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  1. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| Yeah I am still interested Venk, if you can squeeze me in?
  2. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| Did I not make the voting pool? You added me on the interest list, but now I cant see my name.
  3. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| Coming Soon Count me in please?
  4. Re: It's Here Gold Championship 200! (Thread) Is the Man Utd manager on drugs I wonder
  5. Just wondering am i the only one who thinks adding 2 new gold worlds a day is ruining the enjoyment of the game? Gold worlds are meant to be special but adding 2 a day is making it less. Also you can now reserve a club in a gold world but for about £10! Alot of money I think just to reserve a club, but it is still impossible to reserve barcelona or real madrid as they are always taken.
  6. Re: NEW GAMEWORLD- Sign up and suggest ideas Put my name down
  7. Re: SM Credits This has made many things in the shop more expensive!
  8. Re: Official Gold Championship 165 Thread. Liverpool 3 - 1 Tottenham, New strike force Villa and Tevez with a goal each.
  9. Re: Official Gold Championship 165 Thread. Hi all, Liverpool and Brazil here. Good luck everyone!
  10. Fred has recaptured his career, winning the title with Fluiminese, scoring many goals. Then gets called up to Brazil's squad for last month's Copa America, in which he scored. Yet despite this the so called soccermanger boffins have reduced his rating down to 88. Does this make any sense? I cant understand how a player does all this then gets his rating dropped.
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