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  1. Re: Official Red Devils thread Next up is West Ham United for us, but don't expect any Christmas presents from them. Remember they did the double over us last season, so the United players shouldn't let complacency creep into their game. This weekend might actually see the lead at the top of the table stretched since the Arse have such a difficult away fixture at Goodison Park. Btw, any news on Manucho's work permit?
  2. Re: Sell rooney for kaka? Kaka is 4 (he'll be 26 next April) years older than Rooney, but rated only two points higher. Also, their positions are different. If you think you need a good AM, then by all means do the swap, but if it weakens your strikeforce too much then don't do it. It all depends on whether you actually use an AM in your matches. I'm sure Rooney has the potential to reach 97/98 one day, and since you're an United fan, having him in the team must mean something special to you.
  3. Re: Steve MANDANDA Well, that point is contentious since Ligue 1 has so many great goalkeepers like Janot, Rame, etc. but one thing that Mandanda has on his side is age. He kept a cleansheet last weekend, and if he can keep this up, by the time Euro 2008 rolls around, he'll be in serious contention for a place in the squad. Luckily, the ratings changes for France have been delayed till the 7th of Jan, so those who want to get him before his rise can do so now. He's a good short-term riser and a great long-term prospect, so even though he's a bit expensive, I think its good value for money tb
  4. Re: Manucho I've signed him for a whopping 5.7 million pounds for my Chievo because I got into a bidding war with Bayern Munich, but I believe it'll all be worth it if he manages to establish himself in the Man U squad over this season and the next. Being an United fan, I've always wanted to have an United player in my team. I think he's been brought in to cover for injuries/suspensions lest one of Rooney, Saha or Tevez is unavailable, but he is an unknown entity at the moment. And the thing about the work permit- I'm pretty sure it won't be an issue. I think a foreign footballer has to hav
  5. Steve Mandanda is a highly-rated 22 year old goalkeeper who currently plays for French giants Marseille, on loan from second division side Le Havre. He is one of the most exciting keeping prospects in France, and is widely expected to battle with Hugo Lloris for the French number one spot once Gregory Coupet hangs up his boots. Mickael Landreau and Sebastien Frey haven't impressed on their recent international outings, and that's what gives this guy a chance to get into the French squad for the first time. He started playing for Marseille after regular keeper Cedric Carrasso suffered a long-t
  6. Re: argentinean league thread Thanks a lot for your time and effort mate, I really appreciate it.
  7. Re: argentinean league thread Teje, you mentioned this guy quite a while back. Since he was so cheap, I decided to take a gamble and buy him. Could you please provide an update on him and also mention whether he's worth keeping for the long term?
  8. Re: Jo Sondre Aas Could you provide a bit more info on him? Like how good a prospect he is, for example?
  9. Re: Contract Renewal? Thanks a lot guys. All this info is very helpful indeed. As for the AM idea, I think its a decent suggestion and could reduce a lot of hassle for SMers come the end of the season.
  10. Right, I need some help regarding the contract extension feature of the game. One of my setups is in the penultimate round of matches (the season will be over after my next game), and I have a few players who have 1 year remaining on their contracts. Now, my question is, what will happen if I don't renew their contracts before the season finishes? Will they leave for free? And when renewing their contract, how many years should I extend by? Will a 5-year extension increase the player's wages more than, say a 1 year extension? I'd be extremely grateful if someone could help me out on this m
  11. Re: Raul Asprilla Yeah, you do have a point... I didn't actually spot him in real-life games or anything, just stumbled across him in SM. So he's not technically a scouted player, but at least those who didn't know about him previously will become aware of him now after reading this thread. If people find the thread helpful in any way, then that's good enough for me.
  12. Player name: Raul ASPRILLA (Lyon) Age: 15yrs Born: 12 December 1991 Nationality: Colombian Position: Striker Rating: 63 Last Rating Change: 0 Form: ----- Morale: Very Good Lyon's Chairman Value: £20,000 SM Value: £39,000 Contract: 3 Years - £310 per Turn Condition: 100% Available for just 20k. I say any 15-year-old good enough to play professional football should be snapped up immediately. So, even though Wikipedia has absolutley no info on him, I'd still recommend buying him. If any of you happen to know anything about him, then please do post it here.
  13. Player name: Niklas BARKROTH (Lyon) Age: 15yrs Born: 19 January 1992 Nationality: Swedish Position: Attacking Midfield/Striker Rating: 69 Last Rating Change: 0 Form: ----- Morale: Very Good Lyon's Chairman Value: £20,000 SM Value: £39,000 Contract: 5 Years - £1,340 per Turn Condition: 100% Niklas Barkroth is definitely the next big thing in Swedish football. He's a playmaker who made his Swedish league debut in Septemeber at the tender age of 15, thus becoming the youngest ever player in the Swedish top-flight. Here's what Wikipedia has to say about him: He's alr
  14. Re: 10K PLAYER ALERT!!! lol, that I sure did Sid But you beat me to Moses and a couple of other 10k signings, so I guess its pretty much even stevens for now btw, what's up with ESS360? Is the site fixed?
  15. Re: help me find talent rm ? From your list, I'd suggest buying Tom De Mul. Sevilla snapped him up from Ajax this summer, and he's a very promising young player. Belgian international as well. So if he's available,go for him. Other than that, Steven Pienaar also looks good from what I've seen of him so far at Everton, but at 25, he isn't exactly young. Don't have a clue about the rest though...
  16. Re: European Premiership LEAGUE LEADERS LYON! Fardeen Ahmed, manager of Division 2 table-toppers Lyon, has just completed the signings of England star striker Michael Owen and Montenegran wonderkid Stevan Jovetic. Ahmed, while speaking to European Premiership Daily (EPD) journalist Andy Gray, expressed his delight at managing to capture two of Europe's most prized assets. He said: "As soon as I took over at Lyon, I noticed that we were a bit short on the attacking front. So I made it an immediate priority to sign one world-class forward coupled with a promising up-and-coming talent. My ini
  17. Re: THE BEST FORMATION (inc Poll) Looks like the 3-4-1-2 formation is the pick of the bunch with 44 votes My question is, what are the players you need to have to use this formation effectively? And do you guys use it for every single game? My guess is: GK RB/CB CB LB/CB W/RM CM CM W/LM AM F F So, am I right? Is the AM a must have for this tactic, or can you use players in other positions for the "1"? Also, what's the difference between having two wingers and having a RM/LM combo? And lastly, what about the three at the back? Can they all be CBs
  18. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. Ahh, I see... thanks for clearing that up. Well, atm I'm using a 3-4-2-1 formation for my team for every single game, and its paid nice dividends so far. Won 5 out of my last 6 games (including a 4 match winning streak), and 4 of those victories were against teams with starting XIs much stronger than mine. But the guys who are following your guide seem to have much better statistics lol, so I reckon I'll start following it as well once results start going downhill
  19. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. Sir Metz, In order to follow your guide, we have to change our formations and tactics from game to game depending on the opponent's strategies, right? My question is, will the constant tinkering of tactics have any effect on the team's playing standards? And btw, congrats for making such an excellent guide! Cheers, Fardeen
  20. Re: New Setup Made Today - European Premiership Hey mate, I just took over Lyon but its still in its original state. Nothing has been changed. So could I quit and please join Bayern instead?
  21. Re: New Setup Made Today - European Premiership Hey mate, could I please take over Lyon?
  22. Hi guys, I'm looking to buy 2 or 3 young defenders, who are likely to rise above the 85 mark very soon, and at the same time be good prospects for 90+ in the long term. If you have any suggestions in mind, please do post here and let me know. Thanks a lot in advance. Cheers, Fardeen
  23. Mauricio Isla is a promising young Chilean player who recently signed a five-year contract with Serie A outfit Udinese. I think he was once mentioned by insider in one of his threads as a player to watch out for when he's created. Well, the good news is he's just been added to the SM database and you can get him for only 275k, as he's a free agent in most setups. Player name: Mauricio ISLA Age: 19yrs Born: 12 June 1988 Nationality: Chilean Position: Midfield Rating: 74 Last Rating Change: 0 Form: ----- Morale: Very Good Value: £361k Contract: 2 Years - £3,500 per Turn C
  24. Re: argentinean league thread Hi Teje, Could you please give me your opinion on Napoli's Argentine star Ezequiel Lavezzi? I recently shelled out 11.6 mil on him and would like to know if he's worth all that cash. Your comments would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Fardeen
  25. Re: Italian Ratings Hey guys, just a question I'd like to ask: Who in your opinion would be the better buy: Aquilani or Montolivo? Aquilani's currently 23 yo, rated 88 CM while Montolivo is 22 yo, 89 rated CM/LM. I know that Aquilani's rating will almost surely increase to 89-90, since he's been in great form for Roma. But what about Montolivo? How has he been doing so far this season? Your comments and opinions would be much appreciated.
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