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  1. Re: A Forum Filled German Championship ? I'd be up for this.
  2. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread I might be becoming a Gm very soon so I look forward to it, hopefully within the next week.
  3. Re: Footie Zealots Josh Mceachran and Vladmir Weiss join Fc Basel.
  4. Re: ACM's fantasy kit thread How do I use them for a thread?
  5. Re: ACM's fantasy kit thread That's really well done.
  6. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Those anyone have a few spare coins, don't mean to be beggar but I've tried everything but can't make money and I've made a really good team. I need to fill one spot and the subs.
  7. Re: ACM's fantasy kit thread How about this I posted this before the Charlton request.
  8. Re: Norwich City - Road to Glory - EC7944 Gary Medel joins Norwich. Gary Medel has joined Norwich on a Part Exchange deal worth One point Three million, with the Zak Witebread and Oli Jonson joining Sevilla in return. Medel will be a rock in the defense partnered along side Xhaqiri and Ranocchia and Naughton to form a pretty resistant back line. Gary Medel talking to Sky Sports. "It's a great team to play for and they have alot of confidence on how they play and how they play, they have good plans and I respect that they have a good team and I can't wait to get to play with them."
  9. Re: BenNewman Graphics Hi Ben, any news on my signature?
  10. Re: Footie Zealots I'll pass on the offer
  11. Re: Footie Zealots FC Basel beat Santos Not even Neymar or Ganso could defeat us, we are to good, Streller and Huggel scorers Final score 2-1
  12. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship We lost 3-1 to Almeira, We let them win
  13. Re: Norwich City - Road to Glory - EC7944 Norwich Sign Two Top Class Players Norwich have signed two really talented players Roberto Soldado and Andrea Ranocchia both were just under five point five million and players included, these are very well known players for there ability. Joey speaking about there two new signigns. Soldado above and Ranocchia below.
  14. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship Next up is fellow country team Almeira
  15. Re: Norwich City - Road to Glory - EC7944 Norwich sign another Top Talent. Norwich City have signed Juan Manuel Iturbe for a fee of one point eight million, It's belived that Iturbe will be locked up into the youth system untill he proves he is worthy of a starting place in the norwich first eleven or sixteen, Norwich have been congratulated by Sir Alex Ferguson on snapping up a such heavly talented player who was close to signing with United but came to Norwich, Norwich are playing Leyton Orient tonight be sure to check out the Match Previe below.
  16. Re: The Simpsons-Do you still find it funny? I used to love the Simpsons but now I love Futurama it's a really good cartoon with alot of comedy in it, I also love Family Guy and American Dad. Simpsons have just lost the touch every season, theonly thing that makes me laugh in Simpsons now is a Ralph moment.
  17. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship Oh thats ok so
  18. Re: Footie Zealots Yey, two great signings, Hubner a new Dortmund talent.
  19. Re: Joeys' avatars. It's a texture
  20. Re: Footie Zealots FC Basel are here to Rasel (Razzle), I feel like 50 cent
  21. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship I feel ashamed of losing to Fulham one - nil
  22. Re: Graphics Design Feedback I use Photoshop CS5
  23. Re: Joeys' avatars. Here you go
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