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  1. Re: Samir Nasri, decent deal? The guy manages arsenal but they are in the 3rd division so I think he's desperate for money to improve his overall squad (he has some great players and some pretty poor ones). Also surprisingly no one has put another bid in: thats why I thought mabye I was paying more than usual Thanks for the help
  2. I'm just buying Samir Nasri atm for 29.5 million and the guy has accepted, good deal or could I possibly pay a little less?
  3. Re: Ter Stegen, Leno or Courtois? Definitely keep Ter-Stegen. He has al ot of potential and will rise to a very high rating. Courtois looks also very good and is equally worth buying. I would sell Leno, keep ter-stegen and get Courtois
  4. Is it worth buying Germán Denis atm while he is rated 88? He seems to be doing really well this season and I was wondering if he will go up as a result? If so by how much? To me it seems he will go up by +1/+2 but I haven't seen him play. Thanks for any replies
  5. Re: Advice on these premiership players please? I know Jack Rodwell definitelly rose by +1 and is worth keeping as he seems to be getting better and as a result getting more games for Everton and England (however I think he's currently injured for something but still worth keeping imo).
  6. Re: Rate my Youth Team? Good time to sell Velios atm as he just went up 5 ratings (I bought him just for that purpose so I coudl make some cash) or you could keep waiting but not too sure how well he will do in the near future.
  7. Re: good Gks Tim Krul (85 rated)? He's been playing incredible for Newcastle and is definitely going to rise alongside being only 23 years old.
  8. Whats your guys opinion on Yohan Cabaye? Do you think he will rise in the coming ratings or at the end of the season or not at all? In my opinion he has been playing very well for newcastle and is getting a lot of minutes for them and more internationally now too. I think he has a chance of rising to 91 in the next rating change but I'm not 100% sure and would appreciate anyones opinion. Thanks
  9. Re: 88+ risers? How well do you think Jack Rodwell (87) will do in the coming review? I need a player 88 rated or greater and wouldn't mind getting one on the cheap before.
  10. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) How well do you think Mapou YANGA-MBIWA will do in the coming reviews? Will he get an 89? Thanks in advance for any replies
  11. I'm currently trying to buy two players from unamanged teams but both of them have 21 players in their team, eventhough they could buy players who are in their team in real life which are available as free agents. This is really annoying as I want to buy these players before they are rated again so I can get them cheap. However it is right at the end of the season and I was wondering will the unmanaged teams buy some players at the start of the next season? I know they get a cash injection but wasn't sure if this would cause them to buy players. Any reply would be appreciated Thanks
  12. Re: Which CB?? kk thanks, think I'll go for him then. Just out of interest, do you know how well he is doing this season? In reply to the other post Kone as already been snapped up Thanks anyway
  13. Re: Davide Santon or Mario Gaspar? I know he's at Newcastle... Newcastle aren't in the Champions League or Europa; Villareal are in the Champions league so therefore Villareal is a bigger/better club. I'm a Newcastle supporter too.
  14. Re: Davide Santon or Mario Gaspar? I asked how good Mario Gaspar was on a previous post recently and a guy said he was a great prospect (however Villareal aren't doing brilliant atm but he hasn't played most of their games: 6 if Goal.com is correct). David Santon though is at a smaller club and if you check many posts about peopel who want to cut their youth squad down a bit, Davide Santon is one of the first said. Therefore I would say keep Gaspar but I'm not 100% sure.
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