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  1. Re: CF v F Well u can play a forward in any forward position just don't make a defender play forward
  2. Re: pro evo 2008 or fifa 08 Yup licesnsing is quite a big problem in pes 2008
  3. Re: Sell Fabregas? I agree with tom fabregas has alot more football to play and maybe he may get a 98 rating in the near future
  4. I really don't understand the reason why there are matches on monday nights ,how about keeping them on friday nights.It can bring really boom the commercial aspect of the english premier league and can surely make watching football more fun
  5. Re: Best striker in EPL this year Keane it is.Hes the reason why spurs scored so many goals and he has taken up the responsibility of scoring goals from berbatov.
  6. ashorx2627

    Formula One!

    Re: Formula One! All about force india the new F1 team having a country as its name from wikipedia- Force India F1 is a Formula One team that came into existence after Orange India Holdings, which is a consortium of Watson Ltd. (Dr. Vijay Mallya) and Strongwind (the Mol family), bought the Spyker F1 team in October 2007 for 88 million euro. It represents increased Indian participation within Formula One, with India also set to host its first Grand Prix in 2010 at a New Delhi circuit. The FIA confirmed th
  7. Re: big weekend for england & Mclaren Yeah next week and I do not fancy England qualifying,Russia look to be in great form but i don no anything about the squad
  8. Re: Adding New Leagues I do agree but I would rather see some asian leagues and some more asian team s come up instead of this.Because the conferences arent famous internationally but we should see them coming up.
  9. Re: Benjamin Mwaruwari Well benjani's really been the cause for pompeys good run.I hope he does continue his form.But i got the slightest feeling that he maybe getting a bit too selfish.But a rating of 90 is good enough.
  10. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Song-Look what you 've don Artist-Jet Album-Get born Released-2004 Song length-3 mins 50 secs Genre-Piano rock Why i like it-Its got a feeling.....it brings a tear to my eyes Favourite lines-Look what you 've done you've made a fool out of everyone o well it seems like such fun until you lose what you've won basically the chorus
  11. Re: who to buy i would buy the youngsters.Those two 20 year olds are in good clubs so they do have a good future
  12. Re: THE BEST PLAYER IN THE HISTORY OF FOOTBALL? pele it is.Made the game beautiful.Aint english so george best comes behind zidane
  13. ashorx2627


    Re: Addiction i had 30 as well all normal accounts.This was last year and now its 4
  14. Re: fifa 93-2000 Another point look at the leagues in fifa 98 and 97 malaysian,brazilian,mexican.Proper teams,players...real good variety.
  15. I am broke so thats all i got .Well official thread for all those classic fifa games which look like............don wanna talk about that.
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