Save Lives Thanks a lot for making the thread sticky, Teb. It's much appreciated. Luke, thanks a lot to you too for doing so much to raise awareness about the site. You're a great guy. Keep clicking people!
  6. Re: Asim's Championship-- Lots of good clubs available! Hi Asim, could I please have Barcelona? I always respond to transfer bids as soon as they are made. I'll be very active in your setup and will hopefully accomplish good things with Barca. I've got a pretty good record with my Man Utd, 1 cup and league runners-up in my very first season at charge. So could I please have them?
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hey, I just did a deal recently where I sold Jesus Navas (22 yo; rated 91) for 30 M + Bojan Krkic. I need to know: was this a good deal on my part?
  8. Re: Spanish Ratings Here are my thoughts on the Sevilla ratings. Please bear in mind that this is my first attempt at predicting rating changes, so it might not be 100% accurate. I’m mainly doing this because I just took over a Sevilla team and am desperate to find out what will happen to my players in the Spain rating changes. I don’t really watch Spanish football, so these ratings are mainly dependent on playing stats rather than performances. I’d really appreciate it if someone who does follow Spanish football/Sevilla gave their opinion on my predictions. I can’t find their Champions Leag
  9. Re: Australian Talent What about Kaz Patafta? I hear he's quite a talent- do you have any info on him?
  10. Re: 30M+Toure+Neuer for Riquelme? Well, here's my squad. Thanks for the input Tom. The other manager hasn't responded to my counter-offer yet, but I'm waiting with my fingers crossed. I think Robinho and Cristiano Ronaldo would be an awesome winger combination for my team. I mainly want Robinho to replace the aging Giggsy and Seedorf on the left flank. Nat Player Pos Age Rat Val BUFFON, Gianluigi G 29 96 £9.2M VAN DER SAR, Edwin G 37 94 £1.3M MIHAYLOV, Nikolay G 19 77 £1.1M EVRA, Patrice LB/LM 26 92 £8.4M NEVILLE, Gary RB/CB 32 91 £4.6M SIMPSON, Danny RB 21 84 £4.0M OPA
  11. Re: 30M+Toure+Neuer for Riquelme? Ok, the guy's made a counter offer of 10M+Toure+Aguero. Toure would be great for my team since I have only two CMs, but I'm not sure about Aguero. I already have Ronaldinho, Shevchenko, Klose and Crespo as my strikers, so would Robinho (W/F) be a better option? I'm going to make a counter-offer of 0k+Toure+Robinho and see if he accepts.
  12. Re: 30M+Toure+Neuer for Riquelme? lol Leigh, I've decided to check out his stupidity by offering Riquelme for 0k+Agueto+Torres. Thanks for the info on Toure and Riqueleme's ratings, you have been repped. Chances are I might get rid of Riquelme for a decent deal then, since I already have Rosicky and Ronaldinho as a back-up AM. I'll keep on testing the other manager by making counter-offers until he accepts one of them! Any ideas on who I should ask for next?
  13. Well, Real Madrid have made an offer of 30M+Yaya Toure+Manuel Neuer for Juan Roman Riquelme and I'm really undecided about whether to accept or reject the bid. I have plenty of cash (108 M), so its basically the players involved in the deal that matter. Since Riquelme has moved to Boca Juniors in Argentina, is there a chance that his current rating of 96 will go down? I know that Yaya Toure is set to get an increase, but by how much? I'm guessing he'll go up to 92 this time, is that correct? Also, he has two good young GKs in Akinfeev and Neuer- if I do decided to go ahead with the deal, wh
  14. Re: Click To Save Lives I'm glad to see all the support this thread has received, we really do have some good people here in the forum. All that remains to be done is for the thread to be stickied so that it comes to the attention of everyone. We could also provide the link to this thread in our signatures like Luke has done, that way even more people will notice it. Hope its stickied soon.
  15. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. Well, I've been sticking by a 3-4-1-2 formation in all of my setups, and here are the results: * Went on a 15 game unbeaten run with my Lyon team, including 12 consecutive wins, and got promoted to Division 1. * Won the cup with Man U, and am in second position in the league. The team was bottom when I took over. So, that's two reasons for me not to tinker with tactics too much!
  16. Re: Who Is The Ugliest Football Player In Europe? lol! You guys sure have a twisted sense of humour
  17. I got this off another forum, and decided to share it here. Take a daily visit to this site & click on the yellow button. Every click helps feed the hungry with the value of 1.1 cups of staple food. Food is paid for by the sponsors of the site & it doesn't cost you anything except a couple of seconds of your time. http://www.thehungersite.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/CTDSites Also: http://www.thebreastcancersite.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/CTDSites http://www.thechildhealthsite.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/CTDSites.woa http://www.theliteracysite.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/CTDSites.woa http://w
  18. Re: Who Is The Ugliest Football Player In Europe? Whoa, whoa... steady there, no need to get personal. And is "doosh" a word that's even in the dictionary?
  19. Hi guys, I need some help with my Lyon team. We've just been promoted to the first division and I'm looking to strengthen my team, especially the starting 11. This is my current squad, I've mostly bought young, promising players and some moneyspinners: COUPET, Gregory G 35 92 £2.5M ROUX, Frederic G 34 82 £1.0M STUDER, Sascha G 16 69 £39k BELHADJ, Nadir LB/LM 25 89 £6.5M THRELFALL, Robbie LB 19 72 £91k GROSSO, Fabio LB/LM 30 92 £6.1M LUTUN, Benjamin RB/RM 20 76 £787k CLERC, Francois RB/RM 24 89 £6.7M CRIS, Marques CB 30 91 £5.6M YANGAMBIWA, Mapou CB 18 70 £10k
  20. Re: Who Is The Ugliest Football Player In Europe? Are any of you guys uber good-looking super models by any chance? Because you seem to be awfully selective when it comes to personal appearances! Who cares if Ibra has a big nose or Ribery has a scar? Its the football they play that matters! Sheesh, talk about rubbish topics...
  21. Re: Steve MANDANDA As predicted, Steve Mandanda's rating has went up to 88. I just hope he impresses enough to be signed permanently by Marseille in the summer. Btw, here's something interesting I found about him on Wikipedia: So chances are even if Marseille don't sign him, some other (hopefully big) European club will.
  22. Re: Young wingers needed Well, Young, Ben Arfa and Piatti have all been snapped up and the Arsenal manager probably won't sell Walcott unless its a very good offer. I already have Rakitic, but prefer to play him as an AM. Any more suggestions?
  23. Hi guys, I was wondering if you could give me some suggestions on which wingers to buy for my Chievo squad. My central midfield is pretty much settled, but its the flanks I have trouble with. I'm looking for some young wingers (or RM or LM) not older than 25 who are good short-term as well as long-term prospects. The rating could be anywhere between 80 to 85. Any help would be much appreciated.
  24. Re: player talent scout Mate, could you please edit your post and get rid of all the colours and different font sizes first? It's really hard on the eyes. Good find though.
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