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  1. Re: Falcoa offer I am thinking it is not enough but want to make sure
  2. Was offered Movsisyan, Ozbiliz and 8 million for Falcoa. Any opinion appreciated
  3. Which of these players would you keep?
  4. dlee4191


    Was offered Albiol and Alonso for nano on a Man U gold team. Should I make the deal
  5. dlee4191


    Re: Kronos Thanks, that's what I thought
  6. dlee4191


    Was offered Willian for Kroos. I am thinking I keep Kroos but looking for advice
  7. dlee4191


    Was offered Rooney for Ibramovich. All opinions listened to
  8. I was offered lucio and J martinez of juventus for badstuber. Looking for advice
  9. dlee4191


    Re: aguero Thanks for the advice. It seems unanamous so i will keep aguero
  10. dlee4191


    was offered sahin and m'vila for aguero. any advice appreciated
  11. Re: savic for dede offer thanks for the advice
  12. was offered stevan savic for dede. What do you think?
  13. dlee4191


    was offered federico fernandez and walter garganofor dede. what do you think?
  14. Re: Viviano or alves thanks for the advice. I got equal offers for both do i will sell alves
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