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  1. Re: Preston North End showing interest its club info and rumours and Nugent is a star player who has potential to play for who he likes like david healy both got great potential from Preston North End and are know moving on to big prem clubs
  2. Preston North End are definately not scared of using the transfer market to their advantage and are showing that they will be a competitive team this year among the roumers of interests preston have is David Nugent and David Jones both very young talents but Preston say they will not confirm this until the time is right but are warning teams they have potential to be great
  3. Re: David Nugent ~ The-Merry-Go-Round ?!? I think Nugent should stay in top flight but as a PNE fan i hope for the best for him and hope one day he comes back to Preston and i hope he doesnt rot at any rubbish team Pompey sell him to when they get better strikers
  4. Not being biased or anything but how come Nugent isn't that good he is at a not so great team (No offence ment) when he could be Prem standard IMO he is a very skilled striker who is hardly getting the chance to shine i think he deserves a better rating to be honest and a better team
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    hey im steven im kinda new here so i dunno whats what. and i wanted to know whats the best thing you can really do without becoming a gold member? is it better to become a gold member to start with? and how do you get ur reputation up? and does anyone have any tips thanks
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