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  1. "Utmost respect for our users" - Really?? Wow! Whilst yous have chased the money for the single player game, SM Worlds has turned into a shell of what it once was. We don't hear anything from yous for years, ignore all requests for help to eradicate the breeding ground for cheats and suddenly you want our input?? No hint of an apology to those who have stuck by this multiplayer game and we now learn that a select few from a closed shop have ideas on how to improve the game and we have to give our opinions?? Im sorry but respect needs to be earned. Im writing this with a serious heavy heart but
  2. Nice to hear some positive news for a change but maybe all of this should have been discussed here on the forums?? You know, the people who have had to put up with years of total neglect and continued to put their hard earned money into the game? By saying that this was discussed by a select few is ANOTHER slap in the face for customers who have continued to pay their £20 despite playing a broken game.
  3. Also Morelos hasn't been booked in the SPL yet this season. A sure sign that his disciplinary issues have improved.
  4. I'd like to know who these 'Pundits' and 'Fans' are that you talk about that say that Eduoard is the better all round player? Morelos has a massive effect on games outwith scoring. His build up play and positioning has made him unmarkable at times. Just because he hasn't scored against Celtic yet that doesn't mean he cant score against top teams? Surely his goals against European sides sink that idea? As for Barasic I agree his 84 rating is correct for just now. However his massive improvement over the last month coupled with cementing a regular starting spot for Croatia surely makes him
  5. Nice thread i enjoyed reading it however a couple of things to add. I would dispute Edouard being the best striker in the SPFL. That accolade must surely go to Alfredo Morelos. The Colombian has been unplayable at times this season and now that he has sorted out his disciplinary issues he is now delivering on his massive potential. His strike rate has been phenomenal and has been pivotal in Rangers run in Europe so far. He is the complete striker imo and will go on to bigger and better things than Edouard (who i do rate btw). An omission from the list that people should be looking out for
  6. Yip they ARE still people playing Soccer Manager so if you are looking for a challenge with friendly folk then why not consider joining the world of 213? Here are our Gameworlds: English Championship 213 - Gameworld ID: 1233 213 Scottish Edition - Gameworld ID: 395455 213 Argentina Edition - Gameworld ID: 402574 213 Nordic Edition - Gameworld ID: 406994 See you there!
  7. TMCosta this thread of yours is absolutely brilliant thank you for your time and effort its much appreciated. Ive been playing SM since 2007 and its great to see guys like yourself keeping the game alive with your contributions. I have a couple of questions for you if you dont mind pal. Firstly will Leonardo Balerdi get his deserved rating rise now that he has officially joined Borussia Dortmund? And secondly i noticed that your Scotland review didnt include any Rangers players. Could you give me your thoughts on potential risers for them as they are the club that i support and im interested i
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