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    Re: South American Superstars Part 1
    Gabriel Ferrari
    #19 This player has to be one of the unluckiest ever. He is continuously kept out of the American U20 side yet when he has been given a chance he has scored. 3 goals in 4 games says it all. The incredible talents of Jozy Altidore and Freddy Adu are currently taking the 1st choice striker positions in the American side. Sure, Freddy Adu has moved to Benfica recently but Altidore has remained in America with the New York Red Bulls. Yet Ferrari has moved to Europe already, Sampdoria must have seen something they liked as they signed him up. He made his debut for Sampdoria in their Coppa Italia match against Inter Milan. He came on as a substitute. He holds treble nationalities. He could play for Italy, America or Brazil if he wanted, in the end he chose America, unlike Giuseppe Rossi who chose Italy ahead of America. He moved to Sampdoria when only 18 years of age, now he is 19 he is still waiting for his Serie A debut. At the Fifa U20 World Cup he didn't start any of America's 5 games, mainly due to Altidore and Adu. But he came on as a substitute in 2 games.
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    Hello, I am Joe Charley and I am going to find and research the finest young talent North & South America has available. From Argentina to Venezuela I am covering all the countries. The first 'Superstars' will be announced shortly. By the way players that have already been mentioned but have not had a detailed report on themselves will be mentioned in this thread. All players will be 21 years of age or below.
    Here are my youth players that I have added so far, you will find detailed information about every single youth player on this list furthur into the thread. If you click on the name of the player you want to look at you will be taken directly to that specific player.
    Update 1-10
    Update 11-20
    #1 Juan Forlín
    #2 Osvaldo Gaitan
    #3 Christian La Torre
    #4 Deison Mendez
    #5 Carlos Eduardo Sabja
    #6 Fernando Muslera
    #7 Aislan
    #8 Danilinho
    #9 Wagner Luiz Fogolari
    #10 Coutinho
    #11 Victor Andrade
    #12 Jean Carlos Chera
    #13 Neymar
    #14 Rafael Forster
    #15 Cassio Ramos
    #16 Carlos Augusto Zambrano
    #17 Carlos Bazalar
    #18 Santiago Tréllez
    #19 Gabriel Ferrari
    #20 Johann Smith
    #21 Maximiliano Moralez
    #22 Thiago Heleno
    #23 Cristian Bogado
    #24 Carlos Javier Acuna
    #25 Jeronimo Barrales
    #26 Nicolas Mazzola
    #27 Fernando Aristeguieta
    #28 Felipe
    #29 Hernan Villafane
    #30 Juan Surraco
    #31 Wellington
    #32 Diego Polenta
    #33 Gonzalo Barreto
    #34 Nicolás Mezquida
    #35 Rodrigo Diaz
    #36 Nicolás Ameli
    #37 Alexis Quintulén
    #38 Matías Jadue
    #39 Luis Guilherme
    #40 Thiago
    #41 Jerrel Britto
    #42 Lester Peltier
    #43 Eric Lichaj
    #44 Damián Escudero
    #45 Fernando Guerrero
    #46 Asmir Begovic
    #47 Damián Ismodes
    #48 Nicolás Medina
    #49 David Edgar
    #50 Will Johnson
    #51 Gary Kagelmacher
    #52 Martín Cáceres
    #53 Frank Fernandez
    #54 Gerson
    #55 Juan Gómez
    #56 Elivelton
    #57 Mykell Bates
    #58 Pablo Ochoa
    #59 Caio
    #60 Dentinho
    #61 Carlos Valencia
    #62 Diogo Gomes Pereira
    #63 Edson
    #64 Alex Teixeira
    #65 Ji Parana
    #66 Gary Medel
    #67 Marco Ruben
    #68 Giuliano
    #69 Jonathan Dos Santos
    #70 Kayke
    #71 Angel Di Maria
    #72 Fagner
    #73 Cristian Benitez
    #74 Freddy Guarin
    #75 Cristian Zapata
    #76 Carlos Eduardo
    #77 Lee Nguyen
    #78 Bryan Arguez
    #79 Tales
    #80 Alfonso Blanco
    #81 Julio Dominguez
    #82 Jorge Hernandez
    #83 Leandro Lima
    #84 Amaral
    #85 Willian
    #86 Celso Borges
    #87 Luiz Adriano
    #88 Leonardo Sigali
    #89 Luizao
    #90 Sidnei
    #91 Pedro Ken
    #92 Leo
    #93 Sal Zizzo
    #94 Keon Daniel
    #95 Jefferson Pinto
    #96 Dario Bottinelli
    #97 Omar Arellano
    #98 Ever Guzman
    #99 Boris Sagredo
    #100 Victor Ismael Sosa
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    Re: South American Superstars Part 1
    #10 This player could turn out to be the next Pele, if he continues to show is incredible talent for the Brazil U15s and Vasco De Gama. He is only 15 years of age and he has already been strongly linked with Real Madrid, whose scouts (Miguel Angel Portugal and Julen Lopetegui) have been very impressed by his technical abilities. Coutinho is an attacking midfielder who scored 3 goals in 4 matches for Brazil's U15s at this years South American U15 Championships. Reports suggest that he will sign for Real Madrid when he turns 16. Real are the favourites, but Barcelona, Valencia, Athletico Madrid and Villareal have all stated their interest in the teenager. Watch out for this player in the future on SM, maybe one of the highest rated players on the game. One things for sure. I will have him.
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    Re: South American Superstars Part 1
    Jean Carlos Chera
    #12 This guy is even better than Victor Andrade, he is also 12 years old and plays for Santos U13s in Brazil. Manchester United and Real Madrid have been strongly linked with the prodigy who is an attacking midfield player and has been compared to Robinho. Chera's dad, Celso in September this year told the Santos president, Marcelo Teixeira that he intended to take his son to Spain, after Real Madid had made a bumper offer for his son. The Chera's were also unhappy with Santos U13s manager Alberto Vieira's training methods, another reason why Celso wanted his son to move. In the end Teixeira, the U13s manager was sacked, this has persuaded Jean Carlos Chera to remain at Santos for at least the time being.
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    Re: South American Superstars Part 1
    Wagner Luiz Fogolari
    #9 The Brazilian Porto Alegre player is attracting interest from Benfica. He is a defender and is 18 years of age. He is also a towering player, being 191cm tall.
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    Re: Blackburn Rovers Challenge
    Financial and Season Update
    Blackburn are now only 2.8 million in debt. I have sold Zurab Kizanishvili to Start for £5,113,500 and Matt Jansen is also on his way out for £1,883,200 to Puebla. This will reduce the debt furthur. When I took over, Blackburn were bottom of division 4, now they are 16th after 3 wins out of 4.
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    Doe © got a reaction from mattyjewi in Blackburn Rovers Challenge   
    Hello, I am Joe Charley. Thanks to Steve Leamington's great idea of "Save Our Season", I have decided to take up a challenge, Blackburn Rovers. The team are located in world championship 2, division 4 and are currently in the last place, and 7.3 million in debt. here I will post the latest transfers, news, match reports etc about my season and many more to come hopefully. My first task is to get a positive bank balance and then go on from there. Wish me luck!
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    Hello, just joined the forum. My name is Joe Charley.
    Postin all the way...
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