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  1. Doe ©

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    Re: Great New Player Give me rep if you like cheese.
  2. Doe ©

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    Re: Great New Player You can only fool yourself for so long
  3. Doe ©

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    Re: Great New Player
  4. Doe ©

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    Re: Great New Player 99% agree He can't touch Ade Akinbiyi though
  5. Doe ©

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    Re: Great New Player What are your thoughts on Dele Adebola?
  6. Doe ©

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    Lionel Messi is class.
  7. Re: A Guide To The Americas Part 2 Just an update to a few players... Carmona has been appearing for Chile frequently of late and impressing in a few matches as a holding midfielder. Domestically he was a regular for relegated Reggina all last season, and he has remained with them for the time being making 2 starts in 2 in Serie B. Good player, I would recommend buying him when he leaves Reggina or if they get promoted, because Serie B should affect his rating by -1 possibly, depending how the international apps influence SM's decision. Ricardo Verduguez has been attracting European scouts
  8. Re: The' Pretend you are a footballer and say one thing about yourself' game Hi I'm Iain Dowie and I got hit in the face with a shovel.
  9. Re: How was your day? Got up at 7:30am stumbling out of bed like a caveman. Went out on my bicycle at 8:30am Cut up by a driver at 9:40am Got back at 10:10am Had a shower at 10:30am Went to Wolverhampton at 11:00am Brought new cycling shoes at precisely 11:39am and 40 seconds with 41 seconds being 0.112 thousands of a seconds away, with the seconds seperating the thousands of seconds and the actual seconds coming in at 0.0003. Went to Waitrose at 12pm Saw a sexy shopper at 12:05pm Brought a cake, specifically a donut with pink icing on the top at 12:10pm Conversed with the checkou
  10. Re: Latest Chatroomer/Forumer Setup Joe Charley - Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine)
  11. Re: Mexican Risers (2009)
  12. Re: Mexican Risers (2009)
  13. Doe ©


    Re: Mugshots Try telling that Michael Jackson.
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