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  1. Re: Gazzas Setup matches transfers etc..// lol @ Ronaldo..maybe he was lost? P.S reppin you matey. Arsenal 2 Liverpool 0. Liverpools short amount of players Made Arsenal make this easy. chances went either way but in the 9th Minute when David Silva shot wide in front of the open net but a minute after Van Persie scores a fantasic header 1-0, 2nd half and iniesta got red carded due to kicking his marker ( ) then in the 77th Minute Senderos scored a shocker apprently rippin the nettin in half but after that FULL TIME. Van Persie scored during the 2-0 win over Liverpool. putting Ars
  2. Re: Gazzas Setup matches transfers etc..// Gerrard is on his way..TO ARSENAL, £12,400,00 + Fabregas + Hargreaves and Arsenal fans go crazy about this.
  3. Re: Gazzas Setup matches transfers etc..// Manager Dan Williamson has made a new offer to Gerrard for £10,000,00 + Fabregas + Hargreaves.
  4. Re: Gazzas Setup matches transfers etc..// Rumor that Gerrard could be on his way to Man utd, this is Dans facial reaction
  5. Re: Gazzas Setup matches transfers etc..// Arsenal Manager Dan says he will be looking to bring people in for the new season while cesc.F and Fred are injured Arsenal predicted to finish 3rd
  6. Well me Nd Gazza Thomas bin discussin' on MSN and decided to make this New Arsenal manager Dan Williamson has been told by rivals that were outstanding ( ) My Sqaud is ; J. LEHMANN G. MILITO E. EBOUE M. JORGE ANDRADE W. GALLAS D. ALBELDA A. GILBERTO SILVA O. HARGREAVES R. VAN PERSIE R. PALACIO T. ROSICKY F. LJUNGBERG P. SENDEROS M. FLAMINI A. DIABY T. WALCOTT A. TRAORE R. GARRY J. HOYTE F. FABREGAS FRED M. RANDALL F. MERIDA T. HILDEBRAND In the tables currently joint 3rd with chelsea and with Manchester united at top Fabregas Is out for 2 week While FRED is o
  7. Im not manager of this team now sorry for spam people.
  8. Re: Rate My Team Thread Pirlo is on his way about that suggestion for a keeper..who should i get? because people will demand too much money tbh. and ive got 2 people i may sell later on but need to know if i should sell em? INIESTA and THURAM should i sell em?
  9. Re: Rate My Team Thread Barcelona Euro championship 35 My squad Player Pos Rate VICTOR VALDES, Arribas G 25 91 JORQUERA, Albert G 28 84 RUBEN, Ivan G 23 80 ABIDAL, Eric LB/CB 28 93 SILVINHO, Mendes LB 33 88 ZAMBROTTA, Gianluca RB/LB 30 95 OLEGUER, Presas RB/CB 27 89 VALIENTE, Marc RB 20 74 PUYOL, Carles CB/RB 29 96 MARQUEZ, Rafael CB/DM 28 94 THURAM, Lilian CB/RB 35 92 MILITO, Gabriel CB/LB 27 92 VALDEZ, Efrain Juarez CB/RB 20 74 OLMO, Jesús CB 22 73 SUAREZ, Jeffrén LM 19 75 XAVI, Hernández CM 27 96 INIESTA, Andres CM/AM 23 94 TOURE, Yaya CM/DM 24 91
  10. Re: Liam Kick-Butt Championship../Transfer Gossip & Match Reports..\Thread Dan williamson has changed his mind and gone for the ex gunner, Thierry Henry is on his way to lyon! for £20,000,000 and Govou lets hope me makes a big impact!
  11. Re: Liam Kick-Butt Championship../Transfer Gossip & Match Reports..\Thread Experienced Dan williamson takes control of lyon, for his match next week he expects a good win over benfica. Also Dan williamson is lookin' to bring a 90+ CM into his side
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