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  1. I am playing in great game world and i cant get top class players that easy so GK is not priority and i will not spend too much or swap some good player for GK, but i am looking for a long term solution on that position and i get a chance to sign Szczesny, what do you think about his future developement, is he good enoguh for it?
  2. Marcelo and Cavani are my players. Should i do this deal?
  3. Should i sell Falcao for Aguero and 7 milions?
  4. What do you think about this player? How long will he keep 93+ rating? Is he a good sign?
  5. What do you think about developement of these two players? Will ther rise? I think Cleverley will play more in Man Utd because Scholes retired, Giggs is to old for 90 minutes etc... But Callejon will hardly get his chance with Ronaldo and Di Maria at his position and he have chance to rise only if he change club. That is my oppinion, i want to see yours. Are these two players good signs?
  6. Re: Falcao for Ibrahimovic Thank you very much
  7. Should i swap Falcao (my player) for Ibrahimovic?
  8. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Lewandowski, Cavani or Falcao? Modric + Khedira (my players) for Fabregas?
  9. Re: Khedira, Song and Sahin I sold Khedira for Sahin and 5 milions. Thanks for advice.
  10. Re: Neymar + Pirlo or Götze ? Pirlo + Neymar defenently because Neymar will rise soon to 93.
  11. Re: Khedira, Song and Sahin Yes but he is 30 years old...
  12. Re: Khedira, Song and Sahin Yaya Toure maybe? Will he drop soon?
  13. Please tell me your oppinion about developement of these three players. Which one is the best choice for DM position?
  14. This is my team: REINA, Pepe ARLAUSKIS, Giedrius COENTRÃO, Fábio WILLEMS, Jetro IVANOVIĆ, Branislav SUBOTIĆ, Neven AGGER, Daniel ŠKRTEL, Martin NASTASIĆ, Matija MATIC, Nemanja ROBLES, Carlos GERRARD, Steven VIDAL, Arturo GIGGS, Ryan ERIKSEN, Christian POGBA, Paul GÖTZE, Mario NEYMAR, Júnior DZAGOEV, Alan MUNIAIN, Iker OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN, Alex DRAXLER, Julian MORATA, Álvaro HAZARD, Thorgan OSCAR, Emboaba MAKOLLI, Trimi VALENCIA, Antonio SÁNCHEZ, Alexis MARKOVIC, Lazar SUÁREZ, Luis LUKAKU, Romelu LJAJIC, Adem MITROVIĆ, Aleksandar LOANED OUT: LEITNER, Moritz CUENCA, Isaac LANZINI, Manuel RAFINHA, Alcántara NIANG, M'baye JESÉ, Rodríguez BABACAR, Khouma CAN, Emre SANOGO, Yaya LUKOKI, Jody MALBASIC, Filip NINKOVIĆ, Nikola FLANAGAN, Jon SIEGRIST, Nico MORRISON, Ravel FIERRO, Carlos ANEKE, Chuks ADEYEMI, Tom AKSENTIJEVIĆ, Nikola RITS, Mats RUÍZ, Salva REINHARDT, Pascal COULIBALY, Souleymane JEFFERS, Shaun COLE, Larnell Which players should I keep, which players should I sell and which players should I buy to improve my team?
  15. Re: Fernando Torres Thanks for advice. But can you tell me for which player from chelsea (whole chelsea) i should swap Tevez? I have whole man city except Balloteli and Bridge, and with Philip Lahm. Which player i need from chelsea in my squad? Because chelseas manager really want to buy tevez (i dont know why).
  16. Will he drop in the next rating update? Vote And tell me is it good to give Tevez for him (tevez is my player)? Thanks
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyZkvzvNibI&feature=player_embedded Leg broken, he will not play next 6 months.
  18. I want to open my own custom game world and i need help. If you can tell me is this kind of game world possible to make and how much does it cost: In my game world should be two divisions by 20 teams. I will choose those teams. Than buying from unmanaged clubs isnt allowed, before someone take club he must ask me. He take club and i recive message to accept or reject him as a manager of that club. Then i choose starting budgets of all clubs. Is it possible to make this kind of game world an how much does it cost?
  19. I think he must rise to 92 in the next changes because he is amazing player. Do you think the same or not? Thanks
  20. Re: Chairman - Loans Yes, good idea. You should can loan any player.
  21. In one game world which i play in with Milan barcelonas manager is new, with reputation 40 -.- And in the one game world with manchester city manager of real madrid have reputation 41 -.- You should limit minimal reputation to take some club. For example, you must have reputation 80+ to take Barcelona, 75+ to take Real Madrid etc. except you are gold manager or you have reserved club. Than managers who pay to you and managers who have expirience are in the better position. I think its good idea. Greetings
  22. He is now in Anzhi in Russian league. He must drop because he cant stay at 96 in that league. But how much will he drop?
  23. Re: Erik Lamela Thanks a lot.
  24. Is it good to swap toni kroos and jerome boateng for branislav ivanovic? (kroos and boateng are my players and i want to buy ivanovic)
  25. I dont know much about this player but much of people tell he is a hot prospect. What do you think about him... About his next rating update, will he go to some better club (Roma isnt bad, but not top class), what will be his highest rating...
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