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  1. Hi peeps, I Currently manage Bolton Wanderes in EC64, The season is nearly over i have finished in the top half the table and won th English Sheild. Next Season im lookin to finish in the top 3. Im happy with my team all i need is an central attacking mid 90 or 90+ My current Formation is 3-5-2 My Midfield is: ROSINA, Alessandro on the right, LUCAS, Leiva and JOAO MOUTINHO, Filipe in center and GUARDADO, Andrés on the left. I am going to put LUCAS, Leiva on the bench and replace him. A player who is going to form a good partnership with MOUTINHO. Ive payed intrest in DECO and GUTI but
  2. Hi Peeps, Im the currently the manger of Bolton Wanderes FC in EC62. Div2 Like every manager im always trying to improve my team. Over the months i have spent Millions to get my team to where it is. My Current Team GK FOSTER, Ben 25 87 LB HEINZE, Gabriel 30 92 CB PEREA, Luis 29 91 RB CICINHO, João 27 90 DM COLOCCINI, Fabricio 26 91 LM GUARDADO, Andrés 21 91 CM JOAO MOUTINHO, Filipe 21 91 CM LUCAS, Leiva 21 88 RM ROSINA, Alessandro 24 90 FW BOBO, Deivson 23 90 FW AFONSO ALVES, Martins 27 90 On the bench RUI PATRICIO, Pedro WORNS, Christian BOATENG, Jerome L
  3. Hi peeps, its been ages since i have posted on this forum. but regerally read everyones post for updates. Im the manager of Bolton Wanderes FC in EC Div2. in 6 months i have transformed the club from a cash strap full of old timers to a new fresh talented team now chasing promotion. My starting line up 3 5 2 Gk FOSTER, Ben 87 RB CICINHO, João 89 CB PEREA, Luis 91 LB HEINZE, Gabriel 92 DM COLOCCINI, Fabricio 90 RM/W ROSINA, Alessandro 90 CM LUCAS, Leiva 88 CM JOAO MOUTINHO, Filipe 91 LM GUARDADO, Andrés 91 F AFONSO ALVES, Martins 90 F LARSSON, Henrik 89 on the bench RUI PATRICIO
  4. Re: El Hadji Diouf for £12m I already have Andres Guardado on the left. Aaron Lennon is out of my price range and wont pablo piatti be a risk? SWP is available for around 8-9m
  5. Re: El Hadji Diouf for £12m can anyone help me?
  6. Re: A New Setup will be created only if u guys r interested. is there any taem left for me?????
  7. Re: El Hadji Diouf for £12m Alessandro ROSINA is valued by his chairman for £12' date='770,000[/b'] My chairman value for him is £11,110,000 so basically i will have to be paying £13m for him where i have 12m to spend. on the other hand Cesar JULIO BAPTISTA is valued by his chairman for £10,980,000 My chairman value for him is £15,220,000 and we have agreed a 11.3m deal for him plus i heard he is in great form for real madrid this season. Diouf has gone to the nations cup, do you rekon he will do good with his senegal? he is a 90 but i cant see him increse the way he is at bolton
  8. hi i currently manage Bolton Wanderes in EC64. The club is cash strapd. I have just been offerd 12m for diouf, should i accept? My Full team is GK:Foster RB: Cicinho CB: Perea LB: Heinze (Captin) RM: Diouf CM: Joao Moutinho (free kicks) (play maker) CM: Lucas DM: Fabricio Coloccini LM: Guardado (corner taker) F: Afonso Alves (target man) (penalty) F: Larsson On the bench GK: Pedro Rui Patricio RB/CB: Nicky Hunt CM/LM: Phillip Cocu DM/CB: Ivan Campo F/W: Kevin Davis Subs not used are CB: Christian Worns D: Jerome Boateng CM/AM: Veli Kavlak F: Goncalves Manucho F
  9. Re: MAJOR help needed with my BWFC Thanks, i will take both comments in mind. I have 9M in the bank. Who do you think i should sell or buy??? I am willing to do part exchange with my players + money
  10. Hi Peeps, I Have managed Bolton Wanderers in EC 62 for around 6 months now. When i 1st started the club was in the relegation zone, with most of the players ratings under 88 and without any funds. After making couple of changes i guided the club out of relegation zone and we finished the season in position 15. I brought a couple of fresh players in for the new season thinkin we would be fighting for the top 4 places in the table but its the other way around. We are in no 18 Lost the last 3 games in a row Only Won 2 games in the league So basicly it looks like Pos Team P W D L F A G
  11. Hi ppl i have just sold Keven nolan for £11m so im looking for a replacement CM for him. I am willing to pay upto £15m. The ideal replacement should be a 90+ Strong and under 28 My team is Bolton W Ben Foster 24 88 GK Gabriel Henize 29 92 LB João Cichino 27 90 RB Luis Perea 28 91 CB C Worns 35 89 CB Andrés GUARDADO 20 90 LM Filipe JOAO MOUTINHO 21 91 CM El Hadji DIOUF 26 90 W Kevin Nolan 24 89 CM Needs Replacement Alfonso Alves 26 90 F K Davis 30 88 F On the Bench Nicky HUNT 24yrs Right Back/Centre Back 87 Phillip COCU 37yrs Central M
  12. Re: Hi everyone Please Read this Hey Every1, I took your advice and created a new post in the players asissment forum. So check it out if you have the chance Thanks Jose Ceaser Khalique:cool: "When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown in to the sea"-25th June 1995-In the magical world of Eric ''King'' Cantana
  13. Hi every1, I have sold Fabregas who was a CM rated at 94,21 years old, and average performance was 7.00+ per match......now i need someone to replace him. The ideal replacement shoud have the following Age:20-28 Rate:91+ Posistion:CM/AM/RM/DM Avg Performance: 7.50+ The ideal replacement should be sutible to become Captain,Target Man,Free Kicker and goal scorer. I am willing to pay upto £25m for the ideal player. I have made the following offers Javiour Mascherano 23 92 £13m Anderes Iniesta 23 93 £22m (Rejected) Micheal Essien 24 95 £17m (Rejected) David Pizzaro 28 92 £8m (Rejec
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