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  1. Re: ||Epic|| - You write your own destiny last game of the season ends a 1-1 draw with munich. At least iv managed to get promoted hopefully i can finish top again next season
  2. Re: ||Epic|| - You write your own destiny love the write up, mainly cos i beat you, just hoping i can carry on my unbeaten streak in the league and maybe get prometed
  3. Re: Scouting Forum Game cheers, i think iv got a few decent players there, now its the waiting game
  4. Re: Scouting Forum Game cheers ill get my players in asap Jake Reeves - 77 - 4 points Danny Gosset - 71 - 1 point Ruairi Keating - 73 - 2 points Harry Wilson - 75 - 4 points Remi Streete - 75 - 4 points Rolando Aarons - 76 - 4 points Ifeanyi Allen - 67 - 1 point
  5. Re: Scouting Forum Game not sure if im too late but sounds interesting possibly if i could join ?
  6. Re: ||Epic|| - You write your own destiny sorry for being late had things going on. Iv applied and also sent over the credits
  7. Re: Every Person's Dream shame i wasnt picked to join
  8. Re: Every Person's Dream interested could i have cheltenham town
  9. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 im interested could i be put on waiting list
  10. Re: ||Epic|| - You write your own destiny Schalke Contract Agreement Owner: Jpurdy4 Manager: Nikidinho Base Price - 1200 Credits Contract length - 4 seasons Wage - 150 coins/season Bonus - 250 league win, 100 cup win, 50 charity shield win Parent transfer budget - 30mil Reserve transfer budget - 10mil Expectation clauses - Finish in the top 4 after 3 seasons & avoid relegation.
  11. Re: Thick As A Brick (New World) james purdy or jpurdy4
  12. Re: Thick As A Brick (New World) im interested im joining
  13. Re: The Defence Versus Attack League - Match Reports, Transfers And All Round Banter. Galatasaray SK with a nice 2-1 win against Seattle sounders. Not the most comfortable wins but ill take it. A perfectly placed penalty from Witsel gave us the lead, Gerrards curving free kick got the equaliser then soon after Ramires smashes the ball into the top corner. looking forward to my next game against Esteghlal
  14. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| i would say monday or tuesday as it gives everyone chance to come in so makes it fair, well thats what ill expect to happen anyway
  15. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| is there a limit to the squad size
  16. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| ye thats me just saw it said lost on both teams that wanted him
  17. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| who has taken mario suarez ? it says both teams have lost him
  18. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| any idea when this gameworld is going to be started ??
  19. Re: ||Epic|| - You write your own destiny interested as owner
  20. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| instead of pming venk what players we want... cant we just fight for them in the gameworld, it adds more competition that way it also makes u think about how much money you will have to spend. As long as we follow the rules then it should be fine
  21. Re: The Defence Versus Attack League - Match Reports, Transfers And All Round Banter. sounds like fun im up for it cheers
  22. Need someone to look into and sort my account out asap
  23. iv got a game world that i can set up im thinking of starting it soon and maybe doing the game world where u start off with no players what do you guys think, suggestions will be taken into account, if your a regular user and would like to join pm and add me thanks
  24. why is it that in english gameworlds there are now only 2 divisions in which u can manage, whereas they are 5 divisons in gold championships much appreciated Jpurdy
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