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    Great New Player

    Re: Great New Player Give me rep if you like cheese.
  2. Doe ©

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    Re: Great New Player You can only fool yourself for so long
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    Re: Great New Player
  4. Doe ©

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    Re: Great New Player 99% agree He can't touch Ade Akinbiyi though
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    Re: Great New Player What are your thoughts on Dele Adebola?
  6. Doe ©

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    Lionel Messi is class.
  7. Re: A Guide To The Americas Part 2 Just an update to a few players... Carmona has been appearing for Chile frequently of late and impressing in a few matches as a holding midfielder. Domestically he was a regular for relegated Reggina all last season, and he has remained with them for the time being making 2 starts in 2 in Serie B. Good player, I would recommend buying him when he leaves Reggina or if they get promoted, because Serie B should affect his rating by -1 possibly, depending how the international apps influence SM's decision. Ricardo Verduguez has been attracting European scouts of late with his surging forward runs combined with pace. I would also recommend buying him when a deal away from Blooming - His domestic club in Bolivia, is ready to be done. Ronald Vargas was excellent during his first season in Belgium gaining 3 goals and 6 assists in 22 games. This season he has already got 3 assists in 3 games. He has played in patches for Venezuela also. Price tag is high but if your looking for a young 85+ winger, he is a good option. Also look out for his club teammate Daniel Chavez who is breaking through into the first team, and has a goal this season. He is a young Peruvian who has blistering pace and is used on the wing. He has been playing for Peru on and off in their World Cup Qualifying campaign also, gaining 1 assist.
  8. Re: The' Pretend you are a footballer and say one thing about yourself' game Hi I'm Iain Dowie and I got hit in the face with a shovel.
  9. Re: How was your day? Got up at 7:30am stumbling out of bed like a caveman. Went out on my bicycle at 8:30am Cut up by a driver at 9:40am Got back at 10:10am Had a shower at 10:30am Went to Wolverhampton at 11:00am Brought new cycling shoes at precisely 11:39am and 40 seconds with 41 seconds being 0.112 thousands of a seconds away, with the seconds seperating the thousands of seconds and the actual seconds coming in at 0.0003. Went to Waitrose at 12pm Saw a sexy shopper at 12:05pm Brought a cake, specifically a donut with pink icing on the top at 12:10pm Conversed with the checkout man at 12:15pm. Travelled home at 12:20pm Dad got road rage at 12:40pm, with himself driving up the pavement flying past a learner driver whilst going through a red light at 50. Got home at 1pm Eat doughnut at 1:01pm Beans on toast at 1:25pm Football Manager 2009 - Braintree Town from 1:45pm until 4pm Tour De France on TV at 4:02pm Food and refreshments running coherently throughout the TV watching process - 4:02pm to 6:25pm Got off the sofa at 6:30pm leaving a mould. Set up teams on a website called Soccermanager at 6:35pm Finished the setting up teams process at 6:55pm Fish, beans and chips at 7pm with tomato sauce. Football Manager again at 7:30pm until 9pm losing two and drawing one with Braintree Town, to my annoyance. Fifa 2009 from 9pm to 10pm. Then at 10:05pm I entered the most boring place in the world, the place where so many type their mad ideas out which are laughed at by so many. The place where intelligence is...... no-where to be seen. The place where the people who have no friends in real life can hide behind their text and pretend they are normal.... The SM Forum. 10/10!!!!!
  10. Re: Latest Chatroomer/Forumer Setup Joe Charley - Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine)
  11. Re: Mexican Risers (2009)
  12. Re: Mexican Risers (2009)
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    Re: Mugshots Try telling that Michael Jackson.
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