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  1. Re: Evolution league After their result against Ferro Carril Oeste, CS Emelec are now unbeaten in 8 games setting a new club record for most games unbeaten in a row.
  2. Re: Evolution league 6 non beaten games in a line and i still cant get away from relegation zone xD:eek:
  3. Re: Evolution league more luck next time!
  4. Re: Evolution league A thrilling match ended 3 - 3 between CS Emelec and Real Cartagena in their Division 2 encounter. Icardi and Redmond were amongst the goalscorers. Probably the best game from Emelec this season..makes me happy that our form is going up..we will need it in fight for moving up on table
  5. Re: Evolution league Very bad few games for us...
  6. Re: Evolution league Grrrrr ....Icardi missed a penalty >.< But its not bad we got 1 point from Real Cartagena, so i call it a good week!
  7. Re: Evolution league Awesome game for us! Icardi finally woke up, and scored a goal, and now we can see how much Jojic is important for us...So we suxed to get 3 points with 1 players less in last few minutes..very happy
  8. Re: Evolution league Total disaster....we have 1 player more in most part of game and we lost 1:3...team need to get up soon..and its time that Icardi finally wake up
  9. Re: Evolution league I dont wana talk! im sad ...poor Real Madrid :mad:
  10. Re: Evolution league Well..i must admit..not even i expect game like this for Emelec We are on first place in division 2 .. like a boss
  11. Re: Evolution league Screw u guys im going home! U are to creepy >.<
  12. Re: Evolution league So peaceful Are u ppl preparing transfer for new season so no time to chat ?:p:p
  13. Re: Evolution league Wish u all luck in next sesson Just not in matches with me ofc :p:eek:
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