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  1. I have a chance to swap badstuber for subotic, should i do it?
  2. There is a manager in my game world who has created another profile which is obviously him and taken oven a unmanaged club so he can transfer the best players to himself! What do i do? he's about to unfairly got rondaldo for a really cheap price! I know the SMFA should stop him but they are not!
  3. Re: Silva for 10m + Di Maria Pretty sure silva is spanish not brazilian Anyway thanks for your replies, it was a tought decision, but i've decided to get di maria becuase he's in great form for mardrid atm and i could do with the 10 million.
  4. Re: Silva for 10m + Di Maria Anybody else got any opinions?
  5. Should i swap gomez for lewandowski? I have gomez btw. Thanks for any advice
  6. I need to sell one of these players to get money, but which player would be better to sell?
  7. I know sakho is rated higher at the moment, but with the extra compertition he has for a place at PSG is Yanga Mbiwa a better buy?
  8. I know these guys are in for big rises in the next rating changes. But who will get the bigger rise? who is a better buy? Thanks:)
  9. Re: Best Deals You Have Ever Made? Yer, same!
  10. I have offered 15 million plus Nani for Chielinni. Is this a good deal for me, seeing as i already have, mata, hazard, sanchez, silva, robben and van persie who can play on the wing.
  11. I have been offered 15 million + david alaba and james rodriguez. Is this a good deal? Baring in mind they are both very promising youngsters (especially rodriguez) and i don't think i really need villa; as i already have ibra, RVP and gomez up top. Also i think villa is going to go down in rating in the next rating changes.
  12. Is this guy a good buy, now kagawa has gone to man u?
  13. Is this guy worth a purchase now he has moved to Bayern Munchen?
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