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  1. Re: Daniel Agger I believe he should at least be 91/92. But for now, he's safe at 90; albeit LFC being a "mid-table" club for now, he's solid.
  2. Re: T. Silva for Aguero? You're right. I have a solid defense. Thing is, he added Suarez to the mix so now its Suarez+T.Silva for Aguero. What about this?
  3. So I run a Real Madrid setup in one of my worlds. I currently have as fwds; -Benz -Higuain -Aguero -Neymar (mostly as a winger) -Ronaldo (use him as a winger mostly) But I mostly use Higuain/Benz and Aguero in a 3-5-2 setup. I have been offered T. Silva for Aguero My defense is; -Kompany -Ramos -Carvalho (selling him soon) -Marcelo -Pepe -Javi Martinez -Arbeloa -Coentrao I normally use Ramos/Kompany/Marcelo as my starting 3 defense. Should I go for it? I know both Aguero and T. Silva could reach a higher rating, but Silva has been a beast for Milan. The only thing is, I have a lot of depth in Defense. Should I go for it?
  4. These are the players in unmanaged clubs, who should I purchase asap? I currently have 24Mill. Hamsik Lavezzi Lloris Lisandro Afellay Hunteelar Loic Remy Pjanic
  5. I'm currently in my 2nd season with Liverpool right now, in a competitive world. I did decent on season 1, coming on 4th place, where 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place had 1pt difference. Well now into the ending of my 2nd season, I'm doing terrible. Currently sitting on 13th place with P: 27 GD: -13 Pts:30 My current squad is. I play 4-2-3-1 and sometimes 4-3-3 Wingers. With 4-2-3-1 - Reina; Johnson, Nesta, Silva, Agger; Yaya, Gerrard; Neymar, Rossi, Hazard; Suarez. I have about 26M in the bank. Who should I sell, who should I keep? Also, there are some players up for grabs in my world such as; Hamsik Lavezzi Lloris Lisandro Afellay Hunteelar Loic Remy Pjanic (Considering buying Hamsi and/or Lavezzi. Barca/Madrid has pretty much bought all the great talent, and have them sitting on the bench Unh. tried getting Sahin but the manager won't budge. Advice is greatly appreciated!! thank you.
  6. I've been offered 22M for Kaka, thought about it and the way he didn't play much last season (injury prone), is sort of convincing me to accept the bid. He played well against Zaragoza so it gave me a little bit of hope that he could regain his form, but I doubt it. Should I sell him today at 22M? At first he offered me 19, I negotiated 25M and he brought it to 22, I doubt I can squeeze more. I own Real Madrid in a new competitive game world with personal friends of mine, about 20 or so managers, so talent is either being bought up quick or pretty scarce. My current team. Should I go for it? If so, I'll have about 37M in the bank, enough to bid on either Kompany or T. Silva.
  7. Re: Carlos Vela or Andy Caroll ? I'm a Liverpool fan, and as much as I like Carroll, I didn't think he was worth the 35M. Anyways, that's a different story. I'd get Vela over Carroll though, Vela is not that consistent however he has show some brilliance at times, and I believe he has potential to be a better player. In reality though, they both play different positions. Carroll a CF, and Vela a LW, so yeah.
  8. Re: Someone offered to buy Neymar, help please? Well yeah, thats true. Neymar might not go up much if he doesn't leave Brazil.
  9. I currently have Neymar (90) in my first team for Liverpool. I play in a semi-competitive gameworld. I paid about 18M for Neymar when he was 89. Real Madrid offered me Canales + 11.3m but I rejected it. I just sent him a counter offer for Ozil, but of course he rejected it and sent me this one instead. Khedira + Carvahlo + 5m. Is this a good deal? I personally do not like either players, however my team isn't exactly filled with high rated players. I just want to know if that deal gets my moneys worth that I paid for (Neymar) and being how Neymar has great potential, I don't want to give him away that easily. This is my team. I play 4-2-3-1
  10. [senior] NESTA, Alessandro 94 REINA, Pepe 93 GERRARD, Steven 93 HAZARD, Eden 91 JOHNSON, Glen 91 SUAREZ, Luis 91 MEIRELES, Raul 91 KUYT, Dirk 91 SKRTEL, Martin 90 RODRIGUEZ, Maxi 90 AQUILANI, Alberto 90 NEYMAR, Silva 90 WALCOTT, Theo 90 LUCAS, Leiva 90 AGGER, Daniel 90 KOLAROV, Aleksandar 89 EBOUE, Emmanuel 89 CARROLL, Andy 88 INSUA, Emiliano 88 VELA, Carlos 87 DEGEN, Philipp 84 [Youth] JONES, Phil CB/DM 87 RODWELL, Jack 87 WILSON, Danny 83 JENKINSON, Carl 77 ROBINSON, Jack 77 AGUDELO, Juan 76 INCE, Thomas 75 BOUZANIS, Dean 75 Who should I sell? Or should I just keep it as is? and this is my wish-list, in order of personal priority. IBRAHIMOVIC, Zlatan 96 KOMPANY, Vincent 92 MASCHERANO, Javier 93 MATA, Juan 91 MARTINEZ, Javi 90 the players I mentioned above are un-managed, so I can still have a chance to buy them Or should I buy 88/89 players instead? thank you!
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