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    skykow got a reaction from sweeeeeet in Who do u think will win the UEFA Champions League this season?   
    My choice is Man united
    Once a red always a red ( Glory Glory Man United )
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    skykow got a reaction from S04 in THE BEST PLAYER IN THE HISTORY OF FOOTBALL?   
    Of so many players, my choice is still Maradona ( football GOD )
    2nd = Pele ( Three World Cup winner )
    3rd = George Best ( Man United legend )
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    skykow reacted to craigjohnson in Footballer's bizarre injuries!   
    Re: Footballer's bizarre injuries!
    Let's get back to the subject in hand.
    Tom and Skywow, there's been a bit of a misunderstanding here. I'm a man utd fan too and took no offence to the "stupid" bit. Obviously I can see why skywow has taken offence also.
    There also seems to be something spilling over from other threads and to be honest that should have stayed in the other thread.
    I must say though that the forum is all about debate and people are going to have differences of opinion, please don't take these things as a personal attack, it's just people's opinion on the matter being discussed.
    Now kiss and make up
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    skykow reacted to nuru001 in good young talent   
    Re: good young talent
    ISSA DIAKITE .....
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    skykow reacted to Raz in Players > Youth Squads   
    Thought I'd suggest a small improvement to the already wonderful game.
    With plenty of managers out there now - trying to muster up a squad with plenty of young hopeful talent I think it would be a lot easier and less time consuming to have some sort of multiple selection process whereby you could add several players to your youth squad at one time. I'm sure there plenty of managers out there that purchase ample youth players in one turn and have to spend half an hour sending them all to their youth squads one by one.
    I know this isnt an urgent improvement/addition.
    But it would certainly be a handy one. Maybe some sort of check box system like that in the club messages or something?
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    skykow reacted to Baseball Furie in Could We Not Just...   
    Been viewing the new post section alot recently and have noticed how the "Help My Team" threads have been clogging up the forum, I was wondering if we could not just have 1 thread for it so people can help out all the time instead of it taking over the forum. Or Plan B is Manage the team yourself:(
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    skykow got a reaction from craigjohnson in Goalkeeper   
    Re: Goalkeeper
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    skykow reacted to kevche in RVN SELL OR NOT TO SELL (Raud van nistlroy)   
    Re: RVN SELL OR NOT TO SELL (Raud van nistlroy)
    1)May go through
    2)No way,hold on to Van the man:cool:,he is one of the best CF'S in Europe and his rating should hold for a few seasons yet.If you are thinking long term for this team scout out a few younger players in the 80-85 ratings and check out the threads on the forum for up and coming talent!!
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    skykow got a reaction from kevche in RVN SELL OR NOT TO SELL (Raud van nistlroy)   
    Re: RVN SELL OR NOT TO SELL (Raud van nistlroy)
    Jefferson Farfan 7 matches 0 goal (including international)
    van Nistelrooy 7 matches 4 goals (including international)
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    skykow reacted to тσм_мғϲ in 2nd / 3rd October - Champions League preview   

    Hello and welcome to our first ever Champions League edition of match previews. So whats up this week? well Avram Grant's time at Chelsea hasn't been easy for beginning but will he finally turn the cards with a massive away win in Valencia? On the other hand can Rafa benitez win one for the reds? After defeating Sevilla 3-0, can Arsenal continue their splendid form? The Manchester Utd are back against Roma but will this be a repeat performance by the crowd as of last time these met? I'll take you through all you need to know about our British sides in the next 5 or so minuets.
    Lyon v Rangers - Group E
    Rangers striker Jean-Claude Darcheville could be a surprise starter against Lyon despite manager Walter Smith ruling him out of the game on Saturday.
    Darcheville played only eight minutes of Saturday's 1-1 draw with Motherwell before exiting with a hamstring strain.
    But, while still a doubt, he travelled with the squad to France on Monday.
    Lyon are still missing veteran France goalkeeper Gregory Coupet and Brazil defender Cris through injury but do not have any further injury worries.
    Full-back Stevie Smith was Rangers only major injury absentee as Rangers flew out to France on Monday morning.
    Darcheville was on the flight after undergoing intensive treatment on Sunday after being withdrawn so early after being introduced as a half-time substitute at Fir Park.
    The French striker had been in sparkling form when Rangers beat Stuttgart 2-1 at Ibrox in their opening group game.
    And, despite having Daniel Cousin, Lee McCulloch, Nacho Novo and Kris Boyd as replacements should Darcheville lose his fitness race, manager Walter Smith favours the Frenchman in the lone striker role adopted for European games.
    Smith said: "Darcheville has surprised us all with his overnight improvement."
    "But we will wait and see how things pan out over the next few days."
    The French striker's agent, Karim Djaziri, was even more upbeat ahead of the Champions League Group E encounter.
    "I've spoken to Jean-Claude and, after a good night's sleep, he's actually feeling remarkably upbeat," Djaziri told the Daily Express.
    "The suggestion originally was that he might not even make the trip.
    "But, right now, I think he'll be able to do his bit on the pitch."
    K.O time: 19:45 PM

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Man Utd v Roma - Group F
    Tomasz Kuszczak will make his Champions League debut for Manchester United after fellow goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar was ruled out with a toe injury.
    Defenders Wes Brown and Nemanja Vidic are also doubts for the home side after picking up knocks against Birmingham.
    But former Bayern Munich midfielder Owen Hargreaves is in line to make his European debut for the Red Devils.
    Roma are missing winger Rodrigo Taddei and defenders Christian Panucci and Marco Cassetti because of injury.
    However, midfielder Simone Perrotta could play despite injuring his thigh in the 4-1 league loss to Inter Milan.
    Van der Sar has not conceded a goal in seven hours and 44 minutes since he was beaten by Geovanni's deflected effort off Vidic in the derby against Manchester City.
    But Pole Kuszczak, 25, made a fine save from Gary McSheffrey's deflected shot after coming on at half-time in the 1-0 victory over Birmingham.
    Tom Heaton, 21, will cover Kuszczak on the bench but has yet to play for United.
    Cicinho looks set to return to the starting line-up in place of Panucci, who has a back injury.
    K.O Time: 19:45 PM

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Steaua Bucaresti v Arsenal - Group H
    Aleksandr Hleb will travel with the Arsenal squad for Tuesday's Champions League clash at Steaua Bucharest.
    The Belarus midfielder suffered a knee injury at West Ham on Saturday, but faces a late fitness test in Romania.
    Striker Emmanuel Adebayor (thigh) is also a doubt, along with Abou Diaby (ankle) and Mathieu Flamini (groin).
    Jens Lehmann (elbow), William Gallas (groin), Tomas Rosicky (hamstring), Eduardo (groin) and Alex Song (calf) all remain sidelined.
    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger expected to be without Hleb after he suffered bad bruising in a collision with Mark Noble in the 1-0 win at Upton Park.
    The Gunners began their opened their European campaign with a fine 3-0 win over Sevilla two weeks ago.
    K.O Time: 19:45 PM

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The News From British Side In Europe Playing On Wednesday 3rd - coming Tomorrow! Sorry For Any Inconvenience
    So as all the teams are now fully aware of whats expected of the, especially the sides in Britain, lets hope its promising, I'll be back tomorrow sending you the news you need from Wednesday's Champions League ties involving Britain!

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    skykow reacted to Stevie Blade in THE BEST FORMATION (inc Poll)   
    Re: THE BEST FORMATION (inc Poll)
    I have Started using 3-4-1-2 and i am unbeaten while i have been using it
    Also won the top of the league with this formation and it gets goals against small teams too
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    skykow got a reaction from Stevie Blade in Who do u think will win the UEFA Champions League this season?   
    My choice is Man united
    Once a red always a red ( Glory Glory Man United )
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    skykow reacted in owmer of the setup kicking me out   
    Re: owmer of the setup kicking me out
    I hear you jonny,seems to me that SM where a bit on the lenient side,not saying the owner should be expelled from the site but i thought at least you would have gotten your team back,maybe that is not within SM's remit i dont honestly know.
    As Cally and a few others have said its not a good idea to join Custom setups if you dont Know the owner,stick to Standard SM setups or if you can become a Gold member.......cheating, back-stabbing and cartels still go on in the SM and Gold setups but its just not as bad or as obvious as the Custom setups:)
    I have seen it happen so many times on different sites......some people have been losers all there lives then they get a bit of authority and they think they are God........its sad really, but i think thats what has happened here;)
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    skykow reacted to ian neller in blocked transfer   
    Re: blocked transfer
    Just think about what you have just said,if it cost you 27 mill for 91 rated surely on this basis you would expect 93 to be higher,yet your wondering why for 10 mill less its not ok.
    Somewhere in the game there will be a set minimum and a max of what will be allowed for each player based on rating age etc.
    It would be my guess based on my transfer dealings that the minimum will be diff not the same based on the above .
    For instance when i buy from unmanaged or unmanagable clubs i work on a scale,
    Player rated
    88 - 12mill
    89 - 13 mill
    90 -(14-15 mill)
    91 -(15-17 mill )
    92- (17 -19 mill )
    93 -( 20- 23 etc.)
    Now up to now touch wood this has worked for me with these type of clubs ,but i have never met a managed team that will sell me the above rated players at these prices ,they all go for higher so if any one has sold players at this rating for the prices i have mentioned to other managers please reply so that at least we know that there isnt a seperate minimum and max for players and clubs that are managed ,to the ones that are not .
    Going back to your problem Jacob i can only think that the min and max i am talking about is what affects it ,for eg,
    Say a 91 rated player in game is set that the minimum is 15 and max is 30 ,then your Toure bid met the criteria set so got accepted.
    So again if there is a scale set it may be that a 93 minimum is 20 - 35 ,
    Therefore again your bid would have got rejected because it was to low and rejected because the 40 was to high .
    I think one of the reasons why members get confused with the transfer system is because it can be very complex especially when you throw the numerous other reasons given why it could be stopped which have nothing to do with the actual price rejection.
    My advice is to go into the set up transfer page of any set ups you are in and browse the present and past to as far as it lets you on what players and there ratings got accepted,this should then give you a great indication on the player rating your trying to buy/sell and what you need to pay/accept ,just remember though that you may be able to buy for less or sell for more but at the same time risk getting rejected if you go over/under the games set limits.
    On this subject of rejected bids ,what always has supprised me is that nobody has started a thread seperatly where members just list what they have payed for the different ratings ,age and values of players .
    New members and older ones that have still not come to terms on the transfer system would at least see and know what is the norm for getting 95% of players past chairman first time .
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    skykow reacted to Havoc in Need help with tactics for Liverpool and maybe Barcelona   
    Re: Need help with tactics for Liverpool and maybe Barcelona
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    skykow reacted to cally in Who do u think will win the UEFA Champions League this season?   
    Re: Who do u think will win the UEFA Champions League this season?
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    skykow got a reaction from cally in Fabregas vs. Others CMs in the world   
    Re: Fabregas vs. Others CMs in the world
    My choice of best cm in the world Andrea Pirlo
    MILAN' date=' Sept 19 (Reuters) - AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti believes Kaka will be named European player of the year [u']but that team mate Andrea Pirlo will run the Brazilian close[/u].
    The duo were instrumental in Milan starting the defence of their Champions League title with a fluent 2-1 win over Benfica in Group D on Tuesday.
    Pirlo scored an early free kick and then set up Filippo Inzaghi for the second after Kaka had run half the length of the field with the ball.
    'For me it is not important who wins but I believe Kaka has an advantage because of the goals he scored in last season's Champions League,' Ancelotti told a news conference.
    'But Pirlo very much deserves to be a candidate. I do not see many midfielders around at his level. We are aiming for a double, first and second,' he joked.
    Kaka looks odds-on to win the European prize later this year, known as the Ballon d'Or or golden ball, while he also looks well placed for FIFA's World Player of the Year gong.
    The Brazilian was a major factor in Milan winning their seventh European Cup last May and is still favourite for the awards despite missing Brazil's victorious Copa America campaign in July in order to rest.
    Italy's World-Cup winning captain Fabio Cannavaro took both the European and World awards last year.
    Unsung hero Pirlo was almost as influential as Cannavaro in Italy's triumph in Germany and continued his good form throughout last season, combining goals with assists and effective defensive play.
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    skykow reacted to craigjohnson in KaKa 80mil bid accept or reject?   
    Re: KaKa 80mil bid accept or reject?
    Doubt a bid of 80m would go through, but stranger things have happened!!
    Assuming it could go through:
    whether you sell or not depends on a few things:-
    A) Do you need the money?
    Is it one of those setups where everyone has money and no-one can spend it?
    C) How important a member of the squad is he?
    If you are struggling for money, obviously 80m is a massive amount and would be a big help. If you have healthy finance and don't need to sell, then don't

    I know certainly in some of the gold championships that there are lots of teams that have 100m+ to spend. No-one needs the money so no-one sells for cash bids, they will only consider swap deals. If you were to sell kaka, do you think the 80m raised could be spent or are you going to be banging your head against a brick wall?
    Everyone has their favorite players and players form differs from setup to setup. How well is Kaka playing in this particular setup and would it be a loss to the team if he wasn't in it?
    Those are the questions I always ask myself when faced with big bids for big players. Just depends what you need more imo, the money or the player.
    Another afterthought, try and negotiate a swap deal of say 40-50m and a couple of decent squad players. Could be a decent option depending on the team bidding.
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    skykow got a reaction from Havoc in The Forum Rumour Thread   
    Re: Bobo's Personal Rumour Thread!
    Not true, just a rumour!
    Rijkaard: Ronaldinho Leaving Barcelona? Unthinkable
    Frank Rijkaard insisted that the possibility of Ronaldinho leaving his Barcelona squad had never even crossed his mind as the Brazilian forward continues his recovery from injury...
    "It's not even crossed my mind that he'll leave," boomed Rijkaard.
    "Everyone can say whatever they want, but it surprises me that the press about Barcelona is always focused on this subject. ( goal.com )
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